xk171023 ketch debdale outdoor centre

Mon 23 – Fri 27 October

Entry Three 

Today the girls woke Sam N up, due to Sam oversleepin. Dylan and I cooked breakfast of Bacon butties. Port watch as don below with the lovely job of cleaning, while starboard as on deck prep. Today’s route was from Hamble to Yarmouth during which we did 2 man over board exercises one with most of the crew below deck for lunch which was pasty and beans. During the second one Megan helmed with the help of the skipper Gary. We had a ramble around Yarmouth and some of us got Ice cream and a pack of cards to pass the time I the evening. We ended a lovely chicken curry  cooked by Nicola and Megan. We finally had our second showers and went to bed after writing this entry.

Nathan & Ellie P

Entry Two

Today we got up this morning and me and Sam made some toast and cereal bet e burnt the toast. Next me, Dylan, Ellie and Nichola cleaned below decks. We sailed to Southampton through the Solent. When we got there, we sailed round the ferry port, where they were unloading containers, cars and people. We did three man overboard drills, the last of which went very wrong as the hook came apart. We had chicken and veg soup with bread rolls. This was lovely. Then we headed to hamble marina. It’s not as nice as Cowes. We went into ton, and found the most exciting shop ever – Co-op. I bought some chocolate. Then we had pork chops with veg and potatoes. We also played articulate. This was fun.

Dylan and Sam.

Entry One

Today has been really fun, but very tiring! We set off at 7am and travelled for 6 hours straight but it was worth it. Before we set off we met the crew and got to know the boat and safety rules, We started off from Gunwharf Quays at around 4 o’clock and travelled 2 hours towards East Cowes and arrived at 6. We then tied the boat to the dock and got ready for dinner. After having fajitas for tea we had showers and settled in.

By Ellie and Megan