XK170827 Whitehaven Harbour Youth Project

Sun 27 August – Sun 3 September

Entry Six

We are all very happy to be docked up in a marina again.

Today we had a lie in which was great when we got up Katie and Mollie-Ann cooked breakfast lol and then we headed to Troon. We then docked up and went into town and bought food lol. Then we went back to the boat and ate tea and are about to have showers, lol, we did not like being anchored to the ground so sad. Going to the shops, we ended up at the park. All of us had a great time, and soon after we had a great tea made by Mollie and Carlianne. The day went well and tomorrow we will have made it to kip marine.

Entry Five

Today is the first day we haven’t docked up in a marina.

We started the day at Cambel town Marina, where we spent the previous night. We had a later wake up time of 8 o’clock, after which we rather lost our appetites during breakfast when Gary showed us photos of why we had to wear toe-covering shoes. It was a big piece of skin hanging of the bottom of his. After we had breakfast, port watch set up deck whilst starboard deck cleaned below deck.  After that we set off to Culzean, where we are currently anchored for the night.

Entry Four

This morning we had a later wake up but don’t be fooled we were all just as tired after a very long day yesterday, we had beans on toast for breakfast then starboard watch set up deck whilst port watch did a down below clean once we left the marina we saw three other boats one of which had a friend of ours on then it was time to prepare lunch, we had chicken wraps they were loved by everyone. We sails for hours on straight to Campbell town. Where we docked up and had tea, and we are now ready for a shower, and bed

Entry Three

Day three was a tough day for many – the sea was very rough so seasickness was a big issue, especially for the unlucky pair, Katie and Mollie-Ann, who had to cook lunch whilst the boat was almost completely tilted and we were tacking from one side to the other. The boat tipped so dramatically that they could see the water through the galley windows whilst they were trying to butter bread. Once dinner was made, most people went to eat whilst the unlucky three (Abbie, Carli-Ann and Katie) had to attempt to eat up on the deck because they were feeling unwell, after this we were doing some more tacking and finally we docked up at Tarbert and went shopping we had a lot of sugar and ended up playing on the play park we then came back and Abigail and Beth made tea/Dinner and we are currently having showers

Entry Two

Before lunch, we took a trip to the nearby island with a geocache in it. After lots of confusion about how far 50m was (we must have gone at least 3 times that far), we eventually found the geocache. After recording our find on the paper inside the geocache, we decided to explore the island and found a seal behind the boat. On the way back, the other girls went ahead whilst Kayleigh and Katie explored the graveyard belonging to the Clarkes, who were all from Glen Caladh and Debs was nowhere to be seen. Because of the delay of exploring the graveyard, Debs, Katie and Kayleigh got left on the island. It had been a very wet morning and our waterproofs had leaked, so we had lots of wet clothes. The sun came out on the island and so Debs and Kayleigh decided to impersonate cormorants drying their wings. Whilst they were in this hilarious stance, Amelia recovered us with the dinghy and took lots of photos of them.

Entry One 

Today we arrived at Whitehaven marina and boarded the coach. Some of us were picked up from Lilly Hall and some of us from Mary port, we then travelled 4 and a half hours to Inverkip where we boarded the boat and learnt all about the boring safety stuff. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we set off. It took us an hour and a half to arrive Largs which is where we are docking up for the night. We have just ate chicken fajitas that Isabel and Madelyn made, we are soon going to take showers, play cards, and then go to bed. We are feeling very tired and full, but are looking forward to rest of the week.

Wrote by Abigail and Mollie-Ann