XK170417 Hugo Halkes Voyage, Splash Wiltshire 12-15 yrs

Monday 17 – Friday 21 April

Entry Three

Today we got up early, within half an hour we set sail to Weymouth as breakfast was cooking, we had bacon sandwiches. As we got a little further the waves started to crash into the boat. We put up the sail so we would stop rocking too much and we could make our hot drinks over the stove down stairs. The wind started to die down the further up the cost we got. As we got to Weymouth we were all on the lookout for a horse carved in the corky hill. Monkey showed us all the distress signals. When we got on land we went straight to the beach and had some free time in town. We then went through rules of the road and did some crabbing before dinner.

Charlie, Louis, Katie, Josh 

Entry Two

This morning we all woke up at 7:30am for an early start to set sail. We had left at 9:30am and had arrived in Poole around 5:30pm. Our average speed was around 5 knots (6mph) which was equivalent to 7 hours. It was a cold morning however, throughout the day it had become warmer. At 2:30pm, the Tenacity of Bolton’s engine overheated and took about half an hour to cool down and another half an hour to fix the engine with water and fuel. As “Monkey” and Josh fixed the engine, the rest of us were at the stern resting without realising they were getting burnt by the sun.

After the engines were fixed, we set back off to sail where we all had different roles to do on the boat. Some of us were practising our knots on the ropes, two of us where in charge of the winches which controlled the sails, where they would gybe the ropes and sails which changed as the direction of the wind changed, which then pushed the boat.

Before going into poole we practised a man over board drill which was fun and mad.

Eventually we arrived and we had to set out the fenders to stabilize the boat and dock it. Sam, Matt and Louis went to Tesco and I brought some 100% legit quality gum. We then saw the bike events which I enjoyed as it was loud and had a lively atmosphere.

We then went on a polluted beach then we went back on the boat to play Uno together when Josh had to constantly pick up +4 cards and annoy people.

Finally we had some very tasty fish and chips from Harlees fish place.

Before playing a knot race with strawberry laces, yummy

Sammy, Mateen, Paige and Chelsea

Entry One

Today we got to see everything on the tall ship and we learnt the Bowline knot and the clove hitch. We learnt to navigate a ship. We all enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and eating chocolate. We went to the Isle of White. We tied the fenders on to the tall ship and we untied them, this was the clove hitch. Over all I think that it is a very good ship. The weather was calm, there were no storms at the time, it was ok as well.

Charlie, Katie Josh Green and Louis