XF171029 Claire’s Court Challenger 3

Sun 29 October – Fri 3 November

Entry Five 

Our last day on the boat.

We started the day in a dingy race boat vs boat and fought ferociously and DESTROYED the other boat despite the 10 second penalty due to our dear friend Seb.  Then we enjoyed a good breakfast of cereal and muffins.  After that we explored Yarmouth (on the Isle of Wight) where some of us bought some sweets.  After that we engaged the engine back to good old mainland England.  Once we got to the port we climbed up the mast and all of the children did it on our boat, shortly after we had dinner which was bangers (sausages) and mash potatoes.  Now we will finish off our hearts tournament and then tomorrow we shall have breakfast and then take the long trip home.

Matthew C

Entry Four

Today we had to wake up very early (4:30 am) to set sail back to the Isle of Wight – there was a north easterly wind so we could sail back. We got to do a lot of sailing with our sails and played lots of cards (after quite a long time, Neale got extremely frustrated with the other members of crew who were learning quite slowly!!!) During the afternoon, we hoisted a spinnaker pole; we weren’t allowed to hoist a spinnaker, although we were allowed to put on a harness and climb up along a rope to the pole (that was very fun!) As we reached the Isle of Wight the wind slowly dropped so then we motored into port and ate dinner, which was beef curry with popadoms and naan bread.

Sam and Jonny

Entry Three


Today we had lots of wind so we sailed and tacked the way to Guernsey and when we got there we had a challenge with three pounds to spend on Halloween stuff and had some time to explore

Then we had showers, which were free and hot.

James Palmern

Entry Two

Today wasn’t very windy so after having some exercise, hoisting the main sail, we set of under power for Alderney. Breakfast was the best bacon rolls ever made, even better than the ones at Oxford Sailing Club. Seb, after complaining that he was too big for the beds, had a nap on the foredeck in the sun. On the way there we had to dodge a few ships (Derek, Starboard Watch Leader, asked Mr Jenvey, at the helm at the time, “How are we doing avoiding that ship over there?”, to which “We’re nowhere near it!” was the response, as Nick, Ship’s Mate, arrived at the helm to say that the computer had forecast that we’d be within half a mile of it, so… “Perhaps a change of course is in order!!” Lunch was pasty and beans; it was good whilst briefly in Joseph’s stomach, before in the sea or on the deck. After a quick trip onto Alderney to visit a Victorian/German Fort, and the loss of Aaron’s phone (it was found!), dinner will be pork chops (with too many carrots) – it’s going to be the best (because Starboard Watch cooked it). Tomorrow we are looking forward to visiting Guernsey for trick or treating. If there isn’t any wind we plan to motor over there and spend the afternoon exploring. If there is enough wind to sail we will be taking the long way to get some much anticipated sailing in.

Joseph Havers, James McPhee (with ship-dodging story inserted by Mr Jenvey!)

Entry One 

Hello everyone and we are on Sarah, challenger 3.  We are currently anchored in Fresh Water Bay and we have had fajitas for dinner. Tomorrow, we hope to leave at 7AM and start our journey to the Channel Islands. The wind on Monday docent look too good, but this will give us the opportunity to practice some competent crew skills instead. Its 60 miles to the Channel Islands so it will take about 10 hours to get there. As the Starboard watch does the washing up and the Port watch writes up the blog we hope to get an early night, ready for the long day tomorrow.

Matthew C, Aaron M, Seb S and James P