XF171009 Challenger 3 the american school in london

Mon 9 – Fri 13 October

Entry Two 

Day 2 proved to be a whirlwind of sickness, excitement, fear, and accomplishment. As we set sail from Cowes early in the morning it was evident that we would have strong winds to sail on. Sure enough, the boys set sail and did a continuous 7 knots against the tide with a peeled main sail down to the second reef. As the day rolled on the boat did as well. As we entered the English Channel the swells grew. The boys rode at the bow and were smothered with ocean spray. As the bow was assaulted by a never ending barrage and siege of endless water, Mateo, Tom, Brodie, and the trusty, first mate, Sam, fought to the bow and raised in triumph the replacement sail. This increased our velocity to 10 knots. As we entered the realm of our full potential bodies started falling like flies. Dylan was the first to succumb to Poseidon’s plague. Yichong followed with a fury. While the sickness spread Tom secretly recruited accomplices in his pursuit of mutiny.  Though it never actually happened, more days are to come… Check in soon…


Entry One 

After a long, boring briefing on safety procedures, learning the parts of the boat, and the dos and do not’s of the ocean, the lads were finally ready to embark on what would ultimately be the most exciting journey of their lives. Eager to get some salt on their skin, the crew quickly rigged the boat and were sailing by 1pm. The day started off rough, tacking proved to be difficult, but the boys eventually got the hang of it, learning the different roles and responsibilities they could take up. By the end of the day, we had sanded the jagged edges out of the wood and were tacking and jibing with ease. Although day one started out slow, the crew ended up learning a great deal about the way of the sea, and by the end of the day were properly prepared for the epic adventure laid out before them.