xf171006 springboard school small ships race

Fri 6 – Sun 8 October

Entry One

Day 1 arrived in Portsmouth at about 10:30 am, we loaded all of our kit onto challenger 2. We met all of the crew Neil Skipper, Sam Skippers Mate, Clare Volunteer Watch Leader and last but not least Jack Volunteer Watch Leader.

We went through the vigorous briefings and had a reminder of how the boat runs. Then we had a briefing about the race.

We all got into bed early, strangely we got settled very quickly and peacefully.

We got called out of bed at 7:30 am, dressed, washed, some cleaned their teeth and out sailing on the Solent by 8:30 am.

We practiced manoeuvres and waited for the race to begin! We were off at 10 o’clock.

When we got to the first marker we were about 4th place, by the time we got to the second marker we were level with the puffin boat, we past the Jolly Breeze and we were on our way, doing about 10 and a half knots.

The guard rails were submerged in the water while we were tacking, we were flying! In the distance there it was the boat that was in 2nd position we were the Lewis Hamiltions of the boat race. We emptied the grey tank which took a lot of work and we sat at the rails with our feet hanging off the high side of the boat.


We had strange people (A.K.A Chaz) texting the skipper from the shore saying he could see us, we had our pictures taken by people on other boats

We tacked, we jived and yes we finally got to say we crossed the finishing line at second place we were tired but we were definitely happy and extremely proud of ourselves!

Thank you yet again for a wonderful trip.

Ang, Jack, Jordan, Ryan, Santo