xf170904a Two Saints/The Foyer challenger 3

Mon 4 – Fri 8 September

Entry Four

We saled from limanton to ozborn bay we anked and put all sales down then whent swimming then we head back to Gunwharf but as we were on rote we put the sails away then we had a tea brake then docked in the hard and had dinner i have enjod it all it has ben challaging and amazing I would defnatly go again but with same skipper


Entry Three

Today the crew awoke at 08.00 in Poole Haven, under good weather and a slight sea state. Once awake, one watch prepared to cook bacon sandwiches for breakfast while the watch leaders, first mate and skip prepared to slip Poole Haven at 08.30. At 10.28 Yankee 3 headed on a 075 degree North Easterly degree course with a wind force of 8, in which the crew enjoyed a softer journey than that of which was experienced the day before. Continuing the North Easterly journey Yankee 3 passed the needles, a rock formation, of the coast of the isle of white at around 11.13 before heading on a Easterly course to head for Lymington. Once passed Hurst Castle, the crew of Yankee 3 set up the Spinnaker and took turns to climb out to towards the pole which was an enjoyable experience. After the crew of Yacht had dissembled the Pole after the aforementioned activity, it was time to set of Inland for Lymington under sale and Engine power. Between an hour and two later, 15.30, the crew of Yankee 3 pulled alongside in Lymington and went ashore to explore the surrounding area of the quaint Hampshire Village situated on the coast in the New Forest. When the Crew got back, a dinner of fish and chips was cooked, brought, prepared and enjoyed. Following the washing up and cleaning of the Yacht, members of the crew had turns at climbing the mast, which will be available to other members of the crew tomorrow. Most notable of Today were Sam, David and Clare for exceptional hard work and The Skipper, Sue for her constant high level of tolerance. However, the rest of Crew still put up an outstanding job.


Entry Two 

Found out that sea sickness can hit you at any time. Our Lunch was jacket potatoe and beans that ended up everywhere, learned components of how to tack, so that next time it comes a bit easier. Found it a struggle to learn sweating the haliard, next time I will improve by pulling straight out and shoulder length and will have more confidence in my abilities. I would like to at least be able to remember the names of equipment and improve knot tying skills.


Entry One

Skipper showed us how to cast off and coil the ropes, ready for use again. Working as two different team/watches. We were each given different tasks to complete the casting from the mooring. Some had to use the bollards as protection against potential ramming other boats or moorings, whilst the skipper Sue sailed the ship out of port. Once out at sea we each were given chances to sail the yacht and sweating the halyard putting up sails. We were shown how to drop anchor and allocated evening responsibilities to each watch. Our watch’s duty was to cook fajitas for the rest of the crew, whilst the other watch had to clean up after eating and to make the yacht ship shape & Bristol fashion.

Sophie & Chris