xf170904 St giles trust – leeds Challenger 2

Mon 4 – Fri 8 September

Entry Two

We awoke at 7:00 to a banging tune by Stefflon Don – Hurting Me.  The tune got me moving and into the flow for the day.  Breakfast in bed…. Naa that wasn’t going to happen.   We had to get up and prep breakfast for the rest of the team.

Todays’ menu… Sailing to Poole.  We started preparing to set sail for the day. We were preparing 3 sails, I was told Skipper had a lot of confidence in the team as most they do is 2 sails.  We then knew we had a big challenge ahead of us.  The day started nice but as soon as we got into open water the weather was rain and wind, damn it wasn’t good. As we got further out to sea the wind picked up and we were met with some fairly big waves that ferociously rocked the ship taking out half the team and leaving half to steer the rest of the team to safety.  Team work was essential if the rest of us were going to make it to shore alive.  We successfully ported at Poole.  Boy was I happy as the weather was getting his way with me but I didn’t go down without a fight. By 3:00 we had reached our destination at Poole where we docked up.  For tea we had Fish & Chips… who doesn’t love a good British fish and chip(s… (Sofia doesn’t) unfortunately it was Tesco fish and chip shop chips.  Hit the spot….. almost.

The whole day has been an experience in its own way, besides the couple of hick up along the way. I can honestly say in the words of Bon Jovi, It’s My Life.

Entry One

12pm arrived at Portsmouth not having a clue what has been arranged for the day but looking forward and excited to what was  planned by admiring the view as the group was waiting to go on board.
After half hour of free time them lot came and took us on the ship , myself and the group were looking forward to what was installed for day and night on deck .As we all got  under the galley and beneath the boat the crew members Georgie, monkey, Andrew explained our instructions and roles to do for the day ,there instructions were spot on also an off working member of the challenger 2 ship names chaz came on board. After he left he wished us a good and safe journey he was a laugh but unfortunately he supported Chelsea.  (Boooooo)
After the crew team explained themselves we then set off in doing our certain tasks. Myself (AJ) and  Nathan started with untying  the ropes so the sails were ready to be lifted up, we then set of on our next destination which was on its own little island call Iles of White in a place called Cowes. During our experience myself and the group did lots of participating and activities with the crew members e.g. myself Aj helped Ashley with finally lifting the sail on by letting go of the clip and two of my group members sofia and mudassar helped by pulling the ropes of the sail and tightened them by closing the clip nice and tight, sounds boring but was a good experience lol. We then docked and had went to look around the Island.

To sum up the day I would say the crew members greeted us all with open arms and were very helpful and down to earth.  Our experience so far was amazing and we are looking forward to tomorrow to see what the day brings.

Nathan and Aj