Mon 28 august – Fri 1 September

Entry Four

Sup yall its owen here to tell you about how challenger four almost won the long race today. We started with me fabian tom and olly on the sweat and got our sails up faster than you can say diggerydoo, challenger 1 were miles behind when we reached studland tthey then decided to be sneaky and hoist their stay sail even thought nothing was agreed about using them. Anyway long story short, we came second but nobody gunna beat challenger 4 at sweatin!!!


Port Watch are back! After we slept for 2 hours that felt more like 2 minutes. We are all very tired and want to go to bed. Now. But we have half an hour to go…L

It is warm downstairs and cold on deck so we are writing pointless things into the blog avoid a return to the cold #YAY. The engine is a bit noisy and annoying if you are trying to sleep.


We’re still here. We just discovered that there are two computer screens and you can scroll the mouse between the two. It’s fascinating.


We’re still here. We’re still tired. It’s still cold on deck.



Entry Three

Yo yo its port watch. At another horrible time of morning we were forced out of bed. We were set on a mission to find the tackiest possible souvenir in the lovely seaside town of Weymouth the adults were kind enough to trust us with three whole pounds which most of us sensibly spent. Port watch took selfies featuring a bin, Thompson holiday sign, and an ice cream van. To take the photo of Port Watch standing awkwardly in front of the ice cream van we asked a random old lady to take it for us. She seemed very confused as to why we wanted her to take this photo and also had to be told how to take it on Ella’s phone. After some minor problems we managed to print these off into a fat collage in boots. I know for a fact we’ll win the competition for tackiest souvenir after seeing the other watches strange purchases. Port watch are currently robbed of their right to sleep as we are on the first night shift.

Written by Fabian and the rest watched me work

Entry Two 

Wake up was at 7:30 which some people were not happy with. Port Watch were then faced with the very difficult task of putting boxes of cereal onto the table. This counted as ‘making breakfast’. After breakfast we put the main sail up and got going. We had a lesson in wind, with AMAZING pictures and writing. We then moored and attempted to make a half mile voyage from the boat to the beach. This was very eventful as the dinghy stalled many times and we ended up rowing the last few metres. Once we made it to the beach we had a BBQ and swam in the sea. We were at Studland Beach. There were some interesting conversations and the burgers were seasoned with sand (and a bit of seaweed, and a few shells for texture). We returned to the boat.

We sailed to Poole Marina and had ELECTRICITY and SHOWERS and NORMAL FLUSHING TOILETS. Many hoped for a trip to the elusive Tesco Express but it has not yet been confirmed….

Port Watch (THE BEST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (Amy, Ella, Beth, Fabian and Noah)


Entry One

We had a brilliant start with low winds. We learnt a lot about the boat and what we would be doing over the week. Sj and Fabien both thought that an island is a boat and sj was clever enough to think that we are in Devon when in fact we were just off the coast of the Isle of Wight he definitely shouldn’t take geography as a GCSE. There are lots of things with names that we have to learn and remember and it is very different to sailing dinghies. It wasn’t very windy so we didn’t go very fast but hopefully we can pick up some speed later this week. Dinner prep left us in tears it was very sentimental as we chopped up an onion. We got too attached to this onion I don’t know why.


It was a beautiful morning for our first sail, the sun smiled back at the clear blue skies. The wind was generous and the waves gentle as we left the bustling hive of Portsmouth, the needle like tower fading away with the horizon. The sunset was picturesque, bright streaks of orange and red streaked across a blue sea only to be interrupted by the flaming sun sinking; a view to rival that of a great artists work. Also someone compared the ship to the titanic which I thought was worth a mention.

We coil well. There are not ropes on board. We put the sail up and took it down.  the food was good