xf170828 challenger 1 wiltshire scouts

Mon 28 August – Fri 1 September

Entry Three

We woke up at roughly 07.30 and began eating breakfast (cereals).  After we prepared the deck we ate bacon butties which were made by our watch (Port Watch).  Then we left Poole Port and headed towards Weymouth Harbour.  Whilst we were sailing there, we came across a strong wind which put us at a 45° angle. This made it difficult for us to walk around the boat and prepare teas and coffees for us and the scout leaders, skipper, first mate and watch leaders. Due to the strong winds, our boat reached a speed of 9.6 knots without any engine power.  When we arrived at the Harbour we moored our boat alongside the other challenger sailing yacht.  We explored the town and caught a large crab (and it was large).  We then had fish and chips.

Written by Harry, Tom, James T, James B and Katie (Port Watch)

Entry Two 

We were woken up early, for us, by the Skipper turning on the engine which was horrifically loud.  After a nourishing breakfast we set sail to Studland Bay, leaving at about 9.00am. On the way we were taught the man overboard procedure and we also got to practice some knots with strawberry laces, only being allowed to eat them if we got the knot correct. Anchoring just out of the bay, we took the dinghy to the shore. We all went to the wrong place to have a barbeque so we had to lug all our stuff to the stones. Most people went swimming, however they didn’t see the leaders washing up the sandy burgers in the sea and them then serving them up. After a few hours on the beach we took the dinghy back to the boat and set sail to Poole, were we had dinner and showers. Then in the evening we explored the harbour, with views of Brownsea Island and also a bikers night on display. We are all still having an amazing time onboard. (This last sentence is still aimed at our very worried parents).

Written by Nadia, Emma, Tim, James H and Isaac (Starboard Watch)


Entry One 

We started our voyage in Chippenham train station at 9:15 when we boarded our train to Bath spa. After ten minutes on that train, we changed trains at Bath spa and hopped on to our next train which travelled from platform two at Bath spa to platform one at Portsmouth harbour station. Once we arrived at Portsmouth, we walked through the shopping centre and sat down on the steps, opposite our boats, where we ate our scrumptious packed lunches. We boarded challenger one boat and set sail to Yarmouth. On our boat trip to Yarmouth, we learnt some very useful tips on sailing our boat. We also learnt how to put up sails. We all really enjoyed learning about sails and how to use them in situations on our boat for this week. For dinner, we had Mexican chicken fajitas made by Port watch (us). According to the clean plates, it seemed like everybody thoroughly enjoyed their fajitas. We are all having a great time here on our boat. [That last sentence was aimed at all of the worried parents]

Written by Harry, Tom, James T, James B and Katie (Port Watch)