xf170825 Challenger 4 northamptonshire county explorer scouts

Fri 25 – Sun 27 August 

So far on the trip, I have learnt many new skills such as how to haul a sail up correctly and how to tack the ship. I have found all the information I have been told extremely useful as it has helped me to complete tasks that I would have found difficult to do otherwise and with a higher level of confidences.



Having never sailed anything larger than a dingy before, I was eager to learn how the theories there are repeated on a much larger vessel and this has not disappointed! The scale and weight of the sails to be hoisted into place is quite surprising. We’re currently half way through our first watch of a night voyage and have learnt how to identify boats and other obstacles by their navigational lights only



The voyage on the challenger 4 has been filled with challenges and tasks that constantly test our mental awareness of both our surroundings and landmarks for navigation. We have been taught many skills along the way to help us sail correctly and efficiently under certain weather conditions. Once you get your head round the names of the equipment the whole experience can be very calm and soothing. A good stress reliever. Night watch poses more navigational challenges as you have to read and record the direction and distances of boats and lighthouses.

I have found the crossing on the Challenger 4 was one the most intense sailing trips I have ever sailed, I have learned various new skills like how to hank a sailing up effectively and how to helm a ship. All be it I have slept for most of the journey, I have now found out I can sleep anywhere and everywhere and I have made amazing friends and bonded with my leaders, we have done so much in the time constraint I am crestfallen that I have to leave so suddenly and I hope I can come down again to do it for a longer and further than last time. It has been an amazing trip and I am sad to go

Ad Murray


As my first time on a boat it is safe to say that I was terrified but thankfully the crew were amazing with never missing out any relevant information and showing their confidence and skill on board I was soon ready to go. I think that the three most important skills that I have improved are: 1. My skills to work with different people and adapting in order to work with a wide range of different people 2. How to tack even though I may not be strong enough to do it 3. How to look after myself whilst out at sea in case of any problems. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to thank the crew for making this such an amazing and inspiring trip with a massive thank you to the staff.

Beth Loosley


I have found the voyage on the Challenger 4 to be quite an interesting journey. I have learnt much on this journey, including how to tie and use various knots; how to put up the different sails and how to tack the ship. It has been an amazing experience, with the staff being very friendly in helping with every activity which I have been faced with and in teaching me a lot about seafaring in general. It’s been an inspiring trip and has made me want to pursue sailing in the future!

Jamie Clark


This has been the first time I have been on a large sea going vessel and for a first time experience I don’t believe I could have had it any better. I have completely enjoyed learning all about what is needed for a yacht of this size to move at a decent speed. I have also enjoyed the completely different lifestyle that comes with life abroad a sea going vessel and have not been able to find a single dull moment and with the assistance from the amazing staff have enjoyed learning all that has been needed in a fun but efficient environment. I don’t believe that I will ever forget this life experience I would love to try my hand at sailing again someday. I thank all the staff for making this amazing trip even better and for giving me this incredible opportunity.

Adam Hopkins