xf170825 Challenger 1 northamptonshire county explorer scouts

Fri 25 – Sun 27 August

Entry One

We started our “holiday” in Portsmouth where we rigged the boat and learnt how the boat worked. We were given a watch manager to help us if we need it.  At lunch we had ham rolls, and set sail towards the Isle of Wight. It was very good weather and most of us got a go at driving the boat. We learnt how to put the sails up and practiced the man over board drill. Luke made us some tea. Finally we anchored in a pretty bay. At dinner we had chicken fajitas and ended the day with a game of cards.

The next day Luke made us some tea and we pumped up the dingy to go to the beach. We got to swim in the sea and attempted to have a bbq but we couldn’t make a fire so we cooked the food on the boat. After that we got on our way and headed round to a secluded bay where we had some spaghetti on the roof as the sun set. Luke refused to make any more tea.