xf170821 Challenger 3 West Durrington Youth Project

Mon 21 – Fri 25 August

Entry Four

Firstly, we woke up at half seven ready for another day of sailing. This time, we were sailing from Poole to Cowes. Once we had prepared the deck and the wind had picked up we managed to hoist up the sails.

Once we had set sail our crew put up our pink flamingo mascot who’s name is Chantel. We tacked and jived a ‘few’ times. After that, we hoisted up the main sail, the girls managed to have a better technique than the boys   (precisely Kaylee and Louise) followed by the same girls managing to lift up the whole second sail by themselves.

Meanwhile, Keely and Mary were in charge of a winch, where they eased and pulled. On the other hand, the boys put all their strength into ‘milking’ the ropes, winching and climbing the mast in attempt to bring down/ hoist the main sail these boys where Matt, Charlie and Santo, which was a success.

Keely, Santo, Louise, Matt and Charlie

Entry Three

Today we got up a 7:00, got dressed and had breakfast. After that watch 2 cleared up after breakfast whilst watch 1 did the deck prep. We then took the covers off the sails and then we were ready to go. Later we were ‘milking the cow’ [pulling the sail up] and spotting and avoiding lobster pots. After we were under way the music then made an appearance and then dancing to the macarainea with the crew lined up on the starboard side. A few songs later we were preparing the second sail with the vessel beating in the wind and the deck was at a steep slant which was scary for the first couple of miniutes.  Some of the crew then had a cake making competition which was yummy! After arriving ashore we put away both sails and rigged up to the pontoon we then went to explore VIRA the ice cream shop and went shopping to try and find the most hideous and tatty gift that was under two pound! Had dinner then had showers now we are typing this?

Mary, Sion, Harley, Kaylee, Stef

Entry Two

After an exciting first day we slept really well and woke up ready to go at 7;30 am. We prepared the boat which included lifting heavy sails from the sail locked and we ran the rigging lines.

Matt and Louise winching the main halliard, round and round and round. They were absolutely shattered at the end and flopped out into the snake pit.

Everyone had a chance to helm, in particular Keely who was at the wheel for over an hour which was a fantastic effort. It was a great all round team effort when we had to gybe towards Weymouth.

Sion and Charlie spent time learning how to tie a bowline, an admiralty stopped knot and a rolling hitch.

The skipper told us that we had all done very well today as it was a long sail for many of the people who had been at sea for the first time. Those that did not catch a nap during the day are certainly feeling tired and are looking forward to getting some sleep ready for tomorrow adventure.

Matt, Louise, Charlie, Keely and Santo

Entry One

Today we woke up excited and nervous for the day ahead, when we arrived at the quayside we were met by Barry, who took us down to the boat, challenger 3.

Down in the saloon we were met by Lindsey and Paul who introduced themselves and the rest of the crew. We were given a safety brief and split into two groups, one group went up on deck whereas the other group stayed below deck. Each group was shown how to use the head (toilet) and where everything went and how to store it properly, next we swapped and did the thing the other group did, and was shown up on deck. We were shown what all the hatches led to and the names of the different areas and equipment. After that we got to practice the running back stay, next we adjusted our life jackets so they fitted properly. After that we prepped the boat for departure and then left our mooring at around 5pm.

For the next two hours we got to chill out and steer the boat as we made our way to Cowes. As we arrived we were given jobs to do to help moor up to the quayside, we were met by some men to help up tie our boat to the quayside. When we moored we got to stand on pontoon and look at the boats and have dinner shortly after taking our lifejackets off and now we are writing this.

We have enjoyed the day and are feeling a lot less anxious, we are hoping to put the sail up tomorrow if the winds allow it and are excited about the journey ahead of us.

Sion, Steph, Harley, Kaylee, Mary and Mark