XC170925 Challenger 3 Cross key Homes

Mon 25 – Fri 29 September

Entry Four

We woke up earlier today so that we all had time to get washed and dressed before breakfast. Whilst Natalie was getting washed we decorated the cabin and prepped her birthday celebrations! Balloons and Banners everywhere! We had scrambled egg and crumpets for breakfast and continued with the morning tasks, such as washing up and deck prep before everyone had a go at climbing the mast. Just before we set sail, we learnt how to deal with certain situations with regards to MOB(Man Over Board). Natalie was our first victim and Dominic our rescuer who demonstrated the procedure of what would happen when someone is still conscious. Sophie and Alisha then demonstrated what should happen when the victim is unconscious (Sophie was rolled up the side of the boat in a tri-buckle). From Yarmouth, with all the sails up for a little while, we had soup and sandwiches on deck whilst sailing. A bit later on we anchored near Cowes so that we could go swimming, which included jumping off the side of the boat, and everyone had great fun. Dinner was starting to be cooked downstairs (whilst a game of Monopoly was underway), Bangers and mash…yummy…and lots of gravy and baked beans. After dinner we washed the dishes, made some hot drinks and got ready for Sue to teach us about night navigation. At approximately 9pm we then set sail in the direction of where we started, the harbour at Portsmouth where we docked for the evening ready for Friday.

Natalie, Chyanne, Charlotte

Entry Three

We all woke up at very different times, and slowly but surely made it to the kitchen; we all sat down. Seeming it was Geffs watch to cook we had to get everyone’s food for them, we were cooking bacon sandwiches which actually turned out really nice and everyone really enjoyed them.  After we finished cooking, we got our life jackets on and headed up onto the top deck and started to work as a team to get all of the sails and bois up onto the deck (which was quite hard work). After we had eventually gotten all of the equipment out, we started to set the sail up which took a lot of team effort for us to complete one of the tasks that had been set for us. After all of the sails had been sorted and put up we started to sail out of pooles docks and started to head for Lymington which had taken us around 5 hours. Throughout the trip over to Lymington, we had a series of tasks that we had been set, such as winching the ropes, making coffee and tea for everyone, sweating the ropes to raise the main sail and many many more crazy things. At around 1 o’clock we had lunch which was staring jacket potatoes with beans and cheese and even some sauce on top. After everyone had finished their lunch, we learned how to tack up the boat and untack the boat. When we eventually made it over to Lymington we had already taken down all of the sails and started to pack them all away, after that we went downstairs and had a talk about how long we was allowed to walk around Limington to go and look around all of the shops. We even had a tacky souvenir competition (which was really hard to find one) finally after that we came back to the boat and had our dinner what Alisha cooked, it was Spag bowl. We then got showers and came back to do the souvenir competition.

Dominic and Alisha

Entry Two 

Today we finally got the answer to the question we never ask: how does a ship work? In the morning we started doing a prep work consisting of checklist that had to be completed before we could even leave the port. From preparing the wrenches to having the suitable ropes available all of this was in our hands and the responsibility for our own boat felt terrifying yet thrilling at the same time. After leaving the port through no effort of one person but rather hard work of an entire team we left for the sea. The sea was calm but that didn’t stop us from having an easy day. Today we actually sailed. We raised the sails and went further across the blue emptiness. We practiced how to save one of our own in situation of MOB (man over-board).We were also given an insight into how flares work. Red-Distress, White-Illuminating.

But after our voyage was nearing the end and we got closer to our destination (Poole) we had to act yet again, as the sail had to be put back and that job wasn’t easy, it actually seemed almost impossible , but by 15 people working together and good coordination we actually lowered our sails and stayed in working condition. Throughout our day we’ve had a chance to try climbing a rope at the side of our ship, not everyone tried but everyone who did gave it their best. As we docked we faced difficulties but we managed to pull through. By the end of the day we have had the pleasure of enjoying our evening with a tour of the town, fish and chips for dinner and a warm shower afterwards leading to some pleasant snoozing in our somewhat cosy bunks ending our strenuous day.

Marian and Lachlan

Entry One 

Yesterday we arrived at Portsmouth after a long 4 hour journey and we boarded challenger 3 boat called Sarah. We got an introduction from the mate and skipper and the watch crew they told us their names and a bit about them-self.

About 7 port watch cooked dinner and we had fajita. After dinner we got kicked up and we sailed from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight to Cowes and it took approximately 2 hours. We docked at cowes about 9 and when we stopped the boat and had a shower and got ready for bed.

Sophie and Natasha