XC170918A Challenger 3 Ormiston School

Mon 18 – Fri 22 September

Entry Eight 

Sailing to Weymouth was so choppy. It felt terrifying because the whole boat tipped right or left. At times it felt like we were broaching into the colossal great blue sea. The trip was around five – seven hours long. When we arrived we went to the beach. Now that felt awesome and we found an inflatable four inch ball. Happily we played volleyball(on the beach) and I ran into a pole whilst I had sand in my eyes!

Entry Seven 

Today was good because we had more fun then we actually got through out the two days and more life experiments and why it was just good because I literally felt  like I was going to die that means I felt so sick but over then that it was amazing really amazing oh and yes the volibal it was so soft ohhh yeah but freezing water that’s it ( :

Jordana Dolnickova

Entry Six

So today was ok but things happened that I didn’t want to happen like how I didn’t feel very well because the sea was very strong and the boat was tilted and that is what made me feel bad and then I fell asleep but ben and banana( andrew) kept on waking me up and so that is my day and then we had fish and chips.

Cerys James

Entry Five

Today we went to Poole and I drove the boat and it was fun. I leant to steer the boat with the sails up and the boat on its side. Starboard watch cookie the dinner witch was nice. Tonight we are all going in to Poole town to explore. Tomorrow we are going to Weymouth and are going on the beach witch will go great.

Abbie Harvey

Entry Four

Today was my birthday and it’s been fun. Today I learnt how to put up the sails and put them down and put them away and I cooked our dinner which was spaghetti bolognaise which most of us liked.

Kieran Parker

Entry Three

It’s been a long first day, a 4 hour drive down to our new home for the week. We climbed aboard and got to grips with the boat. After leaving Gunwharf Quays we learnt a few knots and hitches, enabling us to tie the fenders up when we moored later. On the way out of the port we saw the Navy’s new aircraft carrier, The Queen Elizabeth. We then had a short ride over to Cowes where we have moored for the night. Port watch made a fabulous curry for dinner and we’re hopefully off to Poole in the morning.

Entry Two

I learnt how to have fun when cooking and lots of skills with in the kitchen and mean of all today was great because we got  to tie knots slash had lots of fun.

Jordana Dolnickova

Entry One

Today has been very fun learning how to do rope tying with ben and annoying him at the same time

Nicknames for the rope tying x marks the spot

Dog walking


And ben tight me how to do all these things and learnt new kitchen skills by andrew

Cerys James