Tall Ship

Stavros S Niarchos is a 200ft Brig (a ship with two square-rigged masts) designed to sail anywhere in the world. Stavros carries a traditional eighteenth century style rig on a modern hull, making her both great fun to sail and very comfortable below decks.


The four Challengers are 72ft Yachts that were built in 2000 and have all raced around the world. They’re perfect for sail training as they provide an exciting but extremely safe environment for everyone on board.


Tall Ships Cat is a 62ft catamaran which was generously donated to the Tall Ships Youth Trust. She is extremely well maintained and equipped and provides an excellent and stable platform for sail training.


A new addition to the Tall Ships fleet, gifted by Bolton School. The Tall Ships Ketch is a 60ft vessel and provides the perfect sail training environment for young people.