Leicestershire County Council Virtual School, Catamaran, XC170710

Monday 10 – Friday 14 July

Entry Two

Hello Virtual School WOOOHOOO. Today we are in Bucklers Hard and it has been raining all day. Today we learnt all about sailing the boat and how to put the sails up. We learnt how to tack the boat and made a menu plan. Alannah and Sian thought that the kettle was really slow but we then learnt that the whistle had to be took off for it to pour properly. We went to shore on the choo choo boat as known by a few of us, also known as a dinghy but the motor cut out so we had to row to shore. Today has been full of music as we began singing to pass the time. Sam thought that we were singing swim, swim, swim to daddy when instead we were singing row, row, row your boat after later discussing this and also googling the swim, swim, swim to daddy song we realised that she meant the rhythm of life song. Later we are going to navigate and plan our day for tomorrow

Alannah, Sian, Kayleigh, Dylan

Entry One

Hey guys, this is the second blog. We are currently on the boat and we’ve just had a traditional Monday dinner which was chicken fajitas. When we were sailing to get to the Isle of White, we took in turns to keep watch and also untied the fenders when we departed from the mooring. Afterwards we then had time to relax and enjoy getting soaked, before we had to put the sail up to slowly guide the ship.

Kayleigh B and Ace D