Harrow School, Challenger 1, XF170708

Saturday 8 – Friday 14 July

Entry Three

We woke up at 8am and after a yummy batch of scrambled eggs headed to main land Alderney. The dingy ride was a wet and messy one. We were all excited for the showers that Alderney boasted, especially after Brent’s complaints about the lack of showers on the trip and the effect it would have on his ‘mild eczema’. After a coffee and walk around we got back on the boat for 12. We decided to keep yankee 1, probably because we moaned at the thought of changing it again. It was a short 2 hour trip to Sark. This didn’t stop  half of us from complaining about being seasick .On the way we practised a man overboard, and many tack’s (maybe too many) . The top speed of the day was 12.4 knots. We arrived in Sark around 6.30 and voted for a relaxed evening. After a game of poker we tucked into a delicious ravioli.

Max Sodi

Entry Two

The day began at 6am sharp, with Lindsey going around to each bunk room to wake all the boys up. We then ate a light breakfast, and readied ourselves for a tough day’s work. Paul went through the Com Crew syllabus to help the boys understand the various tasks they would learn to do at the end of the week. Throughout the day, we set up sails, learnt to practice knots, climbed the spinnaker pole and practised steering the boat.


The main challenge of the day was the sail change from Yankee 2 to Yankee 1. We struggled to change the sail as its Yankee 1 kept falling out of its sail bag, this made it difficult as it was heavy and cumbersome. After completing this arduous task we managed to start the preparation for dinner by cutting vegetables (courgettes, red onions, peppers and aubergines); Kevin took up the chef duties as he prepared the spaghetti and mixed the sauce with herbs and spices.

Once we reached Alderney, the duty was ours to take down the Main sail, the Yankee and State sail. This was slightly less challenging as we used our teamwork skills to successfully take down the sails and cover them up. Once this was done we anchored the boat. Finally, Nick, Kevin, Milan and Malcolm took the dingy and rowed over to Challenger 3&4. We stopped by to say hello and exchange experiences of the first day at sea.

Milan and Malcolm

Entry One

On the first day, we arrived at Portsmouth Harbour and jumped on board Challenger 1 to meet the friendly Tall Ships crew, who would be looking out for us for the coming week.  After settling into our bunks and cabins, we went onto the deck to properly meet the crew and become acquainted with the Challenger 1 sailing yacht. Then we discovered a cornerstone to the sailing experience-putting up sails. We also learned about knot tying-another foundation for sailing.