Start Date: 29/06/2017
End Date:22/07/2017

Vessel: Tall Ship – Stavros S Niarchos
Nights: 23
Start Port: Newcastle
End Port: Portsmouth
Grade: 3 – no sailing experience needed

On the first leg of our European tour you’ll be departing the busy port on the Tyne before navigating your way over to Esbjerg on the West coast of Denmark. Crossing the North Sea on our Tall Ship Stavros you’ll learn everything you need to know about sailing a ship of this size. Whether this is your first time on the water or you are a seasoned sailor there is something for everyone on this voyage. You will become part of the ships voyage crew where you will be fully immersed in all duties on board including; climbing the mast to set the sails, navigating, helping in the galley and cleaning. During the voyage there may be the opportunity to stop over in another foreign port and even the possibility of venturing ashore to explore the local areas.

The second leg of our European tour will see the ship travel south from Esbjerg, Denmark to Amsterdam. Making the most of the North Sea and her fantastic coastlines, whilst on board you may get the opportunity to venture ashore to explore the local areas.

The final leg of our three part European tour see’s the Stavros travel back down to the UK’s South coast. During this voyage you’ll get the opportunity to see the stunning coastlines of the North sea before crossing into the English channel.

Voyage Price

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To book a Sailing Voyage you will need the Crew's personal, next of kin, medical, passport (if applicable) and payment details to hand. Payments are secure and quick.

Sailing Voyage prices include accommodation, meals, tea, coffee, squash and snacks whilst onboard, safety equipment, waterproofs and sail training. They do not include flights, organised excursions, meals ashore, transport to/from the vessel, departure tax, optional extras and surcharges.