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Voyage Information

Vessel: Challenger Yachts
Nights: 2
Age: 18-80
Start Port: Portsmouth
End Port: Portsmouth
Voyage Grade: N/A- no sailing experience needed
Passport: No
DofE: No
Brochure Price: £349

Voyage Highlights

• Training for experienced crew members
• Learn theory and practical techniques
• Get the knowledge and confidence to sail safely in heavy weather
• Meals are included

This 2 night heavy weather training weekend provides training for inshore sailors who are looking to extend their offshore and heavy weather sailing knowledge.
Crew members will have the opportunity to learn the theory behind heavy weather sailing and then apply it to practical techniques when on board.
Some of the heavy weather techniques you will cover include:
• Heaving to
• Lying a Hull
• Motoring and motor sailing
• Running barepoled
• Steaming warps or drogues
• Sea anchors
• Snugging down and pressing on

Even if you do not experience heavy weather during the voyage, the course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to sail safely in heavy weather learning on one of our strong and well equipped Challenger yachts.

Whilst every effort will be made to deliver the above voyage content sometimes, due to weather and crew’s ability, the content may need to change. Please see below for our full Conditions of Booking.

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Further Information

Passport – Where passport required is indicated, the voyage will start and/or finish abroad or a UK based voyage will aim to visit abroad.
D of E – All of our voyages of 4 nights or more qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential section. Please let our Reservations Team know before sailing if you want to use to use the voyage for the residential section.
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