Cooper School – Chilterns Regatta, Challenger 1, XF170715

Saturday 15 – Wednesday 19 July

Entry Three

The early start was slightly easier, but that could be because it was 2 hours later than the day before. Breakfast was a make your own egg McMuffin and we gave McDonalds a run for their money.

As soon as we had finished our breakfast, we went straight out for the tacky souvenir competition and within 15 minutes, came across the perfect pink joggers and sliders combo for a combined total price of $1.99!

We soon departed from Poole and made our way out to sea for the compulsory main sail race and then the head sail races for the long distance race which would occupy us for the majority of the day. To be totally honest we weren’t the best in the race, but we really shone in the long distance race which involved us sunbathing on the side of the boat.

Entry Two

Waking up at 6:30 was the next challenge and we almost didn’t complete it. Breakfast was no five star meal but was some classic cornflakes, tasty. We headed for Studland for the annual dingy race which we absolutely smashed, we won by a long shot (not trying to be smug.)

We returned to the boat in the race-winning dingy (thankfully with an engine this time). From there, we put all the sails back up and made our way to Poole where we were given a well-deserved shower as an incentive, or some would say we were forced into the showers for the sake of each other.

After making FULL use of all of the mainland facilities, we stopped off at Tesco’s for some well-earned milkshakes and ice cream. Next we went to bed were we all slept like logs.

Entry One

So we arrived at the boat and were introduced to the crew and shown around the ship. In a way, it’s everything you expect and everything you don’t.  Obviously you don’t expect to walk into your bedroom and be greeted with a King Size, Premier Inn look-alike bed but it’s far more spacious than what we had seen beforehand.

Next we were really introduced to Oona, the 72 foot, 50 tonnes beauty that would (hopefully) keep us on the right side of the water for the next week. Learning the names of each individual parts was something of a challenge but an enjoyable one as it was new and was sort of like we were being introduced to a new lifestyle. We were alienated in a good way.

Next was tying all the information together-as it were. We really pushed the boat out and were encouraged to b as independent as possible whilst leaving the harbour and entering the Solent.