christmas appeal


The Tall Ships Youth Trust have launched their Christmas cash appeal to help raise funds to go towards bursaries to enable more young people to sail with us.

As we approach the end of another year, and the festive season of celebration and giving approaches, our minds occasionally turn towards those less fortunate than ourselves and, maybe, the hundreds of thousands of young people in our communities who struggle with their everyday lives, and for whom Christmas is just another day.

But we can change that. Can you help us give a disadvantaged young person the opportunity to turn their life around this Christmas, and make a donation towards a voyage? Every young person we take to sea encounters a life-changing experience; with dramatically improved self-esteem, confidence, team working, and other vital life skills. In many cases we take a young person from their darkest place to somewhere positive and aspirational – just like Josh.


Josh sailed with us, aged just 16.  Prior to his voyage he had lost his father to Leukaemia, his mother had suffered three simultaneous strokes and he was living in his parents’ house alone, scared to use the heating or lighting because of the cost.  For Josh, his voyage was a transformational experience.  He excelled on board and has gone on to sail with us numerous times.  It has had such a positive impact on Josh that he now volunteers as one of our Watch Leaders in order to help and support other young people in need, just like he was.

“I had lost all drive and motivation to strive and succeed, I was just happy to see the sun go down at the end of the day.  I felt independent whilst on board, when in fact I was in a safe environment surrounded by experienced staff. The voyage taught me patience, teamwork, getting on with other people, and how to be optimistic about everything – we didn’t know when we would arrive but it didn’t matter, it was the journey that made the destination so sweet.”

We want to enable more young people like Josh to sail with us next year but we can’t do this without help from people like you.

If there is any way that you could spare something to help us offer a life-changing voyage to a young person this Christmas, please donate now. Your donation would make a real difference to youngsters who have had a terrible start in life.


Xmas Appeal leaflet