Chilterns Hill – Chilterns Regatta, Challenger 3, XF170715

Saturday 15 – Wednesday 19 July

Entry Two

Today, we experienced our first ever sight of sea sickness, poor Elly! We also arrived at Poole harbour, and had a nice shower (off the boat). We developed our tacking techniques so we are able to do it quickly with little notice. We did a dingy race off the beach we all caught the sun (especially Olivia and Max). People who hadn’t steered the boat yesterday, had the opportunity today. Which is exciting.  We also had some good fish and chips (Sausages for non-fish people) at the end of a long day.

Adam and Libby 🙂 

Entry One

Today I have enjoyed the first few hours on the Tall Ship. In such little time I have had many new experiences that I have never had before and I hope to learn much more in the next few days. During the half a day that I have endured I have learnt the sides of the boat: Port and Starboard, how to put up and bring down a sail and also I even got to steer the boat. Day 1  has been a great experience and a big learning curve.