Challenger 4, Limes College, XF170703

Monday 3 – Friday 7 July

Entry Three

At the start of the day in our watches, we climbed up that big mast  and then after we raced in some dingy thing and Honey and Billy won.  we all got vexed cos we didn’t want to put the sails up or down, but in the end we done it. That’s about it really. Then we ate food and went off to sun bathe.

Thankyou, goodnight.


Entry Two

This morning we left the Isle of Wight from our night mooring it took us 4 hours to get to Studland bay, we sailed out past the needles, once we dropped the anchor we blew up the dingy and went to the beach. We sunbathed and played in the sea and buried Ed and Fred in the sand. We are now in Poole and honey is typing after this we are going to Tesco express and spending the night here. The best bit was when we went to the beach and splashing each other in the water.

By Honey and Billy and the worst teacher ever….. Gemma

Entry One

We left Portsmouth on Tall Ships Challenger 4.

We were put into 2 groups these are called watches, red watch and green watch. In red its Jamie, Billy, Fred, Emma, Neville and Jim, in the green watch is Becka, Honey, Sophie, Gemma, Kai, Edward. We left port in a humid but sunny setting. The wind speed was 22 knots.

We started with the engine then we put up the MAIN SAIL. Billy let the sail off in between his toilet breaks (this entailed climbing up the base of the mast using steps that folded out of the mast) there was an awful lot of winch work – hoisting the sail off the coast of Ryde. When it started tipping we felt like we were intoxicated by the sublime experience. This was because the boat was tilting and rocking. We also saw many other vessels – Police boat, ferries, Hover Craft (the only public Hover craft in the British Isles – incidentally Hover Crafts were invented on the Isle of Wight ( the finest Island in the world the home of Jim Morris) Kai risked life and limb to moor the boat. terrible  –  the washers up – the red cook team were incredible.

Billy, Jamie, Emma & Jim