Challenger 2 XF170306 Nottingham YMCA

Entry Three & Four

Today we set sail from Lymington and went towards the eastern Solent where we also did an engine failure practice to understand what we had to do were it to happen. After that, we did a night sail to see what the buoys  looked like at night and we later found out that the buoys light up either red, white or green depending where or what it was and which direction we are going. Later we had to park the boat in the docks next to another challenger this was challenger 4. We all put out the fenders and the roaming fenders to stop us from hitting the other challengers which were next to us. When we saw Portsmouth we all got excited because we could finally get sleep after lots of time at sea! But all things come to an end and in the morning we were told it was time to start packing up and then we were told we have to clean EVERYTHING!!!! And then we did and we were allowed to climb the mast and diego and Nassr made it to the top and we got some amazing pictures of the whole journey and it was totally awesome !!!..

Entry Two

Firstly, we woke up at 7:00 in the morning to make the breakfast for everyone and set up the salon table. Then, we made toast, scrambled eggs and served cereal to everyone.  After, we prepared the boat to set off to Lymington and we had to prepare the ship by making sure the equipment was in place and functioning correctly. Then we set off to Lymington from East Cowes, (in the Isle of Wight), and practised a ‘man over board’ drill in the event a crew member went overboard so that we would know what to do in that circumstance, we also maintained the direction of the boat by pulling the rope to the according sail. When we got near to shore we started getting to fat buoys ready by lowering in level with the dock so the boat didn’t hit the dock. When we got to the dock we tied the boat to the dock and started to prepare dinner whilst simultaneously, people were tidying and packing up the boat. Because we packed up the boat early, we had free time to visit the town and the shops and buy what we wanted. Next, dinner was prepared and we ate mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions with gravy and sausages. Then we washed up and tidied the salon and galley area and then showered afterwards after a long day.

By Sean and Diego

Entry One

Today we arrived after a long 4 hour journey from Nottingham. First of all the staff welcomed us and introduced themselves which was beneficial to the difficult part of the day. This was sailing from Portsmouth to East Cowes, Isle of Wight where we participated with many challenging jobs which led to helping getting the main sail up and put down which helped increase and decrease the speed of the boat.

When we came in from sailing from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight our group had to prepare dinner because we were on dinner watch. After we prepared it we all sat around the table and talked and was told that dinner was ready so we all got comfortable and dished out dinner which today was fajitas with chicken, spice, mushrooms ,cheese, and lettuce. When we finished the port watch was assigned to clean the dishes and starboard watch was told to take sea-sickness tablets and write our blogs today.

Overall I think that the first day has been a very good experience and I would recommend this for fellow young people like me.

Starboard Watch.