Challenger 2 Antigua – St Lucia

Day One

13th and 14th December 2016

Well the day has finally come. After sailing across the Atlantic and surviving both that and the parties in Rodney Bay it falls to those  remaining hardy souls to take up the task of moving our 3 Challengers to their Christmas homes in Antigua. You will all understand that none of us really want to do this but our sense of duty is so strong that we have all decided to suffer the pangs of missing the weather at home. So it was that yesterday evening  we  gathered our repaired sails and other debris from the ARC and set out for an overnight sail to Dominica. Those of you who have read our earlier blogs from the  ARC  will recall tales of no wind and slow progress so we could not really expect anything different. In fact what ensued was a roller coaster 100 mile passage through the night with squalls, wind gusting to over 40 knots and all the usual sailing issues about sailing and sleeping and eating, let alone cooking at crazy angles whilst in oven like temperatures.

Day break brought us to the fabulous Prince Rupert Bay and the obligation of swimming  and  just enjoying  the scenery. Of course as always the boat makes demands and before we could really relax we had to repair battens in the mainsail prior to tomorrows epic sail to the next beach . As usual we are fortified with food of the standard we have come to expect, bacon butties to toast our arrival and the skippers famous chicken curry tonight to prepare us for the 20 mile voyage tomorrow. Best wishes to you all back home. The next instalment coming soon.

On a personal note I am thrilled to say that my wife Nicky has transferred from her berth on Challenger 4 to our crew on Challenger 2. We have been given the honey moon suite on the starboard  side . Installing the ensuite toilet is still troubling me and working out where to put the bucket so it does not spill in a squall may take some time!

Bob Ward