CF461 half term challenge

Sat 21 – Sat 28 October

Entry Four 

Sam’s whos helming skills have been beaten by jenny with the help with Sam himself. There were at times multiple chunder diving which was successfully won by George with a wonderfull 10 out of 10. He managed to somehow threw up on his own arm. Second came Kat with her chunder dive across the cockpit but that still didn’t help. Third came Nathan who was just completely out of it and stayed behind the helm for most of the trip chucking up because the sea was abit too rough for ickle Nat. Kian came last on this specific day because multiple times he pretended that he was about to be sick and then nothing came out. Whilst the chucking up was happening we also had a race with Duncan the massive warship which we won somehow.

Entry Three 

Wagwan boyos, Commodore Kian Signing in.

During our epic pilgrimage to seek out the infamous underwater Holy Grail, we left Cowes in high spirit. Once all of the breakfast had been cleared away we set off from the port with the boat in a fine condition indeed. This was because of port watches superior organisational prowess. We then began to make our way round the Isle of Wight in the direction of the grotty little town of Poole. (Nice beaches though…).the wind was at a decent speed this morning and this gave us an excuse to show starboard watch a master class in how to tack in under a Nanosecond. We actually had plenty of opportunity to put in some practise in the sailing of the boat. we then had a fantastic soup for lunch which was rather splendid. As we continued to the needles of the Isle of Wight, the chop became rougher and one of our members did a fantastic hurl over the side of the boat. In all my years at sea, this old sea legend has never seen such a horrific sight… We dropped the Yankee and staysail once we realised it was getting sluggish without motor aid, QUICK SHOUTOUT TO MATE SAM WHO’S HELMING SKILLS ARE OFF THE CHAIN! Port watch have cooked a rather fantastic cuisine and I’m sitting here finishing off the blog was is, as usual , superior in every way to starboard watches tripe they wrote yesterday. Anyway, some Somalian pirates have attacked the harbour so I’m off to fight them with nothing but a boat hook and hand flares, wish us luck yeh? Rear admiral Kian Signing off, I am sure you shall miss me during my absence…

Entry Two

The wind was strong when we came out of port in the morning. We put the Yankee 3 up and storm staysail and had reef 3 main sail. We raced a warship after breakfast, we took the lead but found our opponent had become lost and didn’t make it to port.  After lunch the boat began to rock, which made Cat throw up, clambering up the steps the rest of the crew found ourselves faced with a Kraken. We went ashore but everything was closed, due to this the majority slowly make our way back to the boat. Once back there was a horrific incident involving hot chocolate, it was spilt in the girls cabin and was spilt on bunk number 9 and was decorated the walls. Starboard watch were cooking dinner and make pasta bolognaise with Chef Rupert leading our recipe. There has been a clear divide between port and starboard which has only been further established by the culinary excellence of starboard.

Entry One 

Although we couldn’t sail due to the strong winds caused by storm Brian, today we were shown around the boat and got to meet everybody. We were allocated our cubbies and our bed spaces. We had a chaotic 15 minutes of clambering over one another to square our kit away. Once we had been shown the interior of the boat, as well as the features of the deck, we were issued our oilys and our life jackets. We were then shown a life jacket opened up so that we could understand how it worked manually in case it fails to operate on water exposure. Once we had been briefed we got into all of our kit and we headed up on deck to get a bit of hands on experience with the winches. Once we had been trained on how to use the winches properly we were split into our watches and we went head to head in a runner race. As everyone could already tell, port watch won the race absolutely hands down, no arguments required! Once we had gone back down below decks to take off our kit, port watch cooked fajitas for the crew. Watch routine then began and starboard were put on clean-up while port had personal admin time. As is already established, port are clearly the more experienced and generally better (in every way) than starboard watch! Captain Kian signing off now, stay lethal boissssssss.