CF452 Challenger 3 South Coast adventure RYA start yachting

Mon 28 August – Sat 2 September

Entry Four

Another scintillating day for team t towel. The day began, as always, with a bucket load of fun, mainly as a result of the leadership and management of JOSH in preparing the decks. With this having been done, we then proceeded onto the beach in order to bathe in the sub-zero waters of the English Channel. This dip was followed by an ice cream, and then a return to the boat. On returning to our magnificent vessel we proceeded to make our way out under motor, and then attempted to raise the sails. Firstly we raised the main sail and this went without a hitch. Then we went to raise the Yankee sail and this shortly led to a mini disaster. The front sail (Yankee) ripped whilst it was being raised, and it was only thanks to cool and collected leadership that the mini disaster didn’t become a bigger one. With the mini disaster averted, we then raised the Staysail and continued under sail. The troops took a battering from sea sickness, but pressed on regardless to produce a delicious pasta lunch, and then wash up after. The sea sickness would have taken many a life, but luckily thanks to a rousing motivational speech by JOSH we all pulled through. On arriving at port the deck was tidied, and after that a curry was prepared, mainly through the efforts of HARRY and TOBY, without whom the watch surely would fall apart. Their trusty sidekicks of NAOMI, CHRISTIAN & REBECCA also helped immensely. During cooking, Christian managed to have a rather unfortunate encounter with the naan bread. Once the curry was consumed, and the hot source drunk, team t towel retired after yet another successful day. Showers and free time were then enjoyed by all.

By Team T towel

Entry Three 

Today was fun! We began with some rain, so at last we were able to try out the oversized wet weather gear – very fashionable! Winds were more favourable today, so we got all 3 sails up quickly and cut the motor. Everyone has now taken their turn at the helm, more of a challenge in the winds today.

Lunch preparation was interesting today with strong winds so fruit went flying across the galley. Eventually we ate some wraps with chicken and it was really great!

After lunch we played mafia, were briefed on emergency situations then had a man (well, buoy) overboard, so we could practice the man overboard drill. Successfully we recovered the buoy and continued into Weymouth. The deck was cleared quickly – we are getting the hang of the different roles.

Had dinner of pork chops, vegetables and new potatoes which took a while to cook as the gas ran out. Then cleared up ready for tomorrow.

By Fiona, Hugo, Sacha, Drew & Constantin

Entry Two 

Team T-towel had an incredible day as a group. Josh once again excelled as the watch leader, but his efforts were compounded by the skills of his deputy, Captain Harry. Other mentions must include Toby, Naomi, Christian and Rebecca (who’s washing up skills admittedly were a bit lacking). The day started off by waking up and preparing cereal, an arduous endeavour to which we committed thoroughly as a team, and managed to overcome. After this we prepped the sails to be hoisted and continued under sail and motor for the duration of the day. Despite the lack of wind, we managed to sail some of the way to Poole and during our journey, we learnt some knots and how to tack the boat. Once outside Poole, we dropped the sails and motored into the harbour. Once inside and safely tied up, we finished putting the boat to boat and then team T-towel had the arduous task to prepare dinner, which was fish and chips. After dinner we chilled on deck and wrote this blog, before it was time to go to bed. We await tomorrow full of anticipation.

Team T-towel

Entry One 

Cracking day…it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We began with a circle of strangers and we still don’t know each other’s names. We learned basic knots and how to use the toilets. All our gear was assigned to us with oversized wet gear and fancy life jackets. Than we are ready for the next few days. No wind today, so we cannot go anywhere without the motor. We arrived at our first destination and tied the boat up, using the basic knots we had learnt. We had Chicken Fajitas for dinner tonight –scrummy. After dinner we went for some time ashore, which was followed by showers and then chill out time before bed. Tonight we sleep at Cowes.

By Port Watch