CF450 Challenger 3 Regatta Week

Sun 13 – Sun 20 August

Entry Seven

Today we set off for the last days’ worth of sailing. It was a rather uneventful ay with the morning spent navigating through a rather crowded Solent on our way to our final dock of Gunnwharf Quays.  Upon arriving in Portsmouth, we had a rather excited crew at the sight of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, which was heavily patrolled by police boats. Once berthed it was time for a rather thorough clean of the boat with no hatch left unturned! We swept more times than we count. And still there seems to be dirt everywhere – dinner was bangers and mash and we gone in seconds mostly thanks to Joe and Lizzy. Cheers guys. This evening we are having a mini boat competition out of recyclables we have been collecting throughout the week. We are also awaiting the tacky gift challenge, this is where we had 3.00 ponds to thrash the others with. We’ll see.

Hermione & Millie


Today we have sailed a little less. We arrived early in Portsmouth to clean the boat from top to bottom.

Aujourd’hui nous avons un peu moins navigué. Nous sommes arrivés tôt à Portsmouth pour pouvoir nettoyer le bateau de fond en comble.

Vandaag hebben we minder gevaard. We zijn vroeg in Portsmouth aangekomen om de zeilboot volledig proper te maken.


Entry Six

Today, we had impressive winds reaching force 8!! Scary! Rain in the morning! And got plenty wet out at sea. We shopped for our tacky item in Weymouth for the competition and Lizzie’s watch got a slightly worn and terrible fridge magnet, whereas Bruce’s watch got a very tacky tiny jar filled with sand with a very odd looking fish painted on the side! At this point it was sunny so we went to the beach which is huggeeeee…but only for a short period of time before the rain starts. We then set off for our long distance race-we came second (of course we weren’t trying very hard and allowed Challenger 2 to win)! The waves were quite big so we did get wet…it was like having a bucket of water thrown over your head! We started building the recycled boat for the competition today and Benoit took charge!! Lizzie and Pearl spent a lot of time laughing at his frustration and his orders!! But he did a very good job and our boat is on the way of (definitely) winning. Due to the winds we had the Yankee 3, staysail and the spinnaker pole out. Tonight will be spent in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight and tomorrow we will head to GWQ’s where our epic journey will finish. We now have water bombs prepped ready to repel borders if the other Challengers try anything.

By Pearl


We got free time this morning to buy the most unusual gift. Yes, I know, this sounds strange, but it’s an English tradition. We bought sand! After lunch we left for Yarmouth, on a beautiful island.

Nous avons eu un peu de temps libre ce matin pour pouvoir aller acheter le plus mauvais cadeau qu’on pourrait offrir à quelqu’un. Oui, je sais c’est bizarre mais c’est une tradition anglaise. Nous avons acheté de sable ! L’après-midi, nous sommes partis vers Yarmouth, qui se trouve sur une magnifique ile.

We kregen vrije tijd deze morgen om het meest onnuttige cadeau te gaan kopen. Ja, ik weet het wel, dit klink raar, maar het is een Engelse traditie. Wij kochtten zand! Na het middagmaal zijn we vertrokken in de richting van Yarmouth, een prachtig eiland.


Entry Five

Boat owes us 5 push ups!!!

Today was a slightly different day. We did 3 races. The first was at the beginning of the day in canoes. We had to row from one side of the harbor to the other. And we won !! In the afternoon, we did not sail to the next port but we did two races against the other three boats near the port. We had to follow a course indicated by the yellow buoys. Unfortunately we did not win both races. We finished second and third. After this intensive afternoon we returned to the port. For the dinner we tasted the specialty of the corner, notably the famous ” Fish and chips ”.

Aujourd’hui fut une journée un peu différente. Nous avons fait 3 courses. La première fut au début de la journée dans des canots. Nous devions ramer d’un coter du port jusqu’à l’autre. Et nous avons gagné !! L’après-midi, nous n’avons pas navigué jusqu’au prochain port mais nous avons fait deux courses contre les 3 autres bateaux près du port. Nous devions suivre un parcours indique par les bouées jaunes. Nous n’avons malheureusement pas gagné les 2 courses. Nous avons fini deuxième et troisième. Après cette après-midi intensive nous sommes rentres au port. Pour le diner nous avons gouté la spécialité du coin, notamment les fameux ‘’Fish and chips’’.

Vandaag was het een beetje verschillend. We hebben 3 wedstrijden gemaakt. De eerste was in de haven in reddingsboten, de twee andere buiten de haven met onze zeilboten. We hebben de eerste gewonnen, maar niet de twee anderen. Vanavond hebben we voor ons avondmaal de welberoemde ‘’Fish and chips’’ geproeft.



Today we weren’t travelling far so most of the day was focused on our regatta with the other boats. The first race of the day was the ‘dinghy race’. This involved inflatable boats being violently paddled around Portland harbour, in a chaotic relay which we eventually won. After this it was time to leave port and begin the next stage of our competition: round the cans racing.  The first race mainly consisted of a long upwind leg across the bay and resulted in us finishing in second place. The second race was a lot shorter and involved all 4 challengers in very close proximity, with challenger 2 just squeezing us into third place. After a long day we cruised into Weymouth harbour, and finished the day with Fish and Chips.

By Millie

Entry Four

Today we sailed from Dartmouth to Portland…. Our longest sail yet! We learnt about meteorology and flares. We then decided that we would ban two words ‘boss’ and ‘chief’, and the penalty was to do 5 push ups for each time it was said.. Joe has now had a total of 30 (and has yet to complete them). Also, we had our repaired staysail back and so could admire it and race faster (we came second although the race was unofficial but challenger 3 is always up to the challenge). Also, we won the mainsail hoist even with a late start…Sue said it too fast on the radio! As a reward, we had chocolate and bacon (but not together, because, as Millie pointed out, that would be gross). On the sail, we also had our first wave on deck which got Hermione wet. Joe decided to have a nap and then when Will tried to wake him up he couldn’t and thought Joe had died! Luckily he was just taking a while to get up. Biscuits tided us over between the bacon and curry. As we love biscuits, they are now included in our coat of arms, as well as some Latin written by Benoit. Pearl drew it beautifully and we are hoping to win (obviously we will). By this point, Pearl and Hermione had decided that they were sunburnt, despite all the factor 50!! We are looking forward to showers tonight and the dinghy race tomorrow (which obviously we will win).

Pearl, Rhys & Joe


Today was the longest day. We started with a race for the fastest sailor. It was by using a new technique that we won. We traveled a lot of kilometers. But luckily we were fast enough. We arrived earlier than expected in Portland, a large port but this time without a beautiful city. We are all looking forward to the race tomorrow, which we hope to win at all costs!

Aujourd’hui fut la journée la plus longue. Nous avons commencé par une course pour celui qui montait sa grande voile le plus rapide possible. C’est en utilisant une nouvelle technique que nous avons gagné. Nous avons parcouru beaucoup de kilomètres. Mais heureusement nous étions assez rapides. Nous sommes arrivés plus tôt que prévu à portland, un grand port mais cette fois ci sans magnifique ville. Nous sommes tous impatients pour la course de demain, que nous espérons à tout prix gagner !

Vandaag hebben we veel kilometers afgelegd. Maar er was redelijk veel wind dus we zijn vroeger aangekomen dan verwacht. We zijn de dag begonnen met een wedstrijd om wie het snelst zijn grote zeil klaarmaakte. En wij zijn natuurlijk gewonnen. We zijn om 17U aangekomen in de haven van Portland. Deze keer is er geen mooi stad te bezoeken.


Entry Three

We had the morning off and got in the rib and went to the beach. All 4 boats paddled in the water and played in the sand. We found ice cream, which was very tasty. After hours in the sun and sea we began to head back to the boats. Joe and Kyle started wrestling and fell into the water and the life jacket which Kyle was wearing went off. We then headed out and put up the main sheet and the yankee 2. And started sailing around to Dartmouth. The journey was sunny and warm but also with a nice amount of wind.

Comme d’habitude c’est de bonne heure que nous nous sommes levés. Mais cette fois si nous ne sommes pas tout de suite parti. Nous avons passé la matinée à la plage. Ensuite nous sommes partis vers Dartmouth. Encore une fois c’est dans une magnifique baie que nous nous trouvons.

Hermione and Benoit

Entry Two

Quote of the day: ‘German girls? I heard something about German girls?’ –Joseph

We saw loads of dolphins that swam along by the bow! It was beautiful!

The ice cream in Salcombe was very good! The banoffee ice cream was very nice! Highly recommend! Rhys felt cheated by the price of the ice cream.

Lizzy, Pearl, Milly and Hermione went swimming in Salcombe and it was sooo cold! But after you were numb it was fine. Hermione was scared of the jelly fish yet brave enough to put her whole head in!

Putting the sails up and down was hard work but a fun experience! And the weather was a little all over the place but a general dampness persisted, we are all warm and cosey in the galley now though.

Joseph felt he has connected a lot with people on board. Everyone is so nice!

Highly recommend the experience!

We had our first meal out at sea! Pasty and baked beans! Very tasty well done to the Port team! It was lovely and warm when outside was cold!

Joseph felt a little sick for like a second and Pearl found being under deck during sail was pretty freaky.

Lizzie yet again got teased for the paint on her legs but she stays strong!

Pearl, Jozeph and Rhys


We got up early this morning. At 7:30 we were all together at the table for breakfast. Then we put the sails and we took off. As soon as we got out of the harbor we saw dolphins racing against us. Later in the day the wind disappeared unfortunately. We had to turn on the engine. We arrived in the bay of Salcombe, a beautiful city. We were able to spend some free time in this charming town. Then we all went back on the boat.

C’est de bonne heure que nous nous sommes levés ce matin. A 7h30 nous étions tous ensemble a table pour le petit déjeuner. Ensuite nous avons mis les voiles et nous avons pris le large. A peine sorti du port nous avons aperçu des dauphins qui faisaient la course contre nous. Plus tard dans la journée le vent a malheureusement disparu. Nous avons dû allumer le moteur. Nous sommes arrivé dans la baie de Salcombe, une magnifique ville. Nous avons pu passer un peu de temps libre dans cette charmante ville. Ensuite nous sommes tous retournés sur le bateau.

We zijn deze morgen vroeg opgestaan. Om 7U30 waren wij allemaal aan tafel voor ons ontbijt. Vervolgens zijn we vertrokken. Pas uit de haven hebben we dolfijnen ontmoet. Het was precies of ze probeerden om sneller dan ons te gaan. Later is de wind plots verdwenen. We hebben de motor terug aan moeten steken. Eindelijk zijn we in de haven van Salcombe aangekomen, een prachtig stad met zee-uitzicht. We hebben enkele uren in de stad besteden. Vervolgens zijn we allemaal op de boot teruggekeerd.


Entry One

We all arrived at 13.00. As none of us knew each other we were all nervous to begin with, but with lots to do the awkward silences gradually begin to fade and we got to know each other a little more. After this we were soon briefed and began setting up the deck, learning the ropes and drying the ripped sails. We had the rest of afternoon off to explore the marina before preparing our dinner (which was a rather loud affair, with the radio turned up all the way).  Overall we have had a good first day and are looking forward to setting sail in the morning.

Nous avions rendez-vous à 13h cet après-midi. Bien accueilli à l’entrée du port, une personne nous a ramené jusqu’au bateau. Arrive sur le bateau le reste des organisateur nous a accueilli. Ils m’ont fait visite le bateau qui est assez grand, mais nous sommes quand même un peu serre. Ensuite, on a appris à monte une voile et manier les poulies. C’est dès le début que nous sentons cet esprit d’équipe très présent parmi l’équipage. Nous avons préparé tous ensemble notre repas du soir qui fut délicieux. On a tous hâte de prendre le large demain!

Ik ben zondag om 13U aangekomen. Pas aangekomen kwam iemand die ons te wachten stond ons welkom heeten. Deze bracht ons tot onze boot. Daar hebben we de rest van onze leiders ontmoet. Ik heb mijn boot ontdekt en bezocht. Ons boot is eerder groot, maar we zijn toch een beetje op mekaar. Hierrna hebben we geleerd hoe we een zeil en de koorden moesten behandelen. Sinds het begin voelen we deze ‘’Teamspirit’’ aanwezig op de boot. We bereden allemaal samen ons avondmaal. Deze was heerlijk. We zijn allemaal heel enthoesiast over het idee om morgen de zee in te nemen!

Millie & Benoit