CF449 Challenger 2 Regatta week

Sun 13 – Sun 20 August

Entry Seven

Today we left Yarmouth at 0930 and set off to our final destination. We had a long time to get there and since it wasn’t  a very long way we only used our yankee sail. It was a calm journey and we arrived at Gunwharf Quays at 1530. We then started on the deep clean of the boat including pumping the grey tank and cleaning the heads for a final time. After this we had shore time in Gunwharf while Amelia cooked dinner. We had a final dinner of pork chops and are looking forward to the prize giving tomorrow.


Entry Six

The day started with Joshua getting up at 0733h, consequently waking us up as he jumped down, with all of us up, we were able to cook breakfast, which was toast and cereal with sides of milk, fruit and sauces. After that, we all prepped the deck, which included getting the Yankee 2, the Yankee 3, the storm stay and the normal stay sails, a lot of sails to get out and put back in at the end of the day.

Once the deck was fully prepped, we were then allowed to go ashore and spend £3.00 per watch on the souvenirs, we spent our change on a pack of water balloons, which we later filled up with water (our plan is to bombard challenger 4 with them when we get back to Portsmouth). We were finally ready to set sail.

We slipped Weymouth at 1301hand motored out into the bay where we prepared for a Le Mons start, this is basically when you only have your main sail up and you have to put the head sails up at the start of the race, the faster you put them up, the faster you go. We got off to a very good start and got onto a very good course, just as we got the head sails up, a massive storm came in, and for a while it rained cats and dogs, but just as we got going, it passed and it stopped raining, we were blessed with clear skies (mostly) for the rest of the race. It was a very interesting race with us dominating and some questionable but clever courses, we eventually crossed the line in first place, we dropped our sails and motored into Yarmouth and moored up, we had a very nice beef hotpot for dinner and we are now finishing our homemade boat and emblem for Saturday. Bring on tomorrow!!!

Dom and Josh

Entry Five

We woke up at 7:30, most of us got up earlier as we were very excited for the day ahead. First thing we had to do was to get the dinghy out of the sail store ready for the inter-boat dinghy race, after an initial practice, we felt ready for the challenge. All four boats got off to a promising start with us ahead for the first couple of legs, but, tiredness followed and the boats with the older crew came out on top with us coming 3rd out of 4. The dinghies were put away and the yacht races started.

It was 1300h when we got out of the harbour and after a reenergizing lunch of bacon and brie baguettes, we were ready for the triangular course in-between us from first place and three points for the championship. At 1420h, after some time related issues, the race commenced. It was a very tense and exciting race with each boat taking the lead at different times. In the end, challenger 1 won the race with us trailing behind in third place with a time of 1:05:45. Afterwards, after discussing plans with all the other skippers, Amelia managed to force another, but shorter, race through

At 1600h the second race commenced, this was a straight beat upwind to the finish line, this was much closer with us coming 2nd and challenger 4 almost forgetting to finish!!! After the races, we dropped the sails and motored into Weymouth harbour. We moored up and relaxed while the fish and chips were being cooked, while they were being cooked, a number of the crew went ono9 the pontoon and had a go at crab ishing, I’m not sure if they were successful, but they gave it a good try. In the end, Dave and Iona DABBED.

Dom and Archie

Entry Four

We woke up at the hour of 0730 and had a lovely cereal and fruit. When everyone had finished breakfast we had to leave the dock at the hour of 0900 and had the longest voyage of the week which was 55.8 Nm then we learned about flares and what they do and how to use them in emergencies. For lunch we had pasta surprise which everyone liked we sailed a lot more and then we ate dinner which was chicken curry then  David dabbed!!!!

Entry Three

We woke up this morning earlier than port watch, because we had to make breakfast, for everyone, which included cooking bacon. Once everyone had finished we went out to prep the deck, while port watch cleaned below deck. At 10:00, when we had finally finished the chores, we were cleared to go to the beach, after all the magnificent effort by starboard watch to put up the inflatable dinghy, we arrived at the beach.

After a few hours of getting wet, throwing rugby balls and digging holes that were three feet deep, our time had run out and we had to go back to the boat and prepare to sail to Dartmouth. Unfortunately, challenger four, which was moored up beside us, decided to hold us up, for at least 10 minutes while they tried to clip their sails onto the stay. We finally got away and navigated through the vast forest of boats, dinghies and the occasional banana boat.

As we escaped the river estuary we got the mainsail and Yankee up and we were on route to Dartmouth, on our journey, we practiced gybing, gybing is very different to tacks, a tack is when you put the bow of the boat through the wind, it is a much more controlled approach to a turn, whereas, a gybe is when you put the stern of the boat through the wind. This could a much more violent manoeuvre if done wrongly, which could easily kill someone if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Afterwards we learned some knots, the Bowline, clove hitch, round turn and two half hitches and a stopper knot, then Amelia taught us some fun knots like the double bowline and the monkey’s fist.

At 1800h and moored alongside challenger four, (it was our turn to waste their time tomorrow by being slow) and we were granted some shore leave, we went for a walk and did some shopping in the local CO-OP until we got bored and returned to the boat. Starboard watch cooked a very nice and successful beef stir fry, and that just about brings us up to date. Overall a great day.

Dom and Archie

Entry Two

We woke up at the hour of 0730 and had a lovely cereal and toast breaky. We prepared the boat for the first leg of the journey. We brought out the Yankee and the stay sail. The Yankee is the sail which is the furthest to the front. The stay sail is just behind this. These help catch more wind to go faster.

We practiced tacking and the man over board exercise. Sadly the wind died down and we had to use the motor for the last bit of the leg. We arrived in the port of Salcombe at 16:20 de-rigged the boat to later go in to the town of Salcombe. We ate bolognaise for dinner which was successful and noice.

Rollo and Jacob

Entry One

We arrived at Mayflower Marina at 1 o clock. We were greeted by the skipper and had a quick introduction to the rest of the crew on board. We then had a quick tour of the boat learning all the ins and outs. We then learnt how to use the winches and had a brief competition between the watches at sending the runners (these support the mast) forward and aft. Before cooking supper we went for a quick walk ashore, meeting the crew of challenger 4 at the same time. The cooking was successful and the meal was good.

Nell and Ellie