CF449 Challenger 4 REGATTA WEEK

Sun 13 – Sun 20 August

Entry Four

This morning was an early call to say the least. 7.00am start followed a short but sweet breakfast of cereal and fruit – made, of course, by the amazing port watch. After deck prep, our Yankee 2 had arrived from repair! Half of us raced up to grab one of the two sails, only to drag one down and realise it was Challenger 1’s….. oh well, it was the lighter of the two!

After setting sail at 9.00am, and getting a few beeps from the ferry, we had a hoist race of the main sail. Saoirse, Tom and Harvey sweated, while everyone heaved on the halyard from the snake pit to the cockpit. Unfortunately, due to a jam at the beginning, we snatched 2nd place out of the 4 challengers. However, we plan to dominate the next one.

We had a long, tiring but fun day, which many of us took advantage of by snoozing or eating ginger biscuits (which apparently tasted like sausage rolls to Tom, who is a vegetarian).

We finally arrived at Portland at 5.00pm, and rushed to the showers as soon as allowed. And my goodness, we have never appreciated some hot showers that much.

A couple of us went on a wander and discovered a massive log, while attempting to take a ‘timed’ photo, Jamie managed to leap over, not onto, the log and landed in a heap on the other side, much to our amusement. But, good news, we succeeded in capturing a picture which has us all looking half decent in. Annoying news, to Saoirse, however, was that in reward for her amazing achievement at capturing a photo, she managed to get a massive splinter in the side of her hand.

Dinner followed, and we cooked a magnificent chicken curry. We are all looking forward to the fireworks tonight. And that is the story so far.

By Port watch – Saoirse, Tom, Georgie, Arnaud, Leonard.

Entry Three

No word of a lie we woke at 7:30 this morning due to Harvey smashing his head on the ceiling from sitting up in his bunk. We then had some delicious bacon roles cooked by head chief Harvey. The rib was set a sail to the local beach which involved us freezing to death and hastily eating pasties. At 12:00 we set sail downwind to Dartmouth, we were doing knot practice when we were quickly joined by jumping dolphins at the front of the boat, Jamie spent his time screaming at the dolphins to get out of the way of the hull of the boat, which then evolved into us re-enacting the titanic (jack and rose scene not sinking!!!).

Soon after Pete finally managed to do the washing up for the first time in his life, which he quickly stopped when he realised we were watching. We learnt how to jibe – this is basically the same as tacking but in the other direction, so there wasn’t much to learn. We later arrived at Dartmouth to find that nick’s parallel parking was a little shabby compared to the skipper. While chopping vegetables for dinner we found that Alice thought that Bob Marley was blind. Everyone here at Dartmouth are very nice and asking who we are and what we are doing here, the tall ships are getting the attention they deserve!

Harvey, Amos, Jamie, Ellie, Saoirse and Alice

Entry Two

We all got up at 7.30, followed by a breakfast where the toaster decided not to be cooperative and not work (ironic because the bread was from the co-op). After washing up and deck prep, we set sail! – Right after the naval submarine glided past, which caused Fi to lose a nail.

We then continued to set sail, and within the first 5 minutes, the sea-sickness kicked in and the vomit-contest began with Georgie setting a new record for the boat… tacking practise followed and then came down the rain. What a sight we must have been, huddling in the cockpit, warming our hands with tomato and chorizo soup/ vegetable soup.

We had a man-over-board practise, with bob the render being the victim. After recovering Bob, we headed for Salcombe and teamed up with Challenger 2.

After quickly putting away the sails, we caught a water taxi to Salcombe.

When we got back to the boat, we (Fi’s watch) cooked a master chef worthy meal of Spag Bol – garlic bread included! Now we are writing this and the other watch are washing up. Ha Ha, from the Port Watch

Tom, Georgie, Saoirse, Leonard, Arnaud

Entry One

We arrived at Plymouth marina from lots of different locations. We then explored the boat and selected our bunks. Cramming our bags into the small boxes, we eventually got settled in. we learnt every ones names and proceeded to chat with everyone about school and general life. We then learnt about the dangers of the ship and completed our runners training. We each had a go on the winch, then carried on getting to know everyone. We went for a walk up to the top of Mount Pleasant and then returned to the boat. We then created our first cookery masterpiece and had a real hoot at dinner. We are looking forward to starting sailing tomorrow. Choo choo from Starboard Watch.

Ellie, Pete, Jamie, Harvey and Amos