CF 423 Challenger 2 Half Term Academy

Day 4

We left Weymouth at 10:00, it was sunny with clear skies but very little wind. To keep a decent speed to reach Old Harry we had the main up and motored to make 7.5 knots. With the tides in our favour we reach Old Harry 13:45. We had lunch which was steak soup and salami/ham and cheese sandwiches.

After lunch we got the boat ready to climb the mast, Peter went first to test the rigging, after which James, Emma, Richard and Will followed. Everyone got an excellent view of Old Harry, Poole and The Isle of Weight.

We are doing a night navigation through the Needles and then docking up at Lymington tonight with an E.T.A of 00:30.

Written by  Emma Crane and Richard Nelms

Day 3

Today we left Poole harbour at 11:30am, there was a slight drizzle and grey skies but our moods were high and once we hand cleared the channel marker s and had an excellent lunch of roast potatoes and tuna, not even  the sails were higher. We plotted a course for Weymouth harbour with an ETA of 16:30, and arrived at the harbour entrance at a very reasonable 16:45, with an average speed of 8knots.

The wind speed was an average of 18.5knots and the power was drawn from the Yankie sail, a stay sail and a full main sail. A top speed was achieved by the most experienced crew at 11.3knots, but no one could match such performance.

Having just finished some of the finest local fish and chips in England for dinner, we are now simmering down to a quiet game of killer wink and hot coco.

Written by Santo  Lewis & Richard Nelms

Day 2

Today we started the day at 7:20 with a rude awakening of the radio being set off. We had our breakfast as we planned our day towards Weymouth. Once our meal was ended we wasted no time in getting the sails prepped and the boat rigged.

We were doing “man over Board” drills to get a feeling of how hard it would be in a live situation, after a few tries we managed to get “BOB” (The dummy) back on to the boat safely and we set our course to Poole Harbour as we decided we would stay there instead of Weymouth and arrived wet, tired and with half a boat to put away.

We started prepping dinner while others went off to shower, dinner was a delicious Sausage and tomato pasta, we ate this as we planned what would happen later that night

Peter and Santo

Day 1

Today as we arrived on our home for the next week we learnt the basics and got briefed on health and safety induction. We set sail at 3pm from Portsmouth harbour and braved the cold weather. Our journey had begun. After many tries and fails we got the jib up and we were off for our journey to Cowes. After two hours of sailing we arrived at Cowes. It took a while to moor the boat as the tide was strong. We finally came alongside the pontoon and set up the springs and fenders and we were safely at our destination for the night. Some of us had a wonder around Cowes to explore the local surroundings.

At 7pm was dinner time and we feasted on chicken wraps. It was spicy. After dinner we had a discussion about what we should do in an emergency situation, such as a fire or man overboard. This was very helpful and reassured us that we could act responsibly and safely in a bad situation. After this Santo, Richard and Emma took care of the washing up and did a splendid job of cleaning the dishes ready for tomorrow.

Today was a successful day as we as a team learnt the basics and became familiar with what is going to be our home for the next week. Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be pleasant and we can therefore set sail to Weymouth.

James and Peter