Tall Ships Adventures are pleased to announce that we now automatically include travel insurance within your booking costs.

We have arranged this specialist travel insurance for all crew members taking part on all Voyages aboard any vessel owned or managed by Tall Ships Ltd.

Full Policy terms and conditions can be found on our website www.tallships.org

This can be downloaded or if required please contact us and we will send you a full copy in the post.

Please read through this documentation carefully to ensure it meets with your requirements.

A brief Summary of this cover is set out below.

Main Sections of Cover:

Cancellation or CurtailmentUp to £5,000

Replacement & Re-joining Expenses Up to £3,000

Medical, Repatriation and Additional Expenses Up to £1,000,000

Personal Baggage & Money Up to £1,500

Personal Accident £25,000

Journey Continuation Up to £500

Travel Delay Up to £500

Hospital Benefit £50 per day up to a maximum £2,500

Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000 (excluding whilst involved in sailing activities)

Legal Expenses Up to £25,000

Delayed Baggage Up to £250

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses Up to £15,000

An Excess of £50 applies to some Sections - see Policy for details.

General Exclusions that apply to all Sections

It is important to be aware that Trips booked or commenced contrary to Medical Advice, contrary to health and safety regulations of airlines, to obtain medical treatment or after a terminal prognosis has been made are excluded.

This insurance also excludes certain types of claim arising from any of the following conditions in respect of an insured person

    (a) who is waiting for an operation or post operative check-up, any investigation or results, or any other hospital treatment or consultation (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage has not changed in the last 12 months.)

    (b) who has received treatment for any of the following during the 24 months prior to date of booking a trip:

a stroke, any form of cancer; leukaemia or tumour; a transplant; any heart problem; hypertension; dialysis; diabetes (not including diabetes II); any blood disorder; any breathing or respiratory problem (not including asthma, unless requiring inpatient treatment); any psychiatric illness or dementia; any gastro intestinal condition e.g. colitis, stomach ulcer; any neurological system related condition

    (c) who has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage remains unchanged).

You are advised to read the full policy terms and conditions (www.tallships.org or on request) which set out the full details of all exclusions and limitations

Maximum age 80 at date of travel

This Policy is underwritten by Sagicor at Lloyd's Limited (FSA reference 204947) for Lloyd's Syndicate 1206 and is administered by Sagicor Underwriting Limited.

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XK150518 – Cumbria Social Services – Ketch

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 - No Comments »

Blog 3

We woke up for breakfast some of us went for showers while the rest had bacon that I cooked then after that we couldn’t go sailing because the weather was really bad then I got the dingy in the water so I could take the student crew out on it this happened for most of the day then we started making tea we had sausage mash beans carrots and gravy then we all went for a walk round Whitehaven

By Jordon Johnson


Blog 2

My name is Darren I was picked up and driven in the bus to Whitehaven where I was going to be sailing. I was excited to be able to get on a ship for my first ever sailing trip. I have been learning to keep safe around the ship and water. I have been using different skills on board like clipping on to the ships wires plus my wet weather gear and life jacket. Paul the skipper has been teaching us about safety and the hardest task was making my bed and needed to ask Debra for assistance lastly we did dingy racing and I went to a youth club as it was too windy to go out.

By Darren


Blog 1

We travelled to Whitehaven by mini bus. I was very excited to see the boat and where I was going to sleep, Joy and I had fun making our bunks up. I enjoyed getting all my waterproof clothes on. I also helped cut up the peppers and onions for our tea.

By Josh Botham 

XF150512 Riverside International School – CH1

Thursday, May 14th, 2015 - 2 Comments »

Voyage Highlights

I found this experience fun packed and intriguing, and the adventure really brought to my attention how much fun it is to be out at sea. On Thursday, the wind was amazing and I loved how the boat began to heel, my numb fingers and the cold rain was energy draining but I still really enjoyed myself. I loved visiting the picturesque towns and buying all the delicious British snacks. Hanging out with my new found friends and dozing in the warm sun was amazing and I found the whole thing really inspirational. I will definitely be coming back next year!

Thank you to all the crew and the skipper on Challenger 1 for the warm welcome and clean boat… I really enjoyed my experience and you made it even better, Thank you!!!

Emily (12)


I learned some knots, how to use a winch handle, how to cook on a rocking boat, how to steer and help each other. I also made my team laugh and laugh and laugh… It was fun! I even made new friends! Thanks!

Natalia [12] 


I had an experience of a life time and the view was really nice! I learned how to tie a couple knots such as the reef knot and the clove hitch.  I also slept on the boat for a while because it was windy and comfortable.

Audrey Gaddis {12}


Day 4

Today was a really good and relaxing day. Everyone was quite tired from yesterday because it was raining, very cold and waves were everywhere. We only hoisted the main sail and we slowly sailed to Weymouth. When we got there we went mast climbing and after that we made dinner, curry. After a while we went to the beach and got some ice cream. We played some games there while Adela and Taisi went to play their favourite game at this place called “amusements”. Then a lot of the people came from the beach and also played games with us. Then we just walked around together for a while before heading back to the boat. After that we had a choice of playing games in one boat or watching a movie in another which was nice because we got to spend time with people from the other boat.

Adela & Taisi


Day 3

Today, we woke up at 7:00 to make breakfast; bacon sandwiches. The weather was bad and it was cold and rainy. We started to set up the sails at around 8:30 and then at 10:00 we left the dock. We were excited because the wind was strong and the ride was going to be fun. We motored to a more sheltered bay before putting up the sails and started sailing. The wind picked up immediately and the boat started heeling. We were all tied on to the Jack-Stays, and it was very adrenaline pumping. Whilst the boat was tipping, Taisi, Audrey, and Emily went to make tea. The rough ride made it impossible to not spill the milk and there was many loud screams and shouts coming from below deck. At around 1:00, the wind started dropping and main sail was hoisted to the top. We reached Poole Harbour at 2:30, and moored up. Tall Ships Challenger 3 arrived shortly and we took a break before the dinghies were blown up and prepared for the dinghy race. At 4:35 we started the race; Tall Ships Challenger 1 won by 2 meters, Yay! Then some of us headed to the showers. Finally a couple of us went to Tesco’s before settling down to fish and chips in the saloon. The dinner was great and we cleaned the dishes. We are about to go on a tacky souvenir hunt; we are going to go split into groups and look for cheesy souvenirs, and the winners will get a prize  The day was brilliant even though we all felt very tired and wet by the end.


Day 2

The crew started waking up around 7:30. Port side started the day by making breakfast, which was toast and cereal. Later the starboard side started to prep the ship by pulling up the sails, tying knots, etc. We set sail before our competitor ship, Challenger 3. We started circling around the port learning basic vocab about the ship’s equipment. Later Challenger 3 pulled up beside us and we had a race at pulling up the main sail, Challenger 3 won, due to technical difficulties that occurred to our mast. Monkey, our Captain, had to climb up to fix the problem. We couldn’t get him down at first, but managed to get him down. We had a small break, still learning the ins and outs of the ship. During this small break we had lunch which port watch kindly prepared us lunch that was potatoes with butter, tuna, cheese and chili. Port watch prepared the Spinnaker Pole (which is a type of pole that holds up sails to the side) which we climbed on. Later on we docked at Lymington where some of the kids went on a 4 mile run, and the rest went out to town for shopping. One everyone came back, Starboard prepared fajitas which were a delight. Lights out now! We have a long day tomorrow!


Day 1

Everyone met at the airport at 9:30 and we sorted out our documents and tickets and after when we went through the passport check, Taisi got stopped there for 3 hours because she forgot her residency card and people didn’t believe her that she’s living in Prague legally, after we finally sorted it out we went on the plane and came to England!

After we arrived we took the train to Portsmouth and a lot of lovely people picked us up there and took us to the ship, which was very nice, clean and comfortable. After we unpacked our luggage, we went to town for a walk. After we met at the restaurant and got our dinner there and it was very delicious and tasty!

Later we came back to the ship and played a lot of games, and then lights out! There’s a lot of stuff to do tomorrow!

Quote of the day:  “I cut my finger and it didn’t hurt “ – Audrey.


XF150512 Riverside International School – CH3

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 - 2 Comments »

Voyage highlights

-      We really liked swaying on the waves and sailing through the rough seas.

-      Sailing through the needles channel proved an exciting challenge to steer through at the helm.

-      Night sailing was very fun and exciting.

-      It was nice to see the different ports that we docked in.

-      We had lots of fun on a beach in Weymouth.

-      The heeling was very fun.



I have never had an experience like the one on Challenger 3. I became part of the crew straight away, and I had a wonderful time learning new things and sailing with the crew. It didn’t matter where we were from, what friends we had, or anything else, it just mattered how we contributed. I’ll always have the memory of the ship heeling, the rain hitting my face and the waves rising as I sat cranking the Blue halliard in the Snake pit.

Thank you Tall Ships, this experience changed me.

Dennis (13)


I learned a lot of new things that must be done in a tall ship. I got to drive the boat and navigate. I also learned a lot of new terms for the different parts of the boat. I got to experience a little storm whilst sailing and the boat tipped to the side a bit, so that was amazing!

Berta Skuta [12] 


Day 4

Today, we had better weather conditions which made life on deck easier for everyone. Nobody got cold or was sick, even though we had waves and splashes.

Our main sail didn’t want to hoist for a moment, but the rest of the jobs went smoothly. Some of us got the opportunity to steer (or drive) the yacht, which personally is an experience I will never forget.



After docking in Weymouth, we went ashore to have a walk on the beach. Some of us played rugby and the rest of us were chased about by our friends holding some jellyfish we found. A few insane people actually went to swim in the freezing cold sea. Then we walked through Weymouth, marvelling at the beautiful little town. Now we will be playing games and watching a movie, if we ever decide on one. (We are all quite prone to getting into arguments!) Tomorrow we have to get up at 6:30. I am betting we will have to drag some people out of their bunks by the ears.



Day 3

Today was an incredible, yet tiring day. We had to work harder than before to do what we needed to do. Raising the sails in the pouring rain pushed us, but we pushed (and pulled) through the rain. It was very cold though… Although the boat was heeling and rocked in the rough seas and wind, we were able to do all of our jobs and make some hot chocolate as well. We were all very strong, with nobody throwing up of falling in. Everybody was sea-smart as well; we clipped on and always held on to something. Even though we were all tired and cold, it was a wonderful experience that we will never forget.

Personally, looking up at the crests of the sea, with the rain biting into my skin, the cold water dripping down and the snake-pit providing me with some cover, will be one experience I will never forget.

Thank you.



Day 2

The weather today was lovely; sunshine and not much wind. It was the perfect weather to become familiar with the ins and outs of the boat. Sadly, Challenger 1 beat us in leaving and arriving in the ports. We won the competition to hoist the Main sail though. The scenery we passed was lovely to see and was a welcome change compared to the Czech Republic. Since there was not much wind the seas were quite calm and luckily nobody got sea sick. We learned how to tack, practiced tying different knots and did a man overboard drill. At around three o’clock we attached the spinnaker pole and enjoyed climbing it. The day was very well spent, lots of lessons were learned and we had lots of fun. J

Theresa Hobe & Tamsin Hunt


Day 1

Today we arrived at the boat at around 4:30, after this we had some time to settle in and meet each other. We then took a tour of the boat that will be our home for the next week. We all felt very excited for the adventures awaiting us. The mast was the most daring for me personally, I am looking forward to conquering it. After this we could go to town or stay back and finish unpacking, We then had a meeting time of 7.30 at pizza express. This is where we had dinner for the next 2 hours. We then took a trip back to the ship and had some time to make our beds ready and change into pyjamas. Then our skipper (Sue) gave us a briefing on our watches and how it is going to look like. Then we went to finish getting ready, I finished early so I wrote this blog :) . We are all very excited for tomorrow.

Daniel Dvorak {12}


Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 - 1 Comment »

Cervantes blog 

Early start to leave for spinnaker practice.  Lumpy porridge and overnight cobwebbing did not dampen our spirits.  The weather was wonderful and the winds light.  Sea was gentle with a slight swell.  We sailed South from Portsmouth to the Nab Tower and hoisted the starboard spinnaker pole. Winds were light, but we did manage to fill the spinnaker and with a little tweak on the mainsail, we managed 7knots.  For fun we set up to gybe the spinnaker.  George had to climb out along the pole (his pole dancing lessons have not been wasted) and at the moment of truth he spiked the sheet.  Wee Done George!  Probably a bit different in 20kts of wind.

Must go as lunch beckons.  Freshly baked rolls Mmm.


PS I know what I did wrong with the porridge and it will not happen again.


End of another tiring weekend – aches in thighs, shoulders, arms and back, but well worth the effort, and lots of fun.  Our first taste of competitive Ocean racing down to Le Harve, and a cruise back to Portsmouth, dodging other Yachts and Ships – with a stiff breeze and swell. Some Spinnaker training this morning – leaving us set up for the next race to Eddystone in a few weeks – but first some sleep!


FASTNET CAMPAIGN – Girlguides (Fastnet Divas) – Challenger 3

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 - No Comments »

Cervantes Trophy Race Blog

Monday (4th May)

We were allowed a ‘liein’ and had a late breakfast of bagels, followed by our race debrief. The general concesus is that people want to learn how to do more for themselves, without waiting to be told. We then had really thorough deep clean of the yacht and Amelia fixed the broken stopcock. We then had a who can hoist the storm sail quickest competition, which was won by Laura. We also looked at better techniques for winding and where to stand to be in the best position. An early finish means we can all go home and get some sleep before we are back at work tomorrow. We are all looking forward to the next race in a few weeks time, but hoping the sea is kinder to us and a little less bouncy!!


Saturday & Sunday (2nd & 3rd May)

All very excited to be entering our first race – the Cervantes Tropy race. Weather is looking windy. We had porridge for breakfast to set us up for the morning and headed out into the Solent. There were so many boats of all sizes out there and a lot of wind. Our first ‘challenge’ was to pass through the gate and shout how many of us aboard – whilst wearing our wet weather gear. We then headed towards Portsmouth to keep out of the way whilst the smaller yachts started their races. We headed back to the start and were off … kind of a bit of an anticlimax as it is all counted down. We had to head downwind towards Poole to round a mark and then tack upwind towards Le Havre and the finish. The waves were very choppy and it was a bouncy ride, with rain thrown at us aswell. The lowlight had to be tearing our Number 1 sail and whilst getting down to the saillocker, discovering that the galley was flooded due to a stopcock failing. The roughness of the ride challenged most of the crew, but we seemed to work through it well. All were up on deck for the finish line, which we crossed at 07:32 ish and then headed home downwind. The journey home was smoother and a lot quicker, so we were back in Portsmouth by 8 and got to go ashore for dinner. A lot of the crew were very relieved to be back on dry land. The race was challenging in terms of weather and getting used to operating a watch system, whilst looking after each other. It would be great to say we saw the sunrise, but it was far too cloudy for that! Sue was a star at keeping everyone fed and supplied with tea and once on the way home, the plentiful supplies of cake we had came in handy.


Friday (1st May) 

So Friday and back on board :) whoops almost sank with the weight of cake!! Started the day with brief and chocolate birthday cake and then all up to prep for sailing without supervision … which was a success apart from a few twisted bowlines. Set sail for Cowes with the dayglo orange trysail up, yankee and stay sail. It was not as sunny as last weekend and an awful lot bouncier. Some of us nearly fell off before we left the harbour … or maybe that was just me. We practiced our tacking a lot, took the trysail down and put the mainsail up, had lunch and homemade chocolate brownies. After lunch it was gybing time – so we took the stay sail down and got practising. All sails down and flaked before arrival in Cowes. Anchor stowed below ready for tomorrow’s racing start. Thoughts returned to food … chicken fajitas with all the trimmings followed by homemade chocolate ganache tart with raspberries – specially brought by train from the Forest of Dean! This was useful fuel for a very serious and technical race brief for tomorrow … we all know exactly what we are doing .. possibly and where we are posted to do it. Boing said Zebedee time for bed


Fastnet Training Weekend 

Saturday (25th April)

Today we continued to learn how to use the menagerie of ropes and winches and sails – and all of their unusual nautical names – of which there are many. My favourite bit was launching the spinnaker sail and watching all of the wool ping off like confetti and float down to the sea. Playing with the spinnaker was fun, but a little back breaking and I think it’s safe to say that I have discovered muscles that I didn’t know I had and I will probably find it hard to get out of bed tomorrow. This is my second day ever, upon a yacht – and I love it!!!

Everyone agrees that we are working well together as a team and already we are getting faster at all of the jobs we need to do – it’s all down to the fantastic leaders that the Tall ships trust have given to us – we are very Lucky!


Friday (24th April)

Challenger 3’s crew (Fastnet Divas) was the last to arrive at Portsmouth this morning, but, once on board and down below we were issued with our race uniform a lovely warm navy blue Gill jacket and a not so appreciated bright yellow polo shirt, bright enough to consider a name change to Banana Belles!

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