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Please read through this documentation carefully to ensure it meets with your requirements.

A brief Summary of this cover is set out below.

Main Sections of Cover:

Cancellation or CurtailmentUp to £5,000

Replacement & Re-joining Expenses Up to £3,000

Medical, Repatriation and Additional Expenses Up to £1,000,000

Personal Baggage & Money Up to £1,500

Personal Accident £25,000

Journey Continuation Up to £500

Travel Delay Up to £500

Hospital Benefit £50 per day up to a maximum £2,500

Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000 (excluding whilst involved in sailing activities)

Legal Expenses Up to £25,000

Delayed Baggage Up to £250

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses Up to £15,000

An Excess of £50 applies to some Sections - see Policy for details.

General Exclusions that apply to all Sections

It is important to be aware that Trips booked or commenced contrary to Medical Advice, contrary to health and safety regulations of airlines, to obtain medical treatment or after a terminal prognosis has been made are excluded.

This insurance also excludes certain types of claim arising from any of the following conditions in respect of an insured person

    (a) who is waiting for an operation or post operative check-up, any investigation or results, or any other hospital treatment or consultation (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage has not changed in the last 12 months.)

    (b) who has received treatment for any of the following during the 24 months prior to date of booking a trip:

a stroke, any form of cancer; leukaemia or tumour; a transplant; any heart problem; hypertension; dialysis; diabetes (not including diabetes II); any blood disorder; any breathing or respiratory problem (not including asthma, unless requiring inpatient treatment); any psychiatric illness or dementia; any gastro intestinal condition e.g. colitis, stomach ulcer; any neurological system related condition

    (c) who has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage remains unchanged).

You are advised to read the full policy terms and conditions (www.tallships.org or on request) which set out the full details of all exclusions and limitations

Maximum age 80 at date of travel

This Policy is underwritten by Sagicor at Lloyd's Limited (FSA reference 204947) for Lloyd's Syndicate 1206 and is administered by Sagicor Underwriting Limited.

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XF141020 – Swansea Youth Service – Challenger 3

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 2 – 21/10/14

We woke up at seven oclock in the morning then had showers and made ourselves breakfast. We then washed up and prepped the deck ready to sail. We then set of round about half ten.

We got into some pretty rough gale force winds and had to keep changing directions to keep going with the wind instead of against which is called jibing. During sailing we got pretty wet with the sea splashing us and sometimes the boat was pretty much at a 30 degree angle due to the strength of the wind. The wind was so strong we had to be connected to safety lines so we didn’t fall in the water.

We got into Portsmouth at 2 o’clock we then made lunch which was pasta parcels and sauce. Green watch then cleaned the kitchen while red watch went on deck and took down the sales and cleared away all the other equipment then went on shore for a look about and a pint.

When we came back we made spicy chicken fajitas which we have just finished and now cleaning up and looking forward to apple pie.


Day 1 – 20/10/14

We arrived at Portsmouth after a nice drive up from Swansea (cheers Dai!!).  Everyone was excited to get stuck in and get sailing.  After the safety talks and introductions were done we were ready.  The group immediately got stuck in with the tasks they needed to do.

As the wind of going in the ‘wrong direction’ we unfortunately couldn’t put the sails up and had to motor to the Isle of White.  Nonetheless everyone enjoyed the experience e of being out on the boat at sea.  The group also had time to learn different sailing knots, some of them easier than others!

The group was put into a red and green watch whereby the two groups had their own objectives to meet in order to support the crew as a whole.  The highlights coming from everyone today was that the level of bonding with each other was great which made working in a group easy.  The red group made everyone spag bol which was delicious and made everyone feel great having some warm food inside them.

Natilie felt very sick today but it was nice to see everyone checking up on her every so often.  Everyone let her know that they are there to support her if she needs it.  Chloe and Tina were very good; talking to her and checking up on her.

Looking forward to chilling out tonight and walking around Cowes.

See you tomorrow!!

XF141014 – Collège du Léman & Ecolint – Challenger 1

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 - 1 Comment »

Day 8

Deck Kiddies big day out.

This morning Miss Lindsey waked us up at 8 O’clock. We had some very yummy breakfast. CRUMPETS! MUFFINS! Then we had to do our chores L it’s a hard knock life. Mr Henry was very bossy as usual he like to make us sweep everything, even edges and ledges! It’s not fair we already tidied the snake pit up!

Miss Lindsey learned us how to use some really cool fireworks.

Then Mr Henry learned us the wules of the woad, red light/green light, something like that. Then Mr Skipper learned us how to use some weird thing that measures the sun. Then we did some very very very very very very very very very very very very BORING stuff called plan passaging. We used a pirate skissors and singed pirates of the Carribebean to measure something. The tides made our brains explode into a bigillion million pieces and we didn’t understand so Mr Henry came to the rescue.

After Miss Holly’s yummy lunch we went to the biggest fishy palace in the entire Galaxy! To get there we had to run after a boat which vanished into thin air and we couldn’t find it anymore. So then we had to get the bus to central Plymouth. Then the walk to the fishy palace was so long our feet nearly falled off. In the fishy palace we met our bestest buddy in the whole wide world: SNORKEL THE TURTLE!!! He swimmed round and round in circles in his giant pool and we don’t know how he didn’t even get dizzy! It was so funny. And then we went finding Nemo and we found like 50 million billion trillion of him! Maybe we had too much hot chocolate this morning. But the coolest of the coolest part of the entire akwarium was the shop! It had everything! It had keyrings and it had bracelets and it had mugs and it had piggy banks and it had toys and it had flags and it had candles and it had SO MANY SWEETS! Enough to last you forever and ever and ever. So we buyed some.

Alexia and Kate got really excited and even buyed sords! They played pirates for the whole rest of the entire day. Then we got some really amazing good chocolate icecream!!

Then Mr Wilson and Miss Corbin make us walk to the other end of the world and back just to see a light house! It was kinda cool tho. After walking around Plymouth for almost years we went to get the bus again. We even magiced Miss Holly and Mr Henry onto the bus just by talking about them. That was bestest magic trick ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We thunk they were vewry happy to see us, we don’t know why they were hided in their hoods. We singed all the way home we thin k Mr Henry and Miss Holly really enjoyed that bit espechally when we singed the weels on the bus go round and round round and round.

Dinner was really yummy to.


P.S. none of this was made up…

By: Alexia (After Eight), Alice (Professional Deck Scrubber aka PDS), and Laura (Safety Hazard aka Safe haz)


Day 7


B         een sailing

A         ll day

M         ate,

D         uring

A         bucket full of waves


F          ood was sick

A         lexia didn’t feel fab

M         uch water, very wet.

M         uch nap, such sleep, wow.

A         u revoir

They said this wasn’t long enough, hence; we ate bagels, bacon sandwiches and finally chicken in honey-mustard sauce (SO GOOD). Lindsey decided to give us all an impromptu bath; very wet, much cold. Tintin gave us a knot lesson. Rose returned and Jack rejoiced. Good weather held throughout the day, with a drizzle of rain here and there. We have now landed in Plymouth and are content.







Day 6

Tall Ships Haiku:

Eleven hours long

Broken throttle, big problem

Waves made wet Deck Kids.

Side Note: Alice and Kate set alight a pan – no biggie.

Alice, Laura, Victoria and Alexia


Day 5


Hello good sirs and madams,

On this rough autumn morning, we were unable to set sail and wander the broiling ocean depths. This was due to the fearsome winds howling about the region and kept many a vessel land locked. Our servants near worried their teeth out of their gums when they ventured out of their comfy beds, and saw many a pink dots on the weather table.

On seeing said warning lights, they promptly came to the conclusion that we would not be leaving the port today. What followed was a day full of bacon filled happiness, scrumptious ice-cream, FISH AND CHIPS and delicious biscuits.

During the morning numerous servants departed to increase the food supply. Meanwhile their lords laboured over how to navigate the mystical and mighty oceans armed only with charts, dividers and a Portland compass. Also there was a public lecture on the act of saving an unfortunate victim from the icy grips of the water.

Furthermore the benevolent crew of Oona partook in a jolly tourney of rowing. After many a turn of a clock dial, team BAMDA! succeeded in increasing both volume and pressure inside the dinghy. In teams of two; with Tin-Tin aboard supervising the scallywags. Dumb blonds, Skailor and The Bob-Saviour, Safety Haz. and P.D.S, The Foreigner and After-Eight, The Lad and The Muncher, The C-Dawg and Toast. Shaggy decided not to participate yet could not refrain from spectating. The victorious time of 1.22 grains of sand was achieved by The Foreigner and After-Eight.

The ladies of the crew all created a beautiful symphony of shower-singing much resembling that of the Titanium scene in the motion picture Pitch Perfect.

In finale the crew ended with a minty treat to the forehead.


The Lad (Ben)

Blonde 1 (Annie)

Blonde 2 (Kate)

Skailor (Elena)

Bob Saviour (Audrey)




Day 4

Standing in a line


Whatever floats your boat




G’day mate. We would like to inform you about two murders. Now, no need for hysterics… it was just Henry and Annie. There are only 10 survivors on the Oona.

The Deck Kids were 2-6 heaving to go this morning as the smell of toast wafted through the cabins. Havalama was quickly on deck and prepping the sails. We were octopusing left, right and centre. Once ready we moved those bad buoys along the side of the boat and from there it was all plain sailing as we left the quay.

Hoisting the Main Sail required a lot of sweating… it dripped all over the deck. #lyf As we headed to Weymouth the waves were less than forgiving and some were feeling a little under the weather. Alexia and Marc in particular were entertaining the crew with their chundering. We went flying past Lulworth Range as we tacked to and fro across Poole Bay as the sound of puking thankfully overtook the choir of dying cats that filled the air.

From then on it went swimmingly… until it didn’t. We hit a little rough patch with the winching as Alice and Marc almost gave us a situation. Let’s just say for a moment their stomachs weren’t in the same boat.

There was a chorus of cheers (not for the singers) from the sickies who were thrilled that it was time to take down the Main Sail. We stood in a line amongst the lines of the Snakepit helping Lindsey who was very particular about how the sail should be folded, whatever floats your boat Lindsey.

We suffered through a group discussion on etiquette to be able to raft in the evening with Challenger 2. After a quick scrub of the deck, dinner was served and silence fell as we savoured our grub while our aching muscles were able to rest.

Side note: Henry was finally killed by Holly with cleat boots in the sail locker and Annie by Ben with a fender on the foredeck. New updates tomorrow.

Extra side note: #lyf is used when Havalama situations go wrong.

Alice, Alexia, Laura & Victoria (with essential punny input from Elena) 


Day 3


Ayt m8 so todah we waz sailin weal fast like with me m8s and basically like we waz so speedy the coppers o’ the sea saw us wiz past ‘em for the second time in 2 days!!! We such rebels, we waz born ready for ‘em. So these twits decided to take our blinkin dosh (speeding tickets).

Todah we found out bout the points of sail when we waz crusin from Lymington to Poole, we was sweatin it to the beat of 2, 6 HEAVE! We tacked loads like a ton of easing and pullin’. Me and me m8s took it in turn to helm Oona, and bring the runners back and forth innit. We waz all so blming enthusiastic it was cray cray. There were so many elephants on board dat we nearly sank.

We waz rappin to the biebster when sudden like one of Bamdas* chavs chucked up their guts over board and so did one of the havalamas.* We waz acting the titanic cos we the next Rose and Jacks innit, so basically on the subject we sailed past the cave of Penelope the polar bear in Old Harrys rocks. Rumour has it, she froze a 1000 years ago in an ice berg and you wont believe this part ayt, but like her ice berg sunk the blinkin titanic and get this, the ice berg had gullible written on it, sick innit bruv?!

Get this the skin on our hands has been shredded by the cheese grater called the line. We had bangers and mash with some crackin onion gravy for nosh, we all shed a few tears over the funeral of the onions, even the lads were crying it was that emosh. Ayt m8 we got to sleep now so cya l8s bruv. The awesome peps in BAMDA are: our greedy cheese pasta biscuit leader; Shaggy aka Holly, The Lad aka Ben, The dumb blondes aka Annie and Kate, The skailor aka Elena, C Dawg aka Mr .Corbin and Bobs saviour aka Audrey. These may change in the blogs to come. Peace out Homies, stay swagging #YOLO #Bobsyouruncle #BAMDA

*Bamda and Havalamas are watch groups on the boat.

By: The dumb blondes (Annie and Kate), The skailor (Elena), Bobs saviour (Audrey) and The Lad (Ben)


Day 2

Through the fog and in the storm, Bob started to drift away…further…further. We could barely see him anymore, except for the occasional glance.

Panic. Everywhere.

Sails ripped from their halliards, toys strewn around the cockpit, lines slithered from the snakepit.

We all believed it was the end of Bob. But then, a miracle…

The clouds parted, the waves died down, and there he was. Henry (our watch leader) skilfully manoeuvred the boat, allowing Audrey to heroically heave Bob just before the great whites got to him.

Bob (the buoy) was essential for our very intense Man Over Board training.

Today started with breakfast at 8:00, a brief overview of the day followed by an hour of deck prep. Once out into the Solent, we were hit by something. Not to worry, it wasn’t the boom, but the harsh reality that this would be a tough two weeks.

Trying to raise the mainsail quickly proved to be an issue when even the Men (Marc-Antoine and Ben) couldn’t hoist it alone. Thankfully, the yankee and staysail were more cooperative, allowing us to peacefully sail into the horizon. Until the rain…

Rushing below, we all crowded into the Wet Room to slip on our sexy fisherman attire. We ascended into the storm, salt water splashing into our faces. This conveniently happened as we were instructed to take down the sails. 1 sail…1 storm…and only 16 people. A half hour later… SUCCESS!… The mainsail was down!

We packed everything up and set the iron sail to Lymington. Henry’s watch team (Alexia, Victoria, Marc, Alice, Laura and Ms. Wilson) were all in the saloon, weeping over their sliced onions as they prepared dinner. Everyone enjoyed warm pasta and garlic bread around the coffin shaped surgical table (i.e. our dinner table). And now here we are at 8:00 already ready to hit the sack.

Bob however, will not have a comfortable night, as he unfortunately bunks between the pontoon and Challenger 1.

Goodnight and may your best wishes go to Bob and his family for the honorable service he provides and the sacrifice he makes to keep the youth of today safe.

Victoria Jay and Alexia Armstrong


Day 1

Today, we flew to England from Geneva at a ridiculous o’clock in the morning. Then, we took the longest coach ride in the history of the world to Portsmouth. We were then introduced to our home for the next two weeks, Challenger 1. EXCITING!! We were split into watches; ports and starboard. We had a tour around the boat, and so took in too much information for one day. #tougherthanIB. After that, non-brits took lots of pictures and we had TRADITIONAL pasties and English chocolate for lunch #touristes. We then motored to Cowes because it was too nearby to sail there. IT WAS THE CUTEST! On the way there, we learnt lots of facts about the local history. Then, we started to learn the basics of sailing, such as winching and several people even steered the boat. We were also given our water proof overalls. #fishermanfashion. After that, we had an amazing dinner of fajitas, thanks to Lindsey, the mate #YOWHATMATE #PEACEOUT

Audrey, Elena, Alice

XF141004 – Baycroft School – Challenger 4

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 - 1 Comment »

Blog 6

Hello, there’s no point mentioning my name anymore, so let’s get started. Today (10/10/14), I packed all of my stuff to go home and I cleaned up the boat with some of my friends for the next people. (“Very interesting!”). I did other jobs as well such as sweeping up the dirt from the bottom of the seats in the Saloon and I had an assessment which means the crew was watching me to assess how well I did for the 5 to 6 days, the crew thought I did brilliant! Also, I had sandwiches for lunch, yummy!

In addition, what I liked about the boat trip was going to the other places, like going to Weymouth and Yarmouth.  I liked learning about the boat and what sailing on a boat is all about, how you get the boat ready and learning what other parts of the boats is called and I enjoyed talking to the crew and all of my other friends. Also, I loved the scenery at night-time which I did a Night-Sail with all of my friends, we had the music on and it was fantastic!

However, what I disliked about the trip is where you don’t have much room to stretch your legs when you are asleep and you have to pump the toilet 40 times! I dislike how my friends just put stuff on the floor as well. Also, I getting a little bit seasick was not good!

In Conclusion, I would rate it a 7/10 because it was not the most relaxing holiday but it was good.

Bye Bye!



Challenger 4 rap.

I like sailing with tall ships,
the bunks are comfy for kips.

The food is definitely great,

And when cooking you make mates.

There’s a lot of tea to drink,

But make sure the ropes have no kinks.

After that we might have to clean

So no dirt is to be seen.

But the best bit of all
no matter how big or small

Is putting the sails up

Chilling with my friends and saying s’up.


Blog 5

Hi this is Brookland.

Today we woke up early and lyndsey woke up holly by shouting in her room and holly nearly wet herself. After we had some cereal and toast the green team washed up and clean the inside of the boat. Then we blew up the dinghy and went in pairs of 2 and I went with Brittany and had a go at rowing the dinghy. I enjoyed it but kept on falling over. By then it was time for lunch so I cooked soup and the rest cut some rolls up. We all had a shower and then we went shopping and spent some money. I bought a little angle, sweets and an energy drink. We all went to the beach and then it tipped it down with rain so we all came back got undressed we could get warm again. At the moment we are waiting to have dinner.


Hello, guess who’s writing?……Yes!, its me, Joshua!  Today (8/10/14), I stayed in Yarmouth, a nice little town. I did the dinghy and it was very good, me and one of my friends Cameron did the best in the dinghy as we communicated and we used real man power, not loser power! I went around the shops in Yarmouth, I brought a bottle of water (“very interesting!”) and I went into this shop called Number 20 which had antique things in it, like a Dutch globe from the 18th century! Also, I went to the beach with all of my other friends and I was kicking around a ball. Guess what happens before reading the next line? Yes, the ball went into the sea!

I am looking forward to the other days to come!

Have a Good Evening watching some soap opera!


Hi it’s me Sean again.

Me, Cam, Josh, Deji and Tom got a nice wake up and all of us have breakfast (toast and cereal) we all got on the dinghy. Faye and I were 2nd on it and we did well. We went to the shops in Yarmouth. I got an Oreo and coco bar but I can’t find it. L . We gone to the beach with all of the others and it rained (No!!!) got my trousers and pants wet.

See you next time.

Sean (Seanie Mac) Antony Macdonald

Yarmouth again, today is a monster blog – there’s a few of us reporting.

Today we all went inside a dinghy. Me and Jazz were not good at the rowing because it was so windy. After lunch we all went shopping I bought some gum, coke, sausage roll and some ice coffee. Then we all went to the beach and the rain fell on top of us. We all got very wet and cold. For tea we had Curry and some Nan bread it was very nice. Some people had custard and apple pie. I am going to have a sausage roll for pudding

By Thomas Wallis

Today we didn’t go sailing, less awesome.

We did have ice creams, so it was okay.

Holly Taylor, Aged 19

The best thing we have done so far is when we were sailing from Weymouth and we were crashing through massive waves while listening to great music, and falling onto each other when the waves were crashing. Also at the same time we had some gossip in the snake pit (where the ropes are kept) with Tom, Cameron and Brookland.

Today we had a go on the dinghy, Brookland kept falling onto my legs. OMG today the football went in the sea and drifted away and we got drenched by the rain. We walked back to the boat and me and Tom asked Julian the skipper if we could have a shower and he said maybe and then me and Tom were saying to Julian that he was the best skipper ever…NOT !!!


Hey everyone, it’s the amazing Cameron known as Mr Annoying. I had one of the best times of my life. I learned a lot of stuff about the tall ships. I went to a lot of places in the south coast of England which I went to Cowes, Weymouth and Yarmouth. My favourite place I went to was Weymouth because of the nice views and the beach; I had a hyperactive moment – I ran into the water and I kept falling when I was trying to show off my amazing football skills because I am better than Messi and Jasmine tripped me up. I got really wet so did Jasmine and Thomas. What I did today is I went in a dingy with Joshua B. we are amazing rowers and we were the best at rowing. Also, I went to the beach in Yarmouth and when we got there it started raining then we got back into the Challenger 4 to get our money to spend on whatever I wanted and I didn’t get anything except from a drink and some chewing gum. The music was amazing but some of it was awful. I am quite interesting doing volunteering work for the tall ships I am really going to miss this and all of the crew.

Well that’s what I did and see you next time

Goodbye  :)


Hello, my name is Jessica Doney. I went on the Dingy and I enjoyed it and I nearly fell in the water.


Hi its me Faye.

Yarmouth (8/10/14)

We stayed over night in Yarmouth, when we woke up it was freezing. We got in a small boat and we sailed all round.

Liz and I was very wet and all the other people were very wet.

Holly and Liz, Fred and Lucy went shopping and bought ice creams and didn’t give any ice creams to us.

Good bye ☺

Faye Bugg :)


Blog 4

Hi this is Brookland.

Today was a good day, we all woke up at 7;30 and we had porridge and I helped make the porridge. After getting the boat ready we went for a tour around a life boat, the life boat could hold 140 people in one room. when we all got back on the boat it was time to leave. We left about 12 and got back at 8. it was really rough sailing I felt a bit sea sick so I couldn’t eat my lunch but the red team done a really good job cooking lunch. We did some strawberry lace tying. When I felt better I came back down and washed up and cut some potatoes and looked after the sausages. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and was very much appreciated also everyone was cold and it warmed them up. We all went up on deck and put the boat to sleep. And then went to sleep ourselves.


Today we went sailing, it was awesome.

Holly Taylor, Aged 19


Blog 3

Hello my name is Sean MacDonald

My day in Weymouth (because we can’t go to France and the Channel Islands) on the Challenger 4 was very good. Today we went to the shops; I bought chocolate fish and milk chocolate toffee. I put it in my hot chocolate also I eat the toffee in the hot chocolate.

We had a look at the ship’s engine, had a quiz about the ship and looked at charts on where we are.

We saw a big boat called Pelican and got a tour around it.

We also went on the beach and played football and Cam, Tom and jazz went in the sea and got wet.

Can’t wait to go to Yarmouth.

Sean “Seanie Mac” ‘Antony’ MacDonald.

Hello again, as you may know, my name Is Joshua. Me again to babble on!

Today, (6/10/14), it was a very windy and very wet day in Weymouth, so we did not sail. I went around the shops in Weymouth with some of my friends where I brought some sweets for myself from the Weymouth Sweet Shop, and it was very tasty. Also, I had a Hot Chocolate from Costa, which is nice as well! I went to the Pelican with all of my friends (and teachers), don’t forget! We all had a tour on the ship and it was very good, I learned from the other ship that one of the decks was called the Poop-deck and the Mizzen Mast. In addition I went to the beach, and we all had very good fun that two of my friends got themselves very wet!

I can’t wait for the next days to come! (We did not go to France and the Channel Islands due to a Force 8 gale!)

Signing Off!



Blog 2

Hello my name is Deji Fadaka

My journey today on the Challenger was an exciting time. We got up, had breakfast. I had Cheerios and toast.

I was travelling for 6 hours from the Isle of Wight to Weymouth. All of us put up the sails and made “Elephant Ears” on the ropes.

We also had Cornish pasty and beans for lunch. Then after a while, I got sea sick!

But in the end, I got better and set up the sails again.

Then we ended up in Weymouth.

I have enjoyed my trip today. Can’t wait for the next day!



Blog 1

Hello, my name is Joshua.

The journey going to the Challenger 4 was a bit stressful and I was caught up in traffic on the M275. My mum was getting stressed out and she did not know where she was going (women drivers!); you could tell by her face straight away that mu mum was stressed out!  I was getting worried and a bit stressed out as well but I was looking forward to staying on the Challenger 4 for 5 to 6 days.

The first day (4/10/14) on Challenger 4 was a bit challenging as I was learning how to do certain things on the boat, like I learned that a Rovering Thunder which is used for not crashing into other boats and I learned about how to make Elephant Ears with rope as well during the day. The staff was very friendly, you could just have a laugh with them; one of them likes Cornish clotted ice cream! At night time, the scenery was very beautiful on The Solent with clear skies; I took a couple of pictures! Also, I had a Spaghetti Bolognese in the evening with all of my friends who were on the boat, it was very tasty and one of my friends Tom made it and I did the washing up with a couple of my friends, one of my friends was trying to not dry up the plates; cheeky boy!

I am looking forward to the other days to come and doing more jobs on the boat as well; I get away from doing some jobs at home!

Good Night!



SSN 667 – Tower Hamlets Voyage of Discovery

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 5 

Today like every other day we learnt something new. But today we learnt about the sails. The bowsprit; we climbed it and took down the sail and then we went up the course the view was beautiful.

Elliot, Oaklands

Well I went swimming and almost drown because I thought I was good at swimming but I’m not. I jumped in the sea off the ship and swam in the sea to the other side of the boat and almost drown.

I also climbed the sails, I always take a selfie up there but I didn’t take photos today because we weren’t allowed too. When I was up on the yards, I stowed the sails.

Jamie,  Oaklands

Yesterday was so amazing on the boat, it was a beautiful experience with my lovely new friend Saleha :)

Fahima, Langdon Park


Day 4 - Boating Around

Today we had lots of fun going out on in the water with the rowing boats. Today I learnt how to row properly. We used the words ‘over, in, pull.’ The people in my boat got soaked. Duncan made sure we were all safe by zooming around on the speed boat.

Zaynul Ali

We think that meal times are fun. On the Ship we eat at different times in the Mess room, a place to eat and chill.

Climbing is also great fun. We get to go climbing each day. It was scary at first but once you do it again it is easy.

Some of us were shaking and it was extremely frightening but when I got there I was extremely proud of myself.

It has been a really amazing experience being put on a boat full of people you don’t know for a week and being around them 24/7 and then after a few days we have become really close friends.

Sherine, St Paul Way

Myrtle, St Paul Way

Fahima, Langdon Park

Tanjum, Morpeth

Mahfuza, Morpeth

Olcay, Oaklands


Day 3 - Making our way to Weymouth

Today was a busy day, the third of our trip. Full of excitement and joy. Waking up in the morning and getting ready for the day was not hard at all. He challenge starts right after breakfast at 8Am in the morning. We get in our harness which becomes one of the most useful things on your voyage. It is the most fiddly bit, however once we got used to it, it is just like putting on a coat.

We had the first morning watch, where we had to go to the bridge and keep a watch out as well as helming on the ships wheel. It is like steering a car. We took it in turn of watching on either side, the port and the starboard as well as helming. The amazing part is when you get to do the helming; it is like you are in control of the boat, as you would be in control of a car. Later on all the watches and crew members have to come to bracing stations, where we had to take in control of the sails.

Shihab Uddin, St Paul’s Way


Today I did a long watch 4 hours starting at midnight and ending at 4am. I really didn’t get much sleep before breakfast and another watch for 4 hours but half way through we helped the others prepare the sails so we could sail. We went climbing on the yards which was fun.

After lunch we saw a Royal navy Helicopter pass us. They were shooting into the sea for practise. I was part of Red watch team and stowed the sails at the end of the day.

Tonight the team competition was packing a survival kit of 12 items from our luggage. I think that Blue watch won.

Lucas, George Greens


Day 2 - Our first full day on the move.

We hoisted the fore top mast stay sail. Where we had to release the gaskets and hoist the halyard.

We have had an inter-watch competition where each watch team coiled the best ropes. Results are yet to be found out.

We had happy hour and Robin was a White watch day worker and he had to polish windows and brass plaques.

We learnt out bracing stations and white watchs’ bracing station is down aft.

Leon, George Green

Nathan, Langdon Park

Robin, Oaklands


Today I was scheduled to do Day worker, that is when you run around the ship and it’s actually fun to do, while the others do happy hour. After that we pulled the topsail out, it turned out really well. Then it was finally evening and the sunset is just magnificent.

Mary, Langdon Park


Day 1 - Setting off from our berth in Canary Wharf.

Something I found really challenging was going up and over. It was something new and I was really scared because I was not attached to anything when I first started climbing.

Something I Liked doing was climbing up to the yards. I was over the water and it was amazing. I learnt how to tie a clove hitch and how to fold up the sails again.

Mahfuza Yasmin, Morpeth


I liked the way we had to work together as we were Mess Men. I learnt how to tie a gasket knot and clove hitch. I would like to challenge myself by climbing to the top gasket knots in real life.

Imran, Morpeth

XF140923 – Hafan Cymru – Challenger 1

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Day 3

Day three and I can safely say I would rid myself of my bothersome load in an instant. We are currently grounded in Lymington; thank you crew. “There isn’t enough wind to raise the sails for the full journey”, were the worst possible selection of words that passed down through Port and Starboard crew sides and into my hearing range today. My day then consisted of putting a drastic amount of effort into powering the ship onwards. They then gained sea sickness, whilst I acquired the privilege of adopting exertion sickness, brilliant.

I must refrain from being cynical as I am respected in many ways. For instance every morning and evening I am cleaned thoroughly by alternating crew sides, and they do attempt to pack the sails away to a reasonable standard. They ‘abandoned ship’ to explore Lymington town (and of course showers) earlier. I must say they are getting better, but this timeout is just what I needed.

Lucy T, 17


Day 2

Today was awesome. Mike was my hero.

He fed us cookies and everything. (So amazing)

The End.

Not Mike, 22


Today was a successful and it made me feel like we made a little more progress considering it was the second day, We put the sail up, with each team we had turns putting up and taking down as a team. I have thoroughly enjoyed the start of the week it was amazing and a lot of hard work becoming such an achievement. Working as a team is so important to me considering I do a lot of this in and outside of college. Being a performing arts student it has helped me progress in the long run. I was steering the ship, this helped me in many departments of my private life and Im very grateful to have people willing to help you and teach you the ropes ;) literally. I enjoyed most of the day we travelled from, Cowes, the Isle Of Wight to Poole, after mapping this out we figured it would take us five hours to get there; this was a long and exhausting day but along with that we made some waves and this made the adventure a lot more spontaneous, Along this came tanned skins and aching muscles but you know you’ve done your job properly.

Sophie, 19


Day 1

Today we sailed from portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. This took all day as it was our very first day on the boat and it was very tiring but at the same time it was very interesting and very exciting. When we first got on the boat there was a range of emotion as some people were nervous and others were quite confident and pleased to gain the experience.

Today we learned the basics of sailing to start us off on our voyage to the Isle of Wight. We also learnt all the knots needed, as well as how to prepare the boat for sailing and how to put the boat to bed. This was very hard and used a lot of energy.

Read more in tomorrow’s blog to find out what else Challenger 1 got up to. 

Colette, 18


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