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We have arranged this specialist travel insurance for all crew members taking part on all Voyages aboard any vessel owned or managed by Tall Ships Ltd.

Full Policy terms and conditions can be found on our website www.tallships.org

This can be downloaded or if required please contact us and we will send you a full copy in the post.

Please read through this documentation carefully to ensure it meets with your requirements.

A brief Summary of this cover is set out below.

Main Sections of Cover:

Cancellation or CurtailmentUp to £5,000

Replacement & Re-joining Expenses Up to £3,000

Medical, Repatriation and Additional Expenses Up to £1,000,000

Personal Baggage & Money Up to £1,500

Personal Accident £25,000

Journey Continuation Up to £500

Travel Delay Up to £500

Hospital Benefit £50 per day up to a maximum £2,500

Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000 (excluding whilst involved in sailing activities)

Legal Expenses Up to £25,000

Delayed Baggage Up to £250

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses Up to £15,000

An Excess of £50 applies to some Sections - see Policy for details.

General Exclusions that apply to all Sections

It is important to be aware that Trips booked or commenced contrary to Medical Advice, contrary to health and safety regulations of airlines, to obtain medical treatment or after a terminal prognosis has been made are excluded.

This insurance also excludes certain types of claim arising from any of the following conditions in respect of an insured person

    (a) who is waiting for an operation or post operative check-up, any investigation or results, or any other hospital treatment or consultation (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage has not changed in the last 12 months.)

    (b) who has received treatment for any of the following during the 24 months prior to date of booking a trip:

a stroke, any form of cancer; leukaemia or tumour; a transplant; any heart problem; hypertension; dialysis; diabetes (not including diabetes II); any blood disorder; any breathing or respiratory problem (not including asthma, unless requiring inpatient treatment); any psychiatric illness or dementia; any gastro intestinal condition e.g. colitis, stomach ulcer; any neurological system related condition

    (c) who has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage remains unchanged).

You are advised to read the full policy terms and conditions (www.tallships.org or on request) which set out the full details of all exclusions and limitations

Maximum age 80 at date of travel

This Policy is underwritten by Sagicor at Lloyd's Limited (FSA reference 204947) for Lloyd's Syndicate 1206 and is administered by Sagicor Underwriting Limited.

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CF293 – Challenger 3

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 3

We all up at 7am and had bacon rolls then started to prep the deck, by getting all the riggings and sails ready and hanked on as we motored out off Poole.

We then started  raising up the sails, with a combination of sweating (pulling the ropes by hand) and winching them up. We started with the main sail then Yankee 2. We then we was tacked the main sail.

On route to Weymouth the sea was fairly rough. From a combination of high winds, strong currents and powerful waves. Which made a couple off us sea sick.

Just outside Weymouth we lowered all the sails, which in those conditions, was a very difficult task. We then motored into Weymouth, parked up and then packed all the sails away. We just enjoyed a great lunch of tomato soup and sausage rolls.

Now we have taken the decision to have a lazy evening and get an early night after a bit of start yachting theory.


Day 2

On day two of our voyage onside Challenger 3, we went from the Isle of Wight to Poole.  We started setting sail under good weather conditions, starting by putting up the main sail while utilising the engine. We then took turns navigating the ship and formed good working relationships within our team. Our ship was sailing at a lopsided angle which made a lot of feel seasick – luckily none of us were! And we found the perfect psychological cure…of manning the helm. We put up four sails in total but had the main sail up and a safety sail and then another one.

Towards the end of our trip we wanted to go faster so we took down a smaller sail and replaced it with the biggest sail we had onboard. The main challenge of our voyage arose in the form of the wind-which was against us for most of the journey however the crew quickly adapted by cutting a course in the waves in a zig zag fashion. We also found time to practice our rope tying abilities before we made it ashore to Poole we even managed to take down and pack the sails and store them out beating the sister ship challenger 4. People said this day was exciting, hard work but also very fun and rewarding.


Day 1

We arrived and took part in our safety induction where we acquired the knowledge to safely conduct our voyage. We learnt how to properly adjust our safety equipment and water proofs also where they are kept. We also learnt a few basic parts of the ship and how it works.

Having never met before, the 8 young people, the 3 staff and 4 Tall Ships staff have all bonded well and are working efficiently as a team. We are all different ages from all over Sussex.

We have come to the conclusion that going to the toilet has never been more of a mission in our lives! We picked up some of the ship’s lingo such as port/starboard (left/right) we learned some basic knots and to correctly moor the ship safely. We learnt the basics of sail control and we also learnt how to be comfortable on a boat! Having endured all of this learning we set sail from Portsmouth Harbour for Cowes,Isle of Wight. During the sail we learnt how to steer the yacht. Just our luck; it started to rain as we set sail! But we were enjoying it so much that we didn’t care. More over, nobody was sick, so that’s a bonus! We enjoyed a lovely home cooked meal and incredibly hot sauce called A*s Reaper!

Looking forward to tomorrow where we will endure a 60 mile voyage to Weymouth!

XF140421 – Challenger 4

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 3

First day I came on the boat and learnt how to ease off the sheets, and today I felt very confident in doing that because I didn’t have anyone supervising me throughout the sheets.

I also learnt how to manage being sea sick and get over it. I really enjoyed going up the mast I did not think I would do it but I saw Andre do it and watched how easy it was, it really boosted my confidence in different aspects. I also did not want to join in with the dingy but I was persuaded into it.

Yesterday Lindsey taught me how to drive the boat and it made me stay focused so I was impressed with myself a little bit but I would like to practice more because really I enjoyed that part the most. We also learnt in the past two days ‘Man over board’ Charlie showed us a demonstration with a rope, fender and bucket and had to save it, we managed to get the mob with in the twenty minutes and was quite impressive.

I and the group have really been getting on well and I have learnt to adapt around people I don’t know and places out of my comfort zone. I have been shocked that I haven’t cried and been upset so I am happy I have over come my emotional side. We went toPooleyesterday and I think it was the best place we have visited so far although the weather hasn’t been great. I am happy I came along to the boat and enjoyed working with the whole team.

Maysaa Sebty 


Day 2

Today I drove the boat for the first time and I thought it was great fun. I don’t think I would have been able to do that if I hadn’t come here. We did an MOB demonstration and I thought it was interesting. I didn’t think it would be the way we did it I thought we’d just stop and try and save them and not have to do some manoeuvres to try and pick them up.  I didn’t like to have to get up early but afterwards when we got up on deck it wasn’t as bad as I forgot about missing my sleep.

I am glad we came to Poole as it’s really nice. It was good to be cooking as a team and learning to cook new stuff esp using the sauces that we used.

Selda B


Day 1

We all arrived at The Elise Centre and set off to Portsmouth at 10. We got to Portsmouth around midday, met all of the crew and got onto the Tall ship yacht. We were showed around to our rooms and around the boat in general and informed of the rules and etc. We got briefed into what we were doing and had a rough idea of the activities and tasks we would be carrying out during the rest of the day.

We were divided into 2 groups and we did mini competitions to get us started, energetic and in a competitive but teamwork type of mood. After that, the hard work started, we learnt how to tie ropes, we learnt sea terminology and much more.

We set off on sail from Portsmouth to the Isle Of Wight, specifically Cowes and we enjoyed the view and also spotted queen Victoria’s old mansion. During our journey we carried out a number of different tasks, such as setting up the sales, taking off and putting on fenders and much more but most of us enjoyed the boat making sharp turns but were also very terrified at the same time. We brought down the sails when we got near where we would stay in Cowes and divided into 2 groups again, half of us cooked a meal and the other half cleared up the deck for it to be ready for sailing the next morning.

Eventually when all was done we sat down, had a lot of banter, also went through the highlights and lowlights of the day and reminisced on tasks and ate amazing chicken BBQ Fajitas. I think for most of us the food was the best part of the day because it was a rest, not that we didn’t enjoy it but it was new to most of us youngsters and was very tedious and tiring but also interesting and fun.

Written by Grace E

XF140414 – Challenger 4

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 5

This morning was a recovery morning from last nights night sail, also a clean up morning.

Last night we sailed from being anchored off the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth. We were meant to be anchored out at sea near to Portsmouth but we had a problem with the anchor so we moved onto Portsmouth to be safer. We could then got to sleep at 2AM instead of having to stay up all night.

This morning we got up, cleaned up and are  now decorating gingerbread men.

Jack, Jordan & Kieran


Day 4

We awoke at half past 7, we could have stayed asleep until 8, but one of the Watch Leaders came and woke us up early, not realising we didn’t need to be up that early. (We will not forgive her for that every bit of sleep matters!!!)

Once we woke up we all ran to the showers because we did smell a bit. The Watch Leader said the showers in Cowes were the best showers that were not true as they were freezing, we are not impressed!

After we had our showers we headed back to the boat to have breakfast, which was a bacon sandwich, which our watch leader made in sympathy of waking us up. However, it was lovely.

After that, we washed the entire boat top to bottom; literally we were on our hands and knees! Then once we finished the hard work, we went up on deck to take a photo in our new snazzy T-shirts, on the ‘boom’ which is very high and some very embarrassing photos were taken by ‘Dazza’ (Mr Clarke) whilst we was getting up and down.

After this, Sue, who is our skipper, showed us some drills of man over board (MOB). Carmen pretended she went over-board, and Chloe was the life saver who had to rescue Carman. This was done by getting some rope over Carman and heaving her onto the boat, with Chloe too, who was keeping Carmen’s head safe from any injuries.

Then it was our turn, Shinade was the rescuer and Ellie pretended to go over-board. Shinade was put into a harness and she had to pretend to swim over to Ellie and put a bag under her to secure her. Kieran and Jordan had to pull Shinade and Ellie over while Ellie was rolling in her bag, as if she was brown bread (dead).

After we did all the fun things we headed over to the West of Cowes on a chain boat and had a challenge between both girl and boys and were given a sheet to find objects over West Cowes. Sadly the boys won! We are anchoring tonight to sail to Portsmouth tomorrow morning, but tonight we are sleeping in the middle of the sea which means hardly any sleep. So parents your son/daughter may be in bed when they get home. Don’t go too harsh on the kids, let them sleep we will need that.

By Shinade and Elle


Day 3

During day 2 we met a couple of friends from Challenger 3, they were really nice to talk to and taught us their accent!

Day 3 we had to get up really early to let Challenger 3 out because another ship was coming into port, before that some of the members of our Crew decided they wanted to do a bit of shopping around Poole to buy souvenirs for their family and friends.

We said bye to our friends and hoped to see them again during the voyage. After letting the ship out we decided to try out different activities like racing the different groups in the dingy which everyone enjoyed! We were all very competitive!

Afterwards, we decided to have a tea break before setting the boat up ready to sail back to Cowes. This took 9 and a half hours to finally settle down on the boat.

During the sail some of the crew members: Me, Ellie, Chloe, Frankie, Jordan and Jack had ago at stirring the wheel of the boat and sailing it. We did activities such as tacking to change direction of the boat to make it easier for the boat to travel back to port.

We got to the port at approximately 9 o clock, however, we then had to pack the boat up, which includes taking the sails down, packing them up and moving the boom back. This is a lot of hard work. By the time we had done this, it was half past 9. We then came down from the deck and had a little bit of chill out time, lights were out at half 10, ready for another busy day tomorrow.

Written by Ellie and Carmen


Day 2

Today we went sailing and travelled from Cowes to Poole. Everyone got up at 7:30 to get ready and serve breakfast and it was Megan’s watch who did this and the bagels were delicious.

As we were sailing, we had Kieran and Ashley steer the boat past the needles, allowing us to arrive safely at Poole. Emily’s watch cooked pasties and beans, we had a choice of cheese and onion or Cornish (potato and meat). Some of us managed to keep it down.

It was a rough journey; a big wave splashed upon the yacht and got most of the girls wet. We practised man over board (MOB), with Bob Fender as the victim because he was being stupid (which you shouldn’t be).

At the bow there was Me, Shinade, Megan, Jen, Carmen trying to sit on the sail preparing to rescue Bob Fender. As we were doing this a big wave splashed over the side of the boat soaking all five of us causing me and Shinade to go under and get a dry set of clothes. We had a few sea sick people that didn’t feel too fresh!

We await the next day!

Ashley, Frankie and Jack


Day 1 – the adventure begins…

I woke up at the time of 6:10 just to start my voyage with a group of 11 other people; I was seated next toJordanfor the 6 hour journey in the mini bus (which was well driven). We played all sorts of games during the journey toPortsmouth. When we arrived at Portsmouth we had to walk a bit to the port where we met Megan and Emily were waiting at the entrance. Later on down the port we met Sue and Tom (skipper and mate). After meeting the crew, we all packed our luggage on the cock pit when it was all loaded and passed it down to the sides named port and starburst. Starburst was the boys’ team and port was the girls. We then all sat around the table.

Everyone was enjoying the view and taking pictures because of the beautiful weather, which made everyone more excited and full of energy in the trip. We were then separated into different groups to meet new people we had never spoken to, not staying in our comfort zones, meeting new people and using new skills.

We then got split into groups and toured around the boat. After that, we got put into our positions to start and set off. We then soon set off to the Isle of Wight. We put up the first sail and Shinade steered the boat.

SSN640 – Quaker Youth Voyage

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 4 – Thursday 17 April

This morning we all woke up for breakfast after a night free of being on watch. Soon after breakfast happy hour started, we all set to work cleaning the ship. An hour later we started preparing to climb the rigging. We were being given the chance to climb as high as we wanted, a lot of people made it all the way to the very top! By then it was time for lunch and preparations started for casting off. Red watch headed up to the bridge to take the helm.

There were large amounts of tea drunk before they were relived just in time to start setting more sails. After that we could look forward to some free time and dinner. All in all, just another day amongst the Quakers onboard Stavros S Niarchos.

Caitlin – Red Watch


Hey there blog, hope all is well readers. We started out in the port of Belfast and headed out to sea at around 12pm. We then set sails, lots of heaving and easing some of us then had an hour long card game. We went on watch at 4pm till 6pm and I got to steer the ship and use head cam but ooh no obviously didn’t turn it on oops. Then we braced then it was food time whoop whoop Sheppard’s pie. White watch are on watch again at 12am till 4am such fun! Bye!

Rosie – White watch  


Last night we all got changed into pirate costumes with pirate clothing we provided ourselves. After this we had a meeting for worship before departing for bowling.  Jo, an adult member of the Voyage Crew, broke the silence after a few minutes by beginning to talk about Quakerism and how we can interpret it. Each watch then did a small piece of entertainment, sustaining the pirate theme, after this we left on foot for bowling. The bowling teams were based on our own individual watches.

This morning the blue watch had the first sitting for breakfast so that we could proceed in cleaning places such as the toilets and shower rooms. After cleaning and disinfecting walls, the floors and the ceiling we went back up onto the deck and proceeded in tasks such as ‘happy hour’ (cleaning the ship), climbed the main mast and then finally setting sail to leave Belfast. After the ship had left the port, a number of tasks were complicated both before and after lunch. Coiling ropes and moving fenders were to the two main tasks participated in. At around 2.30pm we were given an hour and a half free time this involved high consumption of tea and biscuits! I have been on camera duty today and looking through the pictures there is a good amount of pictures of sailing and action shots!

Currently (about half past three) this ship is sailing at a rapid pace being on a slope and leaning left or right battling the increasing waves. At lunch time tomorrow we should return to Liverpool and return home Saturday morning.

Amelia  – Blue Watch


Day 3 - Wednesday 16 April

They woke up at 4am and then people in my watch went for their watch and finished at 8am. I woke up at 6.50am and had food, went with the other day workers and then I went in a rib and did the linesman was a linesman. We went to the Titanic museum and then we went to a shop for Ben and jerry’s ice cream.

Rhianna – Red watch


After dinner yesterday I was on watch from 8pm – midnight during which time we gazed upon the most beautiful of sights such as a blood red moon which rose high up in the sky bathing our path in the most beautiful and majestic light. We also saw the Isle of Mann past by our Bow alongside a few flappy creatures. After this we went for a wonderful rest until breakfast then when we came into Belfast we had to moor up. After mooring up we had happy hour aka clean up time. Then we had a boat race which was great fun. Afterwards we went to the Titanic museum and learnt loads.

Aidan – White watch


The day started early for Blue Watch as we were on night time 12 till 4am shift. Many teas and coffees and biscuits were needed during the watch.  The boat needed to be ready for arrival in Belfast at about 11am so it was all stations go and everybody was needed to pull their weight some more literally than others. We were rewarded with a British phone signal and contacted home. Everybody needed a refuel at this point and jacket potatoes did the job. This was followed by excitement of the inter-watch activities which Blue watch most defiantly won. Then we took our well trained sea worthy legs back to dry land to visit the Titanic museum. It was great and then we had to go to dinner.

Bethan – Blue Watch


Day 2 Tuesday 15 April

So the day started with an unavoidable feeling of uncertainty, where was I? Why did I feel so sick? A shout from the girl next to me soon reminded me.

I’m writing this from the open bridge – the sun is setting and the water around me is eerily calm and stretches out in every direction, in to the warm white of the sky. Looking up, I can see the huge beautiful mast with the sails set, a process which took most of the day and involved a duel with our survival instincts, as we had to climb half the way without being attached by our harness, up the mast and along the yard where we were clinging on for our precious lives; unpacked, repack and finally release the sails. After about ten minutes of being draped over the yard I started to feel an explainable release, suddenly I didn’t mind about the height, the gentle waves were turning me into a kind of trance like contemplating, where the only reality was in the moment that I happened to be in.

Uccella – Red watch 


Today was sailing day, where we left Liverpool and set out to sea. After breakfast of mostly porridge, we learnt our bracing stations in an emergency such as ‘man overboard’, which sounds funny but is apparently quite serious. The voyage crew (aka us) all climbed the rigging (fun fun fun)and stood on the lowest platform on the main or foremast.

Shortly after this the ship left where it was moored and we manoeuvred it into the Mersey and then to open sea. There was excitement for the first half hour and a general feeling of nausea, but it dwindled down when people got used to it.

A small portion of the Voyage Crew had a turn at helming the ship which is as you can imagine a very important job.

We were all required to climb up to the yards, which are the bits that hang of the mast to untie the sails. This was exhilarating, as we were all up really high and secured by only a clip. It was very difficult to untie the knots that held the sail in place.

Once this was done the crew worked together to pull the sails down ready to power the ship.

Scarlet – White Watch 


The day started when we were woken and told breakfast was in 20 minutes. After breakfast we were fitted into our harnesses and we climbed ‘up and over’ the rigging. Everyone completed the exercise. Then after a short break we were talked to about safety whilst we stood on a yard to untie the sails. After we climbed the rigging (all but one) again, apart from the occasional complaint about cramp, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. A short time later we were told to ‘brace to starboard’. Everyone knew what they had to do after all we had practiced three times previously and within minuets the ship was braced at the cost of the odd blister or two. Then it was tea which was fully appreciated by all. Onwards to Belfast!

Joe – Blue Watch


Day 1 Monday 14 April

I started off the day by meeting at the Liverpool’s Quaker Meeting House where we got given our watches and had a short Meeting for Worship. We then took a bus to the port and got our first impressions of the ship we are going to sail on. Red watch first signed on then we had a practical session of learning ropes. Then we had a go at navigating and steering the ship. At the end of the day, we did a challenge in Liverpool it was interesting and fun. We finished off the day with an Epilogue outside on the boat deck.

Mark – Red Watch


After meeting everyone at the Quaker Meeting house we got the coach to the ship. We unpacked in our dorms then had some sessions on knots, what to do in an emergency, steering and getting waterproofs. Later we had lasagne for dinner and some more sessions. It has been a really good day and it has been great to get to know the people in the same watch and I can’t wait to set sail tomorrow.

Rhiannon – White Watch


Arrived at Liverpool Meeting House and received sad news that David is broken. Wrote on some bunting our hopes for the week.

Arrived at Starvos S Niarchos by coach. Left our bags on our bunks and immediately started training. Met the people who run the ship from the captain to the cook to the engineer. Training session one – Ropes. Learnt how to pull ropes, tie ropes, coil ropes and wind ropes.

Training session two – helming. Learnt how to steer the ship, take bearings, call fro man over board and be a look out.

Signed on to the ship. Unpacked bags into boxes and tiny wardrobes. Made beds and ate dinner – good lasagne, ice cream and pineapple.

Maddie – Blue Watch

XF140413 – Challenger 3

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 - No Comments »

Day 2

Today was very good as we rode the waves and got to speeds of up to 12 knots o/g, which is quite fast for a boat. Then we travelled towardsPooleand some of us were seasick, when we headed into the wind. After this we had a gentle sail intoPooleharbour. There is a motorbike event in town and we got to look at all the bikes on the quayside. After dinner and a short time ashore, we finally got back to the boat and started to play monopoly which finished off a good day.

Port Watch 


Day 1

Today was fun and engaging with plenty of fun activities to do and take part in that kept us active. Apparently we have been lucky with the weather as it is not always so sunny and calm!

We have all practiced getting the sails ready and up so we could sail to the Isle of Wight. A place called West Cowes. We were given some time to look around the town after we had dinner (Fajitas). Tomorrow we are sailing to Poole, should be a longer day but it’s still meant to be sunny which is the main thing.

Port watch

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