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We have arranged this specialist travel insurance for all crew members taking part on all Voyages aboard any vessel owned or managed by Tall Ships Ltd.

Full Policy terms and conditions can be found on our website www.tallships.org

This can be downloaded or if required please contact us and we will send you a full copy in the post.

Please read through this documentation carefully to ensure it meets with your requirements.

A brief Summary of this cover is set out below.

Main Sections of Cover:

Cancellation or CurtailmentUp to £5,000

Replacement & Re-joining Expenses Up to £3,000

Medical, Repatriation and Additional Expenses Up to £1,000,000

Personal Baggage & Money Up to £1,500

Personal Accident £25,000

Journey Continuation Up to £500

Travel Delay Up to £500

Hospital Benefit £50 per day up to a maximum £2,500

Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000 (excluding whilst involved in sailing activities)

Legal Expenses Up to £25,000

Delayed Baggage Up to £250

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses Up to £15,000

An Excess of £50 applies to some Sections - see Policy for details.

General Exclusions that apply to all Sections

It is important to be aware that Trips booked or commenced contrary to Medical Advice, contrary to health and safety regulations of airlines, to obtain medical treatment or after a terminal prognosis has been made are excluded.

This insurance also excludes certain types of claim arising from any of the following conditions in respect of an insured person

    (a) who is waiting for an operation or post operative check-up, any investigation or results, or any other hospital treatment or consultation (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage has not changed in the last 12 months.)

    (b) who has received treatment for any of the following during the 24 months prior to date of booking a trip:

a stroke, any form of cancer; leukaemia or tumour; a transplant; any heart problem; hypertension; dialysis; diabetes (not including diabetes II); any blood disorder; any breathing or respiratory problem (not including asthma, unless requiring inpatient treatment); any psychiatric illness or dementia; any gastro intestinal condition e.g. colitis, stomach ulcer; any neurological system related condition

    (c) who has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage remains unchanged).

You are advised to read the full policy terms and conditions (www.tallships.org or on request) which set out the full details of all exclusions and limitations

Maximum age 80 at date of travel

This Policy is underwritten by Sagicor at Lloyd's Limited (FSA reference 204947) for Lloyd's Syndicate 1206 and is administered by Sagicor Underwriting Limited.

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CF345 Chilterns Regatta – CH4

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 - No Comments »

Blog 4

We woke up at 7:30am this morning and all of us were feeling tired from the previous day.

Starboard watch made bacon buttes for everyone except for vegetarians and once again Curtis complained. Once everyone was up and ready we brought up the anchor and set sail for Lymington. Once all the challengers were in position we gathered for the main sail race, we had to continue our unstoppable winning streak. We had previously won the practice main sail race, the dingy race and the long distance drag race. We delivered winning once again and proving that we were the best crew. The waters were a lot calmer today and nobody suffered from sea sickness, this was the first day that this had happened. The trip was swift and not much work was needed to be done. Arriving early in Lymington we were given the rest of the afternoon to chill and relax. To keep us amused we went to a salt water swimming pool with inflatables that was on the harbour that we were docking at. After a delicious turkey curry that we cooked ourselves we cleaned up and set sail for Cowes on the Isle of Wight. This was our first journey in the dark so we had to learn navigation via the Bois so that we could arrive safely at our destination, which was 12:00 so we went straight to bed as soon as we docked.

Ethan and Ryan


Blog 3

Today we set sail from Weymouth to Studland Bay, waking up at 6am making it a very early start from the 7:30am start we had yesterday. We started our voyage at about 8:30. We were racing the other challengers, and of course we won. This continued our winning streak from the practice main sail race. As we got further away from Weymouth, we noticed a Royal Navy ship. It crossed very close to one of the other challengers as we were racing. The day was full of challenges. We battled with more sea sickness and folding the sails back into their bags without any help from the watch leaders. We really struggled with this as only 5 of us weren’t feeling sea sick! With only 5 of us we took half an hour, but normally with help we do it a lot quicker. After all our hard work, we were rewarded with the rest of the journey being relaxed. Some of us even went to sleep. However, our sleep and relaxation was often interrupted by the choppy waters. We had to clip on many times throughout the day, just to make sure we didn’t have to use the man over board procedure. We shortly arrived at Studland Bay and we placed our anchor on the ocean floor. We made the finishing touches to tidy up our deck. We were then told to get out the dingy and inflate it. This was so that we could go to the beach and compete in the dingy races. Of course, being Challenger 4, WE WON! It was a close race with Challenger 2 being ahead all until the last few seconds. The team then split into 2 to make their journeys back to the boat. The first half arrived and helped Harry to prepare dinner, whilst the others stayed back to wait for Monkey to come back from his run. The second half also then had to be towed by another Challenger team due to the engine breaking down on the dingy. The evening then consisted of spag bol for dinner and some well needed R&R.

Ryan, Briony & Zara


Blog 2

Today we learnt about what to do in emergency situations such as, man over board, fire etc… To test our skills we threw a piece of equipment over bored and performed a rescue mission, however we were beat to the punch as the other Challenger in the area picked it up before us. We also learnt about tying the bowline knot. It’s very sturdy and is used often around a ship so it will be extremely useful throughout the rest of the week.

We were traveling to Weymouth and had a Mini- race with challenger 1 and 2 (which are other Tall ship crews). The race was who could pull up the main sail the quickest. The main sail is the hardest sail to pull up meaning that the whole crew has to pull together. Talk about team work. We won (of course) and had fun doing it. A few people also took turns steering the boat which really helped with the sea sickness as well as being exciting.

On our way to Weymouth we hit some bumpy waves. Our angle was at around 15 degrees out of 45. As you can see this is nothing for the crew leaders but for us the boat was practically capsizing. A few of our crew had a bit of sea sickness but we pulled through in till the end.

We arrived at the beautiful town and had time to walk around the shops and the wonderful sandy beach. We enjoyed the warm sun and cool breeze and, even though the middle of the day was a bit unpleasant, we all loved the day over all. Dinner we had fish and chips, which was delicious, and plan to have a bored game competition.



Blog 1

Today we arrived at Gun Wharf Quays, excited about our adventure.  We met our crew and headed off with our luggage towards Challenger 4. We started off by going over general information about the boat and the safety brief, in both the deck and down below. We then proceeded to unpacking our belongings and making ourselves at home. Next, we detached ourselves from the pontoon and set sail. We first had a competition with one enough on how quick we could bring back and forward the runner, which effects the balance of the boat. After that we put up the very heavy and large sails, this was hard work! To get to our final destination, Yarmouth we had to zig zag along the surface of the sea so that we didn’t get caught in the wind. Soon after half of us started preparing dinner whilst the others had the painful job of bringing down the sail, also some of us had the opportunity to steer the boat, it was great! Finally it was dinner and we harboured up for our first night on the boat.

CF345 Chilterns Regatta – CH2

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 - No Comments »

Day 4 - Amazing Banter and all round glory

To begin, we were calmly awoken by the soothing tone of the generator, at 7:30 AM, also some disagreed with a such a majestic wake up call, it was all in all a great start to a fantastic day of banterous voyages and adventurous adventure.

And then breakfast happened… And it was sweet; by that we mean that we had porridge with all the sugar and golden syrup, what a delight!

Then we were straight into action! Actually it was a slow hobble for the starboard team, but port raced to get the deck ready. Oh yeah, Jack Lyons also made our coat of arms, whoopsie added it last minute

Our enemy came into our sights, Challenger 1 and its nefarious crew heckled us as we pulled up our anchor, also challenger 4 was there but we are tight with Challenger 4 so its chill <3.

We creamed them both in hoisting the main sail, LET US HAVE OUR GLORY. We may not have won all the competitions, but we have won the peoples hearts!!! <3<3<3<3

Then we motored to Lymington, where we had a MONSTER lunch NOMNOMNOM. Then we had some training on how to deal with a man overboard, BTW unconscious people are really good swimmers, just kidding.

The salt baths were calling for us as soon as we docked, and we seized the opportunity with gracious arms. Banter ensued. We showed no mercy, like the great Hamad, except for Ewan, who tangled claws with the lobster girl, we might trade him for Hamad. P.S. CHALLENGER 2 SHOWS NO MERCY!!!!!!!

The lads then showered together, and sung the glorious song “Lady Lumps” by the black eyed peas.

Also lobster girl didn’t know who queen were, it made us feel old.

DJ FORTHEY Whacked out the tunes when we got back to the boat, Jack and Harry chopped up the veggies alongside Evey, Aimee did most of the cooking, and Ruby was being banterous aiding everyone. After DJ FORTHEY and STEVE THE MAGICAL DANCER lit up the galley with banterous tunes and sick moves, Jack and Harry ate a red onion like an onion and had kicking breath, Aimee also bit the onion.

We made some delicious spaghetti Bolognese, and afterwards we planned our night voyage, whilst Josam relieved his pump. And now we are here, writing this blog, at 11 Pm, midway through our night voyage, We are sure that many more amazingly amazing occasions will occur through the night and in the days to come.

Challenger 2, out.


Day 3 – CCC (Cool, Calm and Collected)

Firstly, we woke up at 6am… bruh that’s so early.

We had our bagels and hot drinks and then got ready to leave Weymouth to go to Studland bay.

As we left Weymouth, we had a sail race with Challenger 1 and Challenger 4, we started off badly but brought it back! However, Challenger 4 broke free and took the lead whereas Challenger 1 were clueless and they were falling behind! As the race drew to a close, the wind was not on our side and we just came second behind Challenger… FOUR!

Then we whacked our engine on and zooooooomed off towards Studland Bay where we would go on to the beach to chill out and bant.

The clock struck 5! And we had a race to start, this was no ordinary race, no, this race was a RUBBER DINGY ROWING RACE. We lined up, got prepared to defeat the opponents but that wasn’t the case because we started off good but we got to the second leg of the race and Aimee and Jack L lost horrifically the lead that Hana and Harry has worked so hard for. This was because Jack L has chicken arms and couldn’t row for his life. As the race came to the end something really bad kicked off… a girl on the enemy team had struck Ethan in the head! With an OAR, this was because we had been losing and were so far behind so Hana, Jack M, Harry and Ethan had rushed out to SAVE his fellow companions, Evey and Ruby, who had been struggling with the rowing so they started to PULL their friends to the end however this is when the girl had hit Ethan. Ethan did… not… flinch! It was like he never even got hit, he was a HERO for his TEEEEEAM. Also Hana and Harry and Jack M also helped I guess. We had lost the race but won the people’s hearts!<3

To settle the score… ETHAN VS ANGRY GIRL in a race to bouy in the water, The angry girl also known as Caitlyn had lost miserably to Ethan The Great Conquerer of the Seas in this so called ‘race’…

Otherwise, it was a pretty chilled day! We came back and had a delicious dinner that was made by our Skipper, Clive, his cooking was a beautiful as he was ;) , which was pork chop with so cheeky sweet potatoes and broccoli (We even had A STARTER)

I rate this day 8/8 mate, great. Much Bant. Many Wow… Onto the next day bro!


Day 2

Today we sailed from Yarmouth to Weymouth. After getting out of the harbour we had a race with the other teams and placed second. Although our rope got stuck delaying us. The sea reach a five on the scale and made almost everyone sea sick but no one actually vomited. We slept instead. We also almost went into military waters and nearly got shot at if we hadn’t moved. We were shown how to do basic knots and got into the Weymouth harbour at just after five.

In Weymouth we had the warmest and most comforting showers of our lives before having fish and chips, cooked mainly by the chip shop and Aimee, before heading out into the night to paint the town red (from 8-10…)

We were more independent today in terms of manning the boat and we learned about navigation and managed to locate ourselves throughout our journey using buoys and landmarks on land as well as learning the importance of the depth of the water.

We saw sights such as the needles, Bournemouth and Old Harry’s Rock.

We still can’t see France but we’ve got our fingers crossed.

Port watch 


Day 1 (CCC)

Arrived in Portsmouth, we met with the crew/ staff of the TSYT, We met the skipper, mate and watch leaders, after the safety brief we readied the SHIP for take-off. We hoisted the yankee sail, stay sail and main sail. We then set off into the solent, we then did numerous tasks such as…

  • Tacking
  • Driving
  • Sailing
  • General maintenance

We then prepared dinner and stowed away all the sails and gear, before coming into Yarmouth.

Great first day. Much Sailing. Many wows. 8/8 I would rate…


CF345 Chilterns Regatta – CH1

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 - No Comments »

Blog 2

Well we all started the day in the early hour of 7am .all the people in the starboard watch had to get breakfast ready for the others as it was our go. We prepared buttered toast and cereal for the fellow crew members .Jamie brown burnt the toast and I (Hamaad Rehman) referred to it as didcot toast as sir said yesterday that bread with no butter is didcot toast .

Then came in Imogen to tell us the plan of the day and said that we should have set sail by 10 am.

By Hamaad Rehman

Are journey started at 10 am sharp, we were on the boat for the big journey ahead of us. We came out of Yarmouth and hoisted the sails. We also did a mainsail hoisting competition and came second out of the three boats. We were really pleased with this because the boat that beat us were much older! The sail started off well, but soon people began to feel very unwell, especially Hamaad and Caitlin. The crew soon came together to make sure that everyone was soon feeling better. We then did two man over board exercises, and rescued the other boat’s as well… they were taking a while! We then arrived in Weymouth and then had an amazing fish and chips dinner!

By Joe and Timothy


Blog 1

Today we started our journey in Portsmouth, a journey that was very, very eventful! We boarded the Challenger Yacht at one o’clock and learnt all about the boat, working as a team all the way to Yarmouth, a small town on the far north of the Isle of Wight.

Before we set sail on the calm, serene sea, all 12 of us were briefed and shown around the relatively large-yet-cosy boat and were shown how everything worked and all the safety precautions. The day was mostly spent working on the deck in the lovely, hot weather learning about the wenches, sails and fenders and, overall, having a really good time getting to know the other people on board that would didn’t really know before the trip.

We were split in to two watches, the Port watch and the Starbort watch and each watch had different jobs to do on the boat. Today, it was the Port watches’ turn to prepare and cook the dinner; fajitas. It was scrumptious, yummy and delicious, even Mr Rose thought so!

Fidelma and Shannon

KT007 – Bolton School – Girls

Monday, June 29th, 2015 - No Comments »

Blog 5

Today we had a much enjoyed lie in (only 30 minutes extra), but still appreciated. When we woke up we had the usual cereal and then we gave the boat a clean. We then had some theory work and learnt about Runs and Training runs, etc. After that we went in pairs and used the dinghy to practice rowing- we saw loads of JELLYFISH! We then played card games like cheat. A few of us got a bit competitive. We then had lunch prepared by Imogen and Thea of Vegetable Soup with bread rolls. After lunch we split into two groups and gave the boat a clean inside and out. Then we all sat around the table to play a chocolate messy game which involved after eights on your forehead and moving your face to put it in your mouth. A lot of us got chocolate all our faces so we were all excited about a shower. Then Lucinda, Lizzie and Alex put curries, pizza and garlic bread, even if some curry sauce decides to splash on the oven-JOY! We were then promised another chocolate game which involved gloves, hats and scarfs. We are all not wanting to go home as we had so much fun and I am sure we will all remember it – a huge thank you to Princess Paul and Lovely Lyndsey.

By Lucinda and Molly


Blog 4

Today was a good day, but not as good as yesterday. We got up as normal and we got ready to set off from the mooring buoy just after a delicious breakfast of beacon sandwiches. (Apart from Lucy obviously!) We then used the motor for a while instead of sailing so we could get into the wind. The waves weren’t as big today so it was less scary! But eventually we got the sails out and started sailing. It was more of a chatty day as we discussed lots of topics such as; dreams, horror movies, mermaids and food. (Turns out Lucy turned into a mermaid last night!) We also did some theory work and a test on whether we knew the parts of the boat. We got a biscuit if we got it right and Lyndsey would eat our biscuit if we got it wrong.  We then had to take the sails down because there wasn’t much wind and we were going really slowly. Then we had a delicious lunch of steak pasties or for Lizzy cheese and onion some people even had two pasties, Greedy! Once we got to Kirkcudbright in Scotland we put the anchor down, but it didn’t hold, so we had to pull it up. However, when we went to pull it up, the fuse went and we had to manually lift the anchor up. This took all of us in a line pulling on a rope helping Lyndsey. We couldn’t stay here for safety reasons and we couldn’t go into the port, because it wouldn’t open until 10 O’clock at night, so we decided to go straight back to White Haven, which took about 4 hours. When we finally got back to the marina, the passage into the marina wasn’t free flow so we had to park in the lock. When we parked the boat, most people had a loo trip on land and then we all got ready to go to bed at about 11 at night. But luckily on the journey, we were given a lovely hot meal of Bangers and Mash which was very well made by our stressful cook Lucy.  We were all exhausted after a very long day sailing. But we were promised a lie in the following morning which made us all happy and relieved.

By Molly and Alex


Blog 3

I can’t believe it is day 3 already, the past three days have gone super-fast. Today was by far the best day yet for all except maybe Lauren who had a little accident with her crocs.  Thea, Imogen, Lucy, Lizzy and Lauren, were all sat up on the bow and enjoying the small waves. Lucinda warned us about the big waves and how we would get wet. But we ignored Lucinda’s warning of wisdom and sat on the bow despite. We all stopped and looked at the wave in awe as the massive waves was fast approaching the boat and as quick as lightening we were all in head to toe covered in salty sea weedy water. We then thought we better move or we might fall off… when we were in the cockpit safe we quickly learnt that Lizzie’s lifejacket has inflated and she was sat there in tears of laughter. Once we got to Peel, after a bit of steering and a lot of sleep on deck, we had lunch- again cooked by Lyndsey as we feel a bit sick underneath. (Lizzie was sick earlier because she was down below deck for too long.)  For lunch we had hot dogs in which we found out that Lucy hates bread! The year 9’s then washed up and we all then got ready to take the dingy to land. We had to go in two groups with life jackets on. We spent a couple of hours on shore shopping and showering- which took a long time! J The year 9’s went back first to start cooking tea. We cooked pasta bolognaise which took about an hour (or two) as we forgot to cook the meat first. After that we all sat down on the top and ate our bolognaise. Then the year 8’s started to wash up which made a bit of a mess.  We are all hoping that tomorrow it will not take a long time to get to where we are going and also no one is sick or feels ill.

By Molly, Lucy and Lucinda


Blog 2

Today we sailed 8 drooling hours through the Irish Sea, the bleak, cold, Irish Sea. It was great fun and only three people threw up! In the morning we learnt how to put up the sails and how to use the winches to make the job easier. We protected the boat coming out of the Whitehaven dock and we were on our way to the Isle of Man. During our journey a few of us went to the bow of the boat and got soaked by the crashing waves! We were freezing but it was very funny. It was scary but we knew we were safe because we were strapped on with a harness just in case! We eventually arrived in Douglas, Isle of Man and tied the boat up alongside a wall. Later that night we made tea in about 1 hour. We all devoured the sweet and sour chicken and cannot wait for our next adventure tomorrow. But firstly, we all cannot wait to get into a hopefully warm shower.

By Lucy & Lucinda


Blog 1

Today we stayed in the port as the tide was too low. Although this didn’t stop us from learning. Brilliant. We got allocated a berth and unpacked our stuff, onto the bed and set up our belongings for the week. Then we learnt first about the deck and about parts such as winches. We learnt how to tighten and loosen the rope without losing our fingers. We also learnt about the life rafts. After being briefed on the deck, we learnt about the lower deck, such as toilets and how to flush them out and the gallery. Next we went to Tesco to buy essentials and then we went for a walk around the marina and enjoyed a lovely ice-cream from The Beacon, which was very nice. We then arrived back to the boat and learnt about lifejackets and how to wear them appropriately and to keep them on at all times when out at sea. Next we started chopping ingredients to go into our fajitas for tea. We chopped onions which the twins did, peppers which Thea did, chicken which Imogen chopped and salad which we all did. We chopped and cooked it in roughly an hour. When it was served all went silent so hopefully our crew members enjoyed it. Lucy, Lauren, Lucinda and Alex washed and tidy up the mess we made. Now we have free time to have a shower and write this blog.  Hopefully we will have time to play some games tonight and have some sleep ready for the day to Isle of Man.

Written by Thea, Molly and Imogen 

XC150622 Oakbridge – Tall Ships Cat

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 - No Comments »

Day 3

On Wednesday we had breakfast and went sailing. When we got to our stop for the night we went for a walk. We had curry for dinner followed by cake for pudding and I sang a song about Danny. Danny was doing Japanese to get Melissa in.

By Lily

We had a great day sailing up the river to Bucklers Hard. Before dinner we went for a walk in the woods. We saw some big fish around the marina. It was nice and quiet and peaceful. After dinner we had cake for pudding!!!

By Chris


Day 2

This morning we all had breakfast on the boat. We helped to put up the sail. I sat in the sun and enjoyed the view. We went for a walk around Cowes. I went to the beach and got an ice cream. We came back the boat and had fish and chips. My favourite!



Day 1

Yesterday we got on the boat we met Paul and Matt. We got our life jackets and waterproof jackets. We talked about what we are going to do this week. We sailed to east Cowes and one my way I sat on the trampoline and got wet. It was great fun. We had dinner on the boat, went for a walk and got ready for bed.


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