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This can be downloaded or if required please contact us and we will send you a full copy in the post.

Please read through this documentation carefully to ensure it meets with your requirements.

A brief Summary of this cover is set out below.

Main Sections of Cover:

Cancellation or CurtailmentUp to £5,000

Replacement & Re-joining Expenses Up to £3,000

Medical, Repatriation and Additional Expenses Up to £1,000,000

Personal Baggage & Money Up to £1,500

Personal Accident £25,000

Journey Continuation Up to £500

Travel Delay Up to £500

Hospital Benefit £50 per day up to a maximum £2,500

Personal Liability Up to £2,000,000 (excluding whilst involved in sailing activities)

Legal Expenses Up to £25,000

Delayed Baggage Up to £250

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses Up to £15,000

An Excess of £50 applies to some Sections - see Policy for details.

General Exclusions that apply to all Sections

It is important to be aware that Trips booked or commenced contrary to Medical Advice, contrary to health and safety regulations of airlines, to obtain medical treatment or after a terminal prognosis has been made are excluded.

This insurance also excludes certain types of claim arising from any of the following conditions in respect of an insured person

    (a) who is waiting for an operation or post operative check-up, any investigation or results, or any other hospital treatment or consultation (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage has not changed in the last 12 months.)

    (b) who has received treatment for any of the following during the 24 months prior to date of booking a trip:

a stroke, any form of cancer; leukaemia or tumour; a transplant; any heart problem; hypertension; dialysis; diabetes (not including diabetes II); any blood disorder; any breathing or respiratory problem (not including asthma, unless requiring inpatient treatment); any psychiatric illness or dementia; any gastro intestinal condition e.g. colitis, stomach ulcer; any neurological system related condition

    (c) who has been seen by a specialist in the last three months (other than regular hospital check-ups for a stable condition where the medication and dosage remains unchanged).

You are advised to read the full policy terms and conditions (www.tallships.org or on request) which set out the full details of all exclusions and limitations

Maximum age 80 at date of travel

This Policy is underwritten by Sagicor at Lloyd's Limited (FSA reference 204947) for Lloyd's Syndicate 1206 and is administered by Sagicor Underwriting Limited.

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CF 355 – Deep Sea Challenge

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 - No Comments »

On Saturday 26th, the adventure started with a high for the welsh and a cup of champagne to Celebrate. We spent the first day prepping for the two and a half weeks of sun, sea and sea sickness….

After a slow refuel in cows, our four day straight decent to Porto began. All set into watches to get us sailing through the night. On Monday night, port watch (Dave, Sally, Mike, Mark, Judith and Naomi) Had a highlight to see the eclipse of the earth getting in the way of the sun, causing a shadow on the full moon making it a three dimensional ball. The resulting darkness revealed billion of stars, shooting stars and the Milky Way. The last two nights starboard watch (Paul, Bob, Rob, Mira, Hanna and Ellie) have already had some visits from a new found friend. Batty the bat! Who came back for a revisit this evening to have a nosy in the boat.

Monday the 28th, we all enjoyed watching the spinnaker pop as the wind caught it. The girls became pros at working the pole, the boys on the other hand didn’t fancy hanging off a pole 6 or 7 metres above the cold open sea.

So Far we have been blessed with Lots of gorgeous sunshine. Who would have thought that in two days we crossed the Bay of Biscay in shorts and tee shirts. Wind did pick up to 30 plus knots one night and top speed has been around 13.

Tuesday the 29th, we spent the next 24 hours ploughing our way through the notorious Biscay waves, battling a force 7!!!. As we put reefs in (decreases the power in the sail) the boom got caught a couple of times giving us all the hibbie gibbies  and knocking our balance; luckily we quickly recovered with a tea and 2 sugars as well as good team support!

We had a lovely surprise at sundown, with a pod of dolphins tagging along on the journey and boosted the team morale!

Wednesday the 30th, now we have passed Biscay the wind  dropped as we follow the coast down to Portugal. The engine free sailing came to an end this morning at 9.50am and all day we have been having a leisurely motor. Music on, Lobster pot watching and soaking up the sun. We stopped for a few minutes so the braver few could jump in and have a swim. 689Nm Logged and shall be in Porto around 8-9am Thursday morning.

That’s all for now Folks!

From the Dream Team on Challenger 3

XF 150926 – West Sussex Young Carers

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 - No Comments »

XF150926 Ch2 Day 1 26/9/15

Once upon a time on a 72ft floating island called Challenger 2…

I had an amazing time during the tall ships challenge. The best part for me was overcoming my fear of heights and ropes. I have bonded really well with all the girls and am glad I had the opportunity to experience sailing. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to have a great time bonding and making memories. Furthermore, I enjoyed every minute and would love to have this experience again.

I’ve had a very good day, and I learnt how to steer the boat and use the fenders to stop the boat getting damaged when you’re parking it on a platoon. I’m really proud that I climbed out above the seas on the spinnaker pole because it was a once in a life time sort of thing. It’s been very fun and I’ve made lots of new friends and would definitely suggest for everyone to come on one of these trips but be prepared to put your toilet paper in a bag.

To start, I think everyone was a bit nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect, but after some bonding and teamwork, everyone became more confident and began to enjoy themselves. I was able to learn new skills such as different knots, how to raise a sail and prepare the boat for sail and to set down for the night. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far!

To start, everyone felt a bit nervous as we didn’t know what to expect and we were in a new environment. However, as we boarded the ship and set off on our journey, we got the opportunity to take part in multiple jobs all over the boat. This varied from tying knots to climbing the mast. Throughout the day, everyone became a lot more comfortable and it was clear that we were all having a wonderful time. Not only this, but everyone worked together extremely well and carried out each task to best of their abilities. So far I have enjoyed every second of this trip and have been involved in things I never thought I could do, this experience has encouraged me and pushed me to persevere.

XF150928 – Nottingham YMCA

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 - No Comments »

Day 6

Today we climbed the mast because when we woke up we couldn’t sail until 12:30 because the tide was out so we wasn’t high enough to sail. We travelled from lymington to Portsmouth and it took like 4 and half hours. Everyone got off because there was hardly any bacca left… when we got here we had to deep clean the boat and that took about an hour. We had curry for dinner and a few arguments occurred but its home day tomorrow yay  kelvin lost his hat, he wanted you to know so R.I.P to kelvins Lonsdale hat  :/


Pretty much what Byanca said, tension has been extremely high today. Climbed the mast, sailed for a few hours and arrived back at the starting point. I think we all have had a bit of fun every now and then. Overall it has been an experience. Shout out to the dolphin who claimed Kelvins hat.


Today I climbed to the top of the mast that was fun todays has been the best day so far … I don’t wanna go home I love it here. everyone is so nice and there is no ignorant people at all … on the down side I lost my eppi pen…. Cant wait to have a shower and feel all refreshed: lets all be one big happy family …. Kelvin lost his hat …R.I.P kelvs hat 


Today I faced my fear of heights and sailed again it was calm at sea and enjoyable but then we arrived at port for the end of it all im glad I came and finaly sailed a boat its just annoying that some people cant get along TBH im glad its over but I would love to do it again as long as im with people I get along with im greatful for this experience


Day 4

Today we travelled from Weymouth to poole against the wind the boat was on the side the whole journey which was a shame because it was hard to travel around the boat. me kelvin and Jordan had a little sing along which felt like we was singing forever but was only like 10mins. We are going out for dinner tonight as well so everyones dressed like theyre going town haha!!

Byanca J :D

Today we sailed from Weymouth to pooles on the way it was so windy and I tried to go to the toilet and it was a mission to go cos we kept falling over on the way we had a great time singing when we got to pooles we went on shore leave and went around town and went to primark and brought frozen shorts lol then after we came back and had a shower now were off out for food

From Chelsea J

Today we sailed from Weymouth to Poole we set up the sails had a drive on the boat the boat got really rough on sea so we both calmed down and went back after a while after the sail we rived at our destination we ended up relaxing until shower time then went out for dinner it was fun… JK… XD

 Kalum and Dan

Day 3

Today we have come to Weymouth and caught some crabs and also got some time to go out on our own we have all over all had a great day. Abbey

Today we had a  boat race and me and Leanne won . and we  sailed to waymouth and we got to go on shore leave we went to the shops and arcades and came back and caught some crabs

Yo today was far different from the other two as today we went from Portland to Weymouth which was a pretty short journey, meaning we had a more time to get to know the other  each other more  and do something together as a crew off the boat. to be honest today had to be the best day of the trip as it was all games, jokes, and controlled fun.

Hey again its Jordan today was so much fun and I enjoyed it today we left Portland and went to Weymouth but before we went there we had a dinghy time trials and I was teamed up with kelvin which went well we didn’t win the time trials but we won in the sense because we gathered the most penalties and after that but we got beaten by all the girls which was terrible. After we got to Weymouth we had some food after this we all went for a wonder to Aldi and we brought something to drink and then we went to the arcades and had some fun.

After this I had come back to the boat got my towel and went for a swim in the sea which was cold but eventually warmed up as we stayed in there a while and then I had come back to the boat had then we caught some crabs I had the biggest crab on my line but I lost it and then I caught another straight after but yet again I got beaten by a girl which had caught the biggest and then she managed to get it in the bucket but it is all just fun and games we all had a laugh which is the most important thing then we settled down to have fish and chips for our tea but again I would highly recommend others to come if they ever get the  chance to because it is the best experience you’ll ever get it is amazing.

Day 2

Today we started at Cowes on the Isle of Wight, we had to set up the sails before we left. When we left I got a go at helming the vessel and was quite good at it. When they went down to prep lunch we saw some dolphins, they were awesome and I wanted to see more but they disappeared quicker than they came out. We had to change the route that we was coming though because everybody got sea sick but me :D ! so instead we’re in Portland instead of Brixton. All in all its been a good day and got some bangers n mash for dinner as well so was all good J kelvin is cool…..

Byanca J :D

Day 1

Yo its kelvin and I am thrilled to be spending my birthday riding the waves on the challenger 4. Not going to lie at first the thought of water and no land was quite frightening but I come ahead on this trip to concur my fear of water. Surprisingly the boat journey was not as scary as I thought although the boat was taking in water and the on board crew had to turn off the engine, they made sure everyone was well taken care off during this period of horror especially those that couldn`t swim or were getting rather sea sick. Personally I think the day went not quite expected but seeing as I’m alive and writing this I would say the first day went exceptionally well and look forward to tomorrow.

Hey all its Jordan today was my first time on a boat and it was better than I thought it was going to be as I thought I would of fell in but I didn’t and the people who run the group where exceptional and I was surprised as I was allowed to sail the yacht It was brilliant I would of never got a chance to do it again and if the chance was to come again I would be straight on it and I would greatly recommend anyone who gets the chance to do it to go for it as it is a brilliant experience and this is only the first of seven days and I am enjoying myself so much I would rather stay then go back home.

Hi my names Shannon I am glad I came on this trip at first threw out the day I was feeling sick but later on in the day I was feeling alright so far I am enjoying myself I really like it hear rather be hear then back at home tonight one off the team was cooking while the other did the boat . I would like the chance to do this again later on in the year.

Hi my names abbey im glad I have came on this trip but at the same time I wish I was at home because this is my first ever time on a boat and its oki I guess iv made loads of new friends n met amazing new people so far we have got to the ilse of white its been amazing and hope I get the chance to do this again on day


XF 150921 – Torbay Walking Tall

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 - No Comments »


We set off from Weymouth harbour in the morning around 8 o’clock after performing a man over board procedure alongside the pontoon using the stay sail rope and winching the volunteer on to the boat from the pontoon, we set up sails, the weather was nice and looked promising we sailed east with wind behind us almost surfing the waves which made the trip a lot easier than yesterday. The group worked well together sweating the main sail and jibbing to avoid any collision courses with other vessels, fortunately none was hit. We made are way along the coast line keeping away from the wind.

Starboard watch made lunch around 11 o’clock, cheese and ham baguette’s, they we banging !

Followed by swimming off Studland bay beech and walking to the famous rocks called OLD harry.

Then back onboard for showers and chilli with custard and pies. The skipper then brought out strawberry laces for knot tying competitions.


Day 2

Today the date is the 22/09/15 we set sail from Lymington at 9 am this morning. We travelled for around thirty minutes and then we hosted the sails. We were going to travel to Guernsey but the wind was to rough and the crew started to feel sea sick. When we changed destination point we had to tack. When we did this we went on the compass point and started heading towards Poole. We arrived at Poole at around 5:00 pm, after everything was tied up we had dinner, tonight’s dinner was turkey curry, and when everything was wash and dried up we went into town to see all the motor bikes that were on show


Day 1

Today we left Portsmouth and set off on an adventure and it was amazing seeing the sites of the nature enjoyed the whole day was good fun cant wait till tomorrow morning

Connor Charlesworth

SSN 720 – Tower Hamlets

Monday, September 21st, 2015 - No Comments »

SSN 720 Voyage Blog (Day 7)

This is my last blog and instead of telling you everything myself, I thought I’d let the experienced, tough, smart, capable, friendly and hard-working voyage crew tell you everything good / bad or about themselves!

“I liked the sound of the wind while sailing under the stars, when we were on night watch, and the sunsets, then sunrises that we saw. I’ll take that with me.”

“The wind, that wind you know”

“Adventure time-not copyrighted!”

“Tea is the best thing you can have”

“Movement in the water shakes the ship-have some Yorkshire tea!”

“I liked the Chartroom, it looked smart and very buttony”

“I’ll be missing you!”

“Great experience, great friends!”

“Don’t talk about ropes!”

“No more knots, please!”

“Ilayda” (she keeps it short and sweet!)

“A long night of sailing, there was a strong wind and it felt like we were going at a million miles (knots) per hour!”

“It came from Yorkshire”

“ Great banter!”

“I’ll be missing you.”

And last but not least…

“BBBUUUUUMMMMLLLLAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” (There were a few of them!).

We left the anchorage at Sandown Bay at the Isle of Wight and began our journey to Southampton, which took several hours. When we arrived, we had some time to start packing our bags before Dinner. For many of us who are Muslims, today was a special day “Eid”. Clive the Cook had made Chicken Curry with Samosas and Bajis.

This was very much appreciated.

After Dinner, we had the Captain’s end of voyage meeting with everyone in the Mess. This was followed by more inter-watch competitions. These started with a tug of war on the quayside which Red Watch won. Then we had some games in which needed to listen to each other and organise ourselves into certain groups. All good fun! Then it was to bed for the last time.

Mia Kitty Barbe-Wilson (Poppy)

SSN 720 Voyage Blog (Day 6)

Lots of great sailing from Dartmouth heading east along the English Channel. We changed course slightly a few times during the Watches in order to make the most of the winds. Of course we had the daily routine including our not so favourite, “happy hour” and Captain Dave’s jokes at the morning meeting. Are we going to miss those?

The weather improved and we had an enjoyable sail, although some people were sea sick. Lunch of vegetable soup and jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings was quickly devoured by hungry crew. We used the afternoon to practice knots required for the RYA Start Yachting Certificate and the eagerly anticipated inter-watch knot competition. First Aid Purser, Saskia, opened the Ship Shop to sell souvenirs like fridge magnets and key rings. We were also allowed to buy a chocolate bar and soft drink.

Our destination was Sandown Bay at the south east end of the Isle of Wight. Before we approached the anchorage, we hauled on lines and put the square sails in their gear. Then, Watch by Watch we went aloft to stow the sails for the last time on this voyage. Most of us enjoyed climbing and were sad that this was our final time.

After we anchored in Sandown Bay, we had our evening meal. Spicy beef and rice followed by caramel “Angel Delight”. We made decorations for tomorrow’s celebration of Eid. Then the interwatch knot competition. Youth Mentor Mike said that this was a new way of doing the competition and thanked White Watch Leader, Emma for organising it. All the action took place in the Waist, so that we could watch and cheer from the Boat Deck. It was exciting and we all made a lot of noise supporting our respective Watch members. The last round was the Watch Leaders.

Red Watch won overall, even though their Watch Leader, Ian, came last in the final round. Then it was time for bed but at least at anchor there were no Watches for Voyage Crew.

Jason Fox

SSN 720 Voyage Blog (Day 6)

This morning, all eyes were fixed on the port of Dartmouth as it got smaller and smaller behind us. These eyes were an obvious give-away of sugar overloads after stocking up in Dartmouth (green tea for me!)

We were debating whether hash browns looked like chicken nuggets at breakfast, when we were told about a social climb-although none of us could think what was social about climbing 35m above everyone else, there were excellent pictures! (a lot of legs flailing makes for a great slideshow-I’m thinking school assembly folks?) The view was stunning when we set the sails, letting them fly loose against the wind-the sun glinting off the turquoise water was enough to wash away all fear about being clipped to a single line on the yards.

Steaming jacket potatoes with baked beans and curiously orange cheese (still tasty!) melted all over was lunch-giving us some energy to sit through a demo on knot tying. Bowline, slippery clove hitch, reef, round turn and two half hitches and gasket hitch knots were the minimum learnt by the eager watches in preparation for an interwatch knot tying relay the next day.

Some more free time, (mostly sleeping-or a very well-needed shower and a bit of a scrub for some of us) and an early dinner of curry or sweet and sour chicken for the vegetarian hoards (veggie veggie veggie, oi oi oi!) geared us all up to go on watch all night long-get your gloves and extra layers guys!

By Mia-kitty Barbe-Willson


Voyage SSN 720 – Voyage Blog (Day 4)

Stavros had been powering away all night along the southern coast of England by engine, heading into the wind, so no sails today. From midnight till 4:00 a.m. Red Watch was on duty on the Bridge, ready in harnesses at 11:30. So they yawned their way till four, swapping lookouts (apparently not the best view!), steering the Ship and gazing up at the stars clearer and brighter than ever – and past the Isle of Wight.

By the end of Red’s time, White Watch groggily made their way up to the Bridge to relieve the Red’s who were not so groggy to leave.

It felt like more than one day already by this time because of the awkward sleeping patterns this morning.

There was a spectacular sun rise this morning during white watches turn at the helm which took away from the feeling of the ship swaying side to side in the waves.

7:20, Red and Blue watches were called to the mess for breakfast, tomato, egg and sausage, which was just at the time that we had entered rougher waters.

We then played a type of last man standing during our cleaning hour (Happy Hour) this morning before lunch, finding out who had the strongest stomachs and who could withhold the choppy water, then a race to get your harness on, clip yourself to the side of the ship and let your previous breakfast fly-a worthy excuse for getting out of cleaning the heads!

Ironically, straight afterwards was lunch. Cheese and onion pasties with beans cooked by the Galley staff (probably the most valued people on board to us)

Most of the work had been completed and no-one wanted a repeat of this morning so there was a lot of free time where people could catch up on sleep and socialise with the other Watches. Most people congregated in the mess to play many (many, many, many…) games of cards.

Just after dinner, we had arrived just outside Dartmouth to be met by a Pilot boat. The Pilot who boarded the Ship, had experience of weaving in and out of the rocks at the mouth of the river Dart so that we could safely enter the port and we could moor in their dock.

We were the biggest vessel in the dock, attracting lots of attention from the locals and tourists. We are probably on many cameras scattered around Dartmouth.

We left Stavros for the first time of the voyage to get onto dry land, stocking up on sweets (too many perhaps?) from Dartmouth’s one and only ‘supermarket’.

Just afterwards, we headed to a nearby park to have a kick around with a football and some ‘chill’ time, finally getting a good, long, night’s sleep on Stavros S Niarchos.

By Louie Sacarello

Voyage SSN 720 – Voyage Blog (Day 3)

After a beautiful sunrise, with the sunlight reflecting off calm seas, we left our overnight anchorage near Margate. We all slept well because there were no night Watches while the ship was at anchor. “Happy Hour”, which is cleaning the inside of the ship, followed breakfast. At the morning meeting for the crew, Captain Dave told us one of his jokes and because we didn’t laugh, he told us two more!

We headed south at first before turning east and passing through the Dover Straits, where we saw lots of ships including Ferries passing to and fro between Dover and Calais. The wind was against us and so we could not sail but continued our journey along the south coast of England under engines.

This was our first real day at sea. It was a bit rough for some of us and a lot felt sick and were lined up on one side of the ship, with a sick bucket and beaker of water. The line of people, was like a new ‘Green Mile’, with everyone wearing a harness and tied to the ship. No risk of a man over-board while vomiting.

Voyage SSN 720 – Voyage Blog (Day 2)

No sleepy-heads and lazybones were spared the gruelling 6:30 wake up call this morning! After a lot of red eyes were rubbed and tooth and hair brushes wrestled with, we all dropped into our seats for breakfast-an eclectic mix of cereals, fruit, porridge and cooked food.

We’d been moored to West India Quay all night-it was a stirring sight (in more than one way-take sea-sickness tablets guys!) to see the soupy Thames slop and splash around us as we grinded into action past the O2, through the Thames Barrage as it let us out grudgingly and the QE2 bridge.

As we got onto open water we had a taste of climbing the masts-going up and over-climbing the rigging across a platform and down the other side, mostly with our bare (and dainty!) hands!

We all like to talk about the weather, but sadly there were no grey skies or freak sleet and hail to grumble about. Blazing sun and a robust wind gave us a very healthy appetite for lunch which was cream of cauliflower soup (how exotic!) and some mouth-watering burgers! (Veggie, halal and meat.)

After our scrumptious and pleasantly filling lunch we had a very informative talk about working aloft (working up the aforementioned masts)-and of course the safety guidelines, by Bosun Kim- it was very interesting. After this, the brave amongst us climbed back up the rigging and along the yards to get a taste of working aloft with the sails. A few however, stayed down and with wobbly legs took photos. Once everyone was down and relaxed it was time for dinner, white watch had to go on watch though. Dinner was pies, peas and potatoes, it was very nice especially knowing that cake and custard were to follow-mmm! Shortly after dinner we anchored just off the coast by Margate- this was a relief as it meant nobody had to stay up till stupid ‘o’clock on watch. After a bit of relaxation and watching the beautiful picturesque sunset, youth mentor Mike provided some great entertainment- “the boat races”, a small block of wood on the end of a piece of string that we had to wind up and see who wound it up the quickest. In the end the scores were: Red with gold, White with silver and Blue took bronze. After this we all had a lovely warm shower and got ready for bed. Tucked deep in our sleeping bags the seasickness was forgotten and sleep welcomed by exhausted but happy Stavros crew.

By Mia-kitty Barbe-Wilson and Freya Samuel-Smith.


SSN 720 – Voyage Blog  (Day 1)

We arrived at the ship in West India Quay (Canary Wharf) around lunchtime. We all had brought packed lunches of sandwiches, crisps and soft drinks. Students from five different schools in Tower Hamlets and a teacher from each. None us had been on a tallship before and it seemed a bit scary but awesome at the same time.

We were introduced to our Watch Leaders who showed us to our Cabins and the bunks we were going to sleep in during the voyage. Then after we had unpacked, we were called together for a meeting in the Mess to meet the Captain and the Crew.

The afternoon was taken up by lots of training about safety, living on-board the ship, helming (steering the ship) and seamanship. With all these lessons it was a bit like school but with all the lessons crammed into an afternoon.

We got fitted with safety harnesses for climbing in the rigging and waterproof trousers and jacket in case it rains. When it was time for us to have our evening meal, we were all happy because by then we were hungry. We had chilli and rice followed by ice cream.

In the evening we had a quiz organised by Youth Mentor Mike and he explained that this was the first of the competitions between each Watch. White Watch were the winners of the quiz. After this we had time for showers and then we were told to go bed to get some sleep before more training tomorrow while sailing down the River Thames. We were all excited and it seemed like ages before people started to got to sleep.

Martin Atstopas and Jason Fox.

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