CAT 172 (Now on Tenacity) Half Term Taster

Blog 3

Venturing across the tranquil Solent, we navigated in the refreshing breeze which was encompassing us from all directions. Leaving the small but picturesque town named Lymington, our destination was yet again East Cowes due to the fact West Cowes was surprisingly full although it would have been pleasant to explore more of the Isle of Wight. Rapidly throwing over the fending rovers to shield our yacht from any unfortunate possible crashes- our day was certainly action packed. Putting up the colossal sails truly demonstrated the superiority of the great “Tenacity of Bolton”, portraying her mightiness as she stopped in the vast Caribbean for our little picnic consisting of tuna sandwiches- perfect for being in the water to convey our “fishy” influence. As sunset illuminated the sky, as we arrived at our destination, we observed the multitudinous hues of the salmon- coloured streaks scattered across.

Blog 2

Today we sailed from Cowes to Lymington and it approximately took about 3 hours and it took a lot of preparation for this trip such as a lot of rope tying and many knots. Xavier and I attempted to pump up the dingy but sadly the pumper broke and and were not able to ride the dingy. Shortly after we arrived we also cleaned the yacht, and then we went into town and up on to the high street and explored the town. Afterwards we learnt about the buoys and there unique shapes and sizes and what they represent.

Samiul, Xavier, Tasneem

Blog 1

Today we had a fun, interesting and educational revenge fuelled quest, with mixed emotions. We had lots of fun with our lovely skipper, Neil, our also lovely first mate, Chris, and our wonderful child mentor, Cathy. We learnt so many knots including The Gordeon, The Monkey Fist, The Japanese Combat Knot, and the reef knot. In Portsmouth, we bent the genoa sail, bid farewell to our loved ones and set off. To The Isle of Wight!

Xav-Dog, Samlord, Tazmeister