Bulmershe School – Chilterns Regatta, Challenger 4, XF170715

Saturday 15 – Wednesday 19 July

Entry Four

The fourth voyage of the week, sadly one of our last. We had an early start (7:24 prompt)

Our first challenge was preparing for the race; by now we had gathered our skills and cooperative team work and were now ready to compete! On our first race we sadly lost…

But after eating some delicious pasta we felt ready to up our game! Due to our team work and creative techniques we were able to bring challenger 4 to victory.  Following a well needed feast (cooked by the amazing Miss Norris !) due to our amazing hard work and competitive attitude during the races.

Jaeme + Tara 🙂

Entry Three

Third day of this fantastic voyage, with the sun shining we got up at 7:30 (a bit of a lie-in). The first challenge of the day was to find the tackiest souvenir possible. We think we did quite well. Fallen apart the souvenirs were bought and we were ready to get sailing. Our second challenge was against the other Challenger yachts. We came in second place, a bit better than yesterday’s third place. Then we eagerly prepared for our long distance race but we had no wind! Unfortunately the race had to be cut short as the wind wasn’t picking up.

Once we arrived at Yarmouth we packed up the boat and began to prepare for climbing the mast. First it was Jess who obviously managed to get to the top.

As soon as dinner was ready we ran down and ate the scrumptious spaghetti Bolognese that Terry had very kindly cooked for us.

Celia + Hiba 🙂

Entry Two

Second day of the journey and we practised tacking in preparation for the race. We also put up the front two sails (the Yankee and stay). After this we had our first completion at Poole bay where we got on the dingy to the beach then had a dingy race against the other crews where we came 3rd.  On our way back from the beach Jaeme managed to fall in whilst getting on and her life jacket went off she was absolutely fine but probably a bit embarrassed, we all had a good laugh.

We enjoyed a good day of sailing and after taking down all the sails and packing them away we pulled in at Poole harbour for some well-earned fish and chips and to finally have a shower!

Jess & Aaisha:)

Entry One

Today was the first day of our trip and it’s gone very well so far. We left Reading this morning and had a pleasant journey down to Portsmouth in the minibus – thanks to Mr Tyler for driving! We arrived in Gunwharf Quays and had our lunch in the harbour before being greeted by our crew. We put our bags on board and had a tour of the ship and where then the first of the fleet to depart.

We had fun sailing to East Cowes to get some fuel and take a break to learn a few new knots. When we set off again Rosie H steered us confidently through some rough seas. Unfortunately we had to change our plans for the evening; instead of heading to Cowes we are in Osborne Bay so we can have a more peaceful night.

As we settle down for the night we split into our two watches: Port and Starboard. Starboard cooked dinner (fajitas) and Port played Uno and put their bags away. We ate dinner and are now getting ready for bed.

We look forward to spending the next few days on Challenger 4.

Alice Burnish + Rosie Haywood 🙂