Bolton School D of E Gold Expedition

Sunday 6th – Sunday 13th August

Entry Seven

We have been on the cat a week now and it was our last full day of sailing with Jim and Andy. We are all very tired form the hectic week we have had. However we all woke up bright and early to start the day of sailing from Lymington and then anchored at Osbourne Bay to have some lunch and a short rest. Then we returned to our original starting point, Gunworth Keys and all pitched in to some chores for example, cleaning the gully, washing the deck and cleaning out the pantry. When all the jobs were done we had a really tasty dinner for our last meal and gathered our stuff together ready to leave in the morning.

Entry Six

Today we were woken up by the sunshine at an earlier time of 6am as we had to travel to the needles because the tide was helping us to reach our destination. The weather was glorious! The winds were minimal so unfortunately we were unable to put the sails up. However, we did manage to get a spot of sunbathing in which we were all very enthusiastic about. Due to no clouds we had the most beautiful views of the whole week. It was a wonderful day driving the boat on the much calmer seas and taking in the scenery.

Before we knew it we arrived at Lymingtion harbour and were pleasantly surprised to see a small water park and a lovely village which we were able to have a look around. Ella and Gabby made us jacket potatoes with bacon and cheese. It was scrummy!

After a long day we all sat and relaxed together before heading off to bed with even a lie in the next day which we were extremely grateful for.

Entry Five

Today we woke up at the usual time and Chas from Tall Ships joined us just after breakfast and helped us get the boat ready. We left Poole and navigated out of the channel learning about the red and green buoys on each side of us. We then did some tacking and gybing practise outside the harbour and learnt how important it is to work together or it wont happen!

We stopped in a Bay for lunch and we were meant to stay there over night but the wind was the wrong way and it was really bumpy. We had a chat with Jim and Andrew and decided to stay in Poole again tonight after we dropped Chas off and get up early tomorrow to start our sail back to Portsmouth. Stopping again over night on the way.

For dinner we had a lovely chicken fajitas and before bed we got to watch fireworks right next to the boat in Poole!

Entry Four

We had our daily wakeup call from Andrew and got up to have a quick breakfast before all showering in preparation for our longest journey yet. We had a lesson on “when to give way to other boats” just after breakfast. Most of us then had a chilled morning as Jess had to go to the dentist to fix her broken tooth. This meant we could only set off just after one o’clock due to her appointment being at 12. Upon her return we tidied up efficiently and embarked on our journey to poole. It took us about four hours but we were accompanied by extremely wet and windy weather making the journey feel longer and very tiring. Asena and emma did a good job of navigating us to the harbour at poole so apart from the weather, the journey went smoothly.

We docked up at Poole and all went for showers straight away to warm up and feel clean. After showers we bought fish and chips from the local chippy before coming back to the boat and chilling out and getting ready for lights out at 10.30.

Entry Three

After breakfast, we had a lesson on the different sails and how they should be used when we are travelling in different directions to the wind. Ciara and Jess then successfully planned and navigated us to Newtown Ridge, which is a natural harbour where we anchored and had lunch.

During lunch, we all had the chance to go into the dinghy and drive with the motor as well as the oars. It was really exciting and not too difficult once we had got the hang of it!

After we had eaten, Alice and Ella took over the navigation really well; we had a very quick and easy journey to Yarmouth. Unfortunately, the weather was rubbish today so instead of traveling a bit further before going in to Yarmouth, we docked early. The rain also stopped us from looking around the town so we decided to have an early dinner of pasta Bolognese cooked by Asena and Emma which was just what we needed after a cold day.

After dinner tonight, we had a movie night and Ciara, Gabby and Ella baked a delicious lemon cake. After that we were all ready for bed!

Entry Two

We were woken up to Andrews ‘interesting’ music choice… once we recovered we had breakfast which consisted of a lot of Nutella. Shortly after we had a lesson on navigation where we learnt about the names of sail, cardinals, buoys and a few more knots.

Amie and Gabby did a superb job at navigating on the first day guiding the other girls sailing successfully to Cowes. Here is where we docked, giving us the chance to explore the town and buy ice cream before Gabby and Ella headed back to make a delicious chicken tikka masala.

Its fair to say after an exciting day we were all ready for bed!

Entry One

Firstly, once we had arrived we were introduced to our Skipper Jim and Mate Andrew who would be looking after us for duration of our trip. After a long winded safety brief, we began to learn how to tie basic knots which we would be using throughout the trip. We were all very tired from the 5 hour journey down to Portsmouth so lacked concentration so therefore got agitated when we couldn’t tie the knot.

The cooks for tonight were Amie and Jess but because it was the first night we all did bits which contributed towards helping. We had sausages and mash with peas and onion gravy, which was very tasty and would be recommended for future voyages but here’s a tip start dinner two hours earlier the potatoes took AGESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

After dinner we had a theory lesson on charts.