Bad Press for Charities

Another Successful Year!Many of you will have seen the bad press charities are getting at the moment.

Most of the allegations are associated with the very large charities that employ hundreds of staff and have incomes of over £5million.

But we’re very concerned that our supporters may assume we operate in a similar way so here are a few facts responding to the recent allegations.

Allegation = Charities are selling supporters’ name and addresses to other charities leading to them receiving hundreds of letters and phone calls a month asking for donations. The Tall Ships Youth Trust doesn’t share supporters’ contact details with anyone else.

Allegation = Charities are targeting donors who are elderly and who have dementia because it makes them more susceptible to “pressure” to donate. The Trust is extremely sensitive to its supporters’ needs and wishes. It wouldn’t target vulnerable people in this way and if requested, immediately deletes people’s details from its database.

Allegation = Charities are employing agencies to cold call potential supporters or stop them on the street for donations. The Trust doesn’t cold call or use agencies.

And finally, charities are sometimes criticised for being “amateur” or inefficient or spending too much on admin. The Trust is used by professionals – charity, education/youth work and maritime – as an example of best practice and only spends 7% of its income on admin, overheads and governance.

So thank you to you, our supporters, for your continued support and encouragement and we hope that the facts above give you confidence that your donations are well placed.